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  1. Axl at 64?

    Last time I caught Aero live was the Eat the Rich tour, loved "living on the edge", kinda lost the vibe for me after that for innumerable reasons, Think we can all agree AC/DC is a one trick pony but the Bon Scott era is magnificent, sometimes one trick is enough when done well, for balls to the wall rock AC/DC is the sheeholanit.
  2. Re-Creating the Greatest Hits Album

    I have a latent distaste for Greatest hits albums, so predictably I'm not going to play by the rules, no reason there couldn't be a "deep cuts" G.H. album, including "sailing", it's alright, only women bleed, dead flowers,perfect crime, DITW,Bad Time-BC,Sail Away Queen,YATF, DTJ, throw in BOB...Coma, would love to hear some Elton,Floyd and Queen "spread ur wings", and some Nazareth,Imagine,OIAM electrified,MTTC, DOTF, some Doors WTMO, ...maybe an ELO for good measure, and a pitcher of strawberry margaritas to go
  3. What if Axl dies tomorrow?

    No one here gets out alive, shall we sing a Hanoi Rocks Xmas song, or maybe a verse or two of Dark Globe ?
  4. Is Bumblefoot the greatest guitarist of our time?

    Technically gifted, very talented but legendary? No,not yet...a good G3'r fit, and in the same league as say, Petrucchi but he hasn't achieved that chutzpah of "legendary" quite yet imo. Not dissing or taking any of his achievements away, Nice guy, but not legendary. Nothing against him, simply being objective and considering all things
  5. No blame in being careful to be xtra careful to avoid the "tentative" terminology when discussing (or not discussing) release dates either. All the varied responses from different members regarding progress of next Album could be likened to the often told adage of a handful of blind men attempting to describe an elephant in the room, all partial views and all are correct in their version of their particular vision (no pun intended) of said elephant.
  6. Does the label "own" CD II?

    Talking my language there tomb raider, Stephen King writes some wonderfully twisted and sick stories that embed themselves deep into the grey matter, like Clive Barker,Dean Koontz and a few others for the same reasons..some biographies are quite chilling as well, just read one about an everest mountain climber that was frozen alive, fun topic! Imo, anything that opens your mind is a great thing and useful to boot! I don't speak/read anything other than engrish (save for a handful of assorted and asundry profane words) so props to you! On topic... Helpful and absolutely essential to have a full and complete understanding/knowledge of precisely what is included in every single peice of paper that a mega label has you sign, sort of a Murphy's law adage ie: whatever can go wrong will, and at the worst possible moment. There are some real horror stories involving artists vs. Labels, and you don't have to look far to find a happy dozen incidents. Every successful person mentions good timing as an important element of success, easy to look at some label horror stories and think " there but for the grace of god go I" :0 Joining one of the big 3 performing rights organizations is essential in collecting royalties. A songwriting contract is a complex matter,a long term contract is a uber complex matter,and an efficient music biz lawyer isn't a waste of money. But times they are a changing and cyber worldism has cracked open a number of brand new cans of worms,for better or worse. The fact that the labels are plunging faster than drano serves to make them more bloodthirsty than previously,and the trend of "artist de jour" works in the favor of the labels, expendable and ultimately disposable artists are an added ingredient in the recipe of Label stew in recent years, at the expense of artists, and ultimately the listening public, very precarious situation. Is it feasable/believable that UMG has a big hefty paw and a monkey wrench jamming the works? Absotively posolutely not hard to concieve nor believe. And ultimately, "you can't please everyone so you got to please yourself"
  7. Does the label "own" CD II?

    I read a lot, a waste Is a terrible thing to mind, or something along dem lines... dontchoo agree?
  8. Does the label "own" CD II?

    And that makes you the old dude with cataracts right Kung Fu? Blah, I like my crazy in bread
  9. Billboard 200 GNR #109

    What is a dollar tree ?
  10. Ron wants writing credits, period. Of course he isn't gung Ho about releasing something else.
  11. GN'R FB Posted This Pic

    Nah, it was previously issued but not awful.I'm sure you would find it a "fat,bloated,washed up" shirt though
  12. Does the label "own" CD II?

    why thank you, saves me the trouble of going back to edit as an afterthought.
  13. Well, its the age old clusterfuck involving irresistable forces and immovable objects. *could* collaberate and *will* r two completely diff matters, to quote a Brian Wilson song "God only knows"