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  1. Overall I think Navarro worked out. The guitar work was good and despite the short lead/solo in it (I wish it could have been a full length solo) I think Navarro did a good job. I would have been happy to see the song appear on Democracy even if it was added as a bonus track. Navarro would have made a good permanent addition to the band standing in Slash's spot in my opinion based on what was done on Oh My God.
  2. I knew Dave played on it, and I always wondered about the story behind that. There are a lot of guitarists that would have jumped at the chance to appear on a Guns N' Roses "comeback". I wonder why it ended up being Dave. Also, it's very eerie that My World was so industrial sounding and later on Oh My God appeared on End of Days soundtrack. If you look at every Guns album, you can see how the liner notes at the bottom foreshadowed the next future release. My world was the closing track of UYI 2 and I always wondered if the industrial sound was in Axl's master plan all along when he won the rights to the Guns name in court. I definitely would love to ask that question to Axl in an interview.
  3. Yeah I definitely love the November Rain demos. The piano demo was phenomenal for me. Even with the tape warble in it and Axl playing out of key near the end, I would love to have heard a polished studio version of that demo. On another note: The partial live recording of Sweet Child that morphs into a studio re-recording with Axl's new band was another strange one for me. You never really hear the story behind it and it never gets mentioned in interviews. I feel like everybody asks the same tired questions to the band. If I ever get the chance to interview Axl I will pull out the tough questions lol.
  4. I was really happy about the reunion. I think that the feel of the whole thing is a little phony, a little insincere, and more driven by money and the industry people who have begged and pleaded to get these guys back together. Slash and Duff seem more like they're just hired musicians for the tour. I understand these guys have bills to pay just like anyone else, but I just don't see the sincerity and enthusiasm that I used to see with the UYI tour and the Velvet Revolver live performances. Sometimes it seems their hearts aren't completely in the right place. With that said, I still love the fact that they are doing this. While they might not be as close as they used to be, the tour will help them bond and grow closer. There is still hope for new material, more tours, and possibly reuniting with the other original members of GN'R. The pieces of the puzzle are there. The guys just need to put them in place.
  5. Those are all good points. I am a musician myself so I understand that completely. I have spent a lot of years researching Guns history. Through all of the information I have learned, I am fascinated by the mystery behind the things the band members dont discuss in their books or in interviews. Thanks for the reply!
  6. Has Axl ever commented on any of the scrapped material from pre-UYI? I'd be interested in reading an interview about this. These recordings are rarely acknowledged in GN'R culture. I'm curious whether Geffen heard the material and told the band to scrap it or if the band decided the material just wasn't going in the right direction.
  7. UYI was during the peak of the GN'R mania. The momentum was there. The NITL tour also kicked off poorly with Axls injury. On the other hand, the band goes on stage much more promptly and riots are not taking place. Additionally, this NITL tour gives us a familiar tired setlist with the addition of Chinese songs mixed in. I love the NITL tour footage so far but UYI definitely stays on top for me.
  8. If Guns continues to do what they're doing right now, I will be happy. We need to let them just play together for a while and find each other. We may be asking too much if we expect them to bust out a new record this soon. It took a lot of years to get here, and we're lucky to even get the partial reunion.
  9. I think Melissa is great, but i am not interested in the idea of Axl sharing any vocal duties with her. If she sticks to keys, I am all for it.
  10. I can see why people say that Frank lacks in dynamics. He brought some really fresh ideas to the old songs and on some things I think he misses the boat. I definitely loved the Brownstone intro he used to do such as what you see on the democracy bluray.
  11. Nobody cares what Jason thinks. Im a fan of his bass playing but he just seems like the most miserable and hateful person sometimes. Guns always stated that they did things their own just worked for them.
  12. Agreed. Its especially annoying when the guy holding the camera is the one doing this. Need a soundboard recording for this soon!
  13. That is very funny. They're actually friends from what I understand.
  14. Thank you everyone!!
  15. Very interesting. I hadnt heard that story before. I get embarrassed for Axl when i watch that performance but Axl is just so charismatic that even his off key and off tempo vocals on certain shows still kick ass. You just never know what youre gonna get.