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  1. Which alt account are you again?They're *that* perfect which is why I made that comment. I do think they're real but they're almost too perfect to be real if ya get me. You probably don't though.
  2. Best pair tits on the show so far. Nothing like a ripe 19 year old (kidding). I'd go as far to say that cgi was involved.
  3. Your concerts in 2015

    Scott Weiland tonight. Hoping for a great show!
  4. Are you going to his gig next Thursday at the Mod Club?
  5. Groghan - you can add in that CD was also one of the official songs of a WWE ppv (can't remember which one).
  6. Police Kill Unarmed Black Guy, Again

    Unfortunately, not everyone evolves at the same speed.
  7. UPROXX Mini-Documentary

    Did Beta attend your sons barmitsva before or after the enemy list thing in 2008?
  8. Record Store Day 2015 - 04/18

    Have been listening to GBMS all night. Sounds amazing and am glad I shelled out the money for it.
  9. Terminator Genisys

    I'm very confused. Is it a reboot of T2?
  10. Scott Weiland's guitarist dies

    Very sad news. RIP
  11. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    I got mine yesterday. Loving it so far! Curious to see what they have in store of us for the next pack. I almost hope it's something I don't want because of the additional shipping and horrible exchange rates (not Third Man's fault).
  12. What do we know about Riad?

    Poor choice of words on my part. Scraped is my least favourite song on CD.
  13. Led Zeppelin

    My local record shop had it for sale yesterday but I didn't pick it up. Will do so later this week.