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  1. Bands a lot of people seem to enjoy, but which you can't get into

    I'm guessing you fell asleep during Atlantic City? Seriously, though, I could see you liking the Nebraska album. The other albums... probably not, since they generally are optimistic, liberal American songs. As for the topic, I always say it, but Metallica. I did relisten to Ride the Lightning and actually like three of the songs this time, so they are growing on me. Little by little. Alice Cooper's another one. I like him in small doses, but entire albums are out of the question. I was listening to Stone Roses, and I liked what I heard, but I honestly can't remember how the songs sound after I've heard them. Very forgettable stuff.
  2. Best hard rock band of the '70s?

    Tough between Zeppelin and Purple. Gave the edge to Purple, though. I mean, in the '70s, they served up In Rock, Machine Head, Fireball, Stormbringer, and Burn.
  3. worst song ever ???

    It actually does sound like that. I think the title track from Taylor's Red is probably one of the worst songs ever. It makes Katy Perry's questionable lyrics* look genius. * "Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?" "Think I need a ginger ale, that was such an epic fail." Not trying to hate on Taylor since I loved a lot of songs on her new album (All Too Well, Treacherous, The Lucky One ), but WANEGBT and Red are just awful.
  4. worst song ever ???

    Mmmbop is amazing. I'd nominate Red Solo Cup and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Oh, and everything with the name Florida-Georgia Line attached to it.
  5. .

    Really? I think Triumph is actually one of the better bands to come out of Canada.
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    Ride the Lightning. Figured I'd give it another shot.
  7. I hate elitist Punk fans and people like Lenny.

    That's why I said "generalizing here." Since you're generalizing punk fans, I'm generalizing rock fans and saying they can be an equally obnoxious group (and personally, I find them more annoying even though I'm among them). All fans have their share of twat buckets.
  8. I hate elitist Punk fans and people like Lenny.

    At least punk fans have a legitimate reason. Generalizing here, rock and metal fans think they're better than you solely because of music taste. And they praise AC/DC for being a fantastic band and complain about Nickelback for writing the same song over and over again. And they complain that today's music is just about sex and partying when in the meantime, their favorite band is Aerosmith. I gotta hand it to punk fans. At least they're consistent.
  9. I hate elitist Punk fans and people like Lenny.

    Punk fans are alright. I don't see how they're any more elitist than metal fans, honestly.
  10. Bleeding Me (Metallica)

    I'm not even a punk fun and I agree.
  11. .

    She just released a new song, "Here's To Never Growing Up."
  12. Your concerts in 2013

    Got my Maiden tickets as soon as they went on sale. I'll be going to the Battle of San Bernardino! It's gonna be a long five months.
  13. .

    Alex's speech. Their speeches were so fitting for each other (Neil's proper, borderline pretentious speech, Geddy's down-to-earth speech, and Alex's nonsense speech). I'm so proud of Rush. And Dave's speech was awesome, too. Very cool performance of 2112 Overture. I heard that ~80% of the audience was Rush fans.
  14. best album ever?

    The only correct answer is Operation: Mindcrime. Born To Run's close, and maybe Blood on the Tracks.
  15. This is why I think the Chinese Democracy era was much more interesting than the classic era. Not only was the drama juicier, but Buckethead is a soap opera unto himself.