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  1. They still have to obey the law of the land. They are not going to change anyone else's culture.
  2. Tokyo would be a target if they get involved in the wars. Instead Tokyo like you said is a target for Pyongyang. Beijing will find itself being a target if they keep up with this oppression of the Uyghurs.
  3. They have settled other "Islamic" countries dude. Problem is that not all these countries have the resources to obtain all refugees. Jordan has taken them in at their economic breaking point, almost 3 million people, I believe Lebanon has taken even more and Turkey has the most. Another thing to consider that some countries with Muslim majority are more strict than others and Syrians are usually Moderates. In Syria a woman can wear a bikini to the beach and not risk getting arrested by the religion police. It is a Muslim majority country. They wouldn't have that freedom in Saudi Arabia. Parts of the UAE allows it. Perhaps many moderates would feel better going to a country that allows more religious freedom such as Germany, Sweden, Canada and the USA. They don't want to live under various forms of Sharia Law. They would rather live in a country with effective government, law and order and religious freedom. It is the responsibility of the government to integrate people coming from countries with vast cultural differences. It is logic. If you go to another country, you have to obey the laws. You break the law, you will be punished. Immigrants should follow the laws the same as citizens.
  4. Too bad none of his family are elected to Congress.
  5. Thing is, Trump needs people like Preibus and Ryan. He can't run Washington with just Dr. Goebbels I mean Bannon.
  6. Women get raped by non "Islamic" refugees/immigrants too. Women get raped by men. Should they just lock all the men up? What about the women and children who are refugees? I guess they are raping women too? Get real man, you make a risk the moment you walk out of your home and start your engine. You even risk staying home all day, chances are your roof can collapse on you. So who's going to pay for these safe zones? How are we going to make them "Safe?" Either way it costs money, but if they resettle here, go to work they can be a benefit rather than a burden.
  7. Turkey has taken in more refugees than any other country along with Lebanon and Jordan. Also, is there a connection between crime and immigration? Of course there is. There's always going to be crime when you get a group of people who are forced to leave their lives behind into a land they know little about nor its laws. That is up to the country to take them in to intergrate them. The US does a better job at this, though our screening process takes a long time. Sweden has done a great job with taking in huge numbers while dealing with the crime at the same time. For a country of 10 million where immigration is on the rise but they manage to keep the murder rate so low, it is remarkable. Taking in refugees is the decent thing to do. Are their risks? Sure, but it is worth the risks. Its about helping people. If we are going to blow up their countries trying to kill terrorists, the least we can do is give them a home. If we actually follow up with wars and rebuild their nations, maybe they can go back? Millions of people are still trapped in war. Not just in Syria and Iraq, but also Yemen, Ukraine, Sudan, Somalia. If people want to flee just for another chance at life, why not let them have it?
  8. Talk about doing a 180. He accused Hillary of pushing for a Single Payer. I think it is time for everyone to cut the shit and realize that the only other option is Single Payer.
  9. For once we agree on something, brother.
  10. Don't get me wrong. I thought he was great in Guns 'N' Roses but he isn't my favorite.
  11. The Hateful Eight. Favorite part was when Sam Jackson talked about shoving his big black snake down that white boy's throat. Also a great score by Ennio Morricone.
  12. I love making lists! My list is long but you can bet your asses you won't find Slash on it.
  13. LBJ he is not.
  14. I know what you mean. I was put off by the solemness of this thread. First of all Chuck was 90. It wasn't like he died in his before his 40's. Second the man is fucking immortal now. Apart from the hits and covers of his songs plus some iconic artists he influenced, his songs are in fucking deep space on the Voyager! I think there was a joke on SNL years back when they finally heard back from aliens and they requested more Chuck Berry. He may be gone but his legend lives on. What's to be sad about? He will live forever.
  15. Like NFL fans.