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  1. Trump's pick for National Security Adviser is pretty much the opposite of Flynn. Lt. General McMaster is a hero of The Gulf War (73 Eastering) and has rather hawkish views on Russia and has taken a more moderate stands of Muslim citizens. I think the Republicans forced him on Trump in an attempt to "save him".
  2. Tough choice between Powerage and Let There Be Rock (Australian version) had to go with Powerage though.
  3. Croatia is a popular place to film.
  4. I bet the bomb was written because The Joker had to be written out. Bane takes over Gotham, lets the city destroy itself, Batman comes back to save the city, Bane goes to Arkham and releases The Joker. The Joker kills a whole bunch of people forcing Batman to kill him. Batman defeats Bane, fakes his own death and the people of Gotham are inspired to do good again.
  5. Bannon hasn't been looking good. Probably cirrhosis of the liver.
  6. Joker is more than just a band robber. In the comics he filled entire grave yards. Just watched Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Told in 2 parts but that was more story in 2 and a half hours than in BVS Ultimate edition's 3 hours.
  7. Yeah, but during all that chaos where was the Joker? He would have been freed right?
  8. Whenever Trump attacks the press, that is Bannon holding the strings.
  9. Yeah, was he pressed for time or something?
  10. Hey, if WB can't keep cool heads with Reeves I can't imagine they would with Mel Gibson. They should ask him to do The Batman instead.
  11. The thing about TDKR is that it had a REALLY good build up but deflated like a balloon towards the end when it became a race against a ticking hydrogen bomb. They couldn't top TDK but "killing" off Batman while leaving it open ended was a nice touch. But man, Marion Cotillard will never hear the end of her death scene. It makes me wonder what would happen if Health Ledger never died. There was no way they wouldn't bring back The Joker. Weird how they hardly mentioned him in TDKR if they did at all.
  12. Maybe they should start wearing safety pins.
  13. Just words.
  14. I thought Trump supporters were anti-PC? Now they are bitching about being called "Brownshirts"? Maybe they can use some therapy dogs.
  15. Wouldn't surprise me if he brought it up but his National Security Advisers said that wasn't a good idea.