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  1. I doubt Ramsay will send "20 good men."
  2. Watergate was in the news during the 1972 election when Nixon won 60% of the vote and 520 electoral votes. It brought him down 2 years later.
  3. I doubt he will go this year. Next year maybe
  4. They like Dany so they will keep her in the positive light for as long as possible. They hated Stannis since the beginning and made him dull and borderline autistic. Even the actor who played him was told he wasn't given much to do. It would be a shocking twist if Dany turned into the bad guy. It is totally something they would do. The showrunners love a cheap twist.
  5. The books, which the show is well past in storyline pretty much shows Dany becoming more like her father. The Mad King. Keep in mind, the show has gone in a completely different direction. Unless GRRM changes his mind, they will have the same ending, the same left alive. The roads to that ending are different. For example, I highly doubt Stannis ordered Shireen to be burned, considering in the book, Shireen, Mel and the Queen stayed at The Wall when Stannis marched off to Winterfell. It made little sense for them all to go. Stannis trusted Jon Snow to protect them. Davos was in White Harbor, hundreds of miles to the south. I actually think Shireen was burned at the Wall by Mel and the Queen's Men which unintentionally awakened Jon.
  6. One thing's for sure. Democrats are not going to win anything if it is just the progressive North East and the West Coast. They need moderate voices. All those states where the moderates delivered, that helped Obama win in 2008 and 2012 went to Trump. With the exception of Virginia.
  7. What about the fact Euron builds a huge fleet in just a few short weeks? Didn't realize the Iron Islands had an abundance of timber.
  8. I think she will be the show's main villain by next season.
  9. Because healthcare affects the people who voted for Trump and the GOP. They aren't just targeting the people who didn't vote for them, they are affecting the people that voted for them. The only people that are not being affected, are the more well off, which the GOP seems to care the most about. All this crap about CNN, I know why Republicans hate it, because they are a little more truthful than their right wing outlets. Liberals dislike CNN too because it is more truthful than their left wing outlets. You know what they say, the truth is somewhere in the middle.
  10. Nobody will believe it if the White House denies it. For some reason half the country still believes anything the White House says.
  11. Christopher Nolan's latest film. A big budget Hollywood take on the battle of Dunkirk, one of the most important events in our history.
  12. Talk about T.V. Shows, latest episodes, what to watch, what to binge on. Like the film thread but with T.V. Currently watching Sherlock, starting season two tomorrow. Then will start watching Breaking Bad.