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  1. There was a lot of great stuff. Bond gets captured, tortured and grows a beard. That never happened in a Bond film. He goes rogue (first did it in LTK but Q still helpedhim) and is forced to depend on what limited contacts he had. He drives a 1957 Ford Fairlane (which he also drove in Thunderball) and his weapon of choice was a .38 revolver. Then it went south so fast. It was like a fuck you to the fans. If there's one standing feature in the Brosnan films, the secondary Bond girl is more memorable than the actual Bond girl. Famke Janssen, Teri Hatcher (who is remembered most for being awful), Sophie Marceau and Rosamund Pike. The primary Bonds played second fiddle, except for Halle. A View to a Kill had a great score, and this was John Barry's boring period. This was when he starting relying on strings and horns as oppose his jazzy background. But he went all out with Bond. Especially for The Living Daylights, one of his best.
  2. And Goldeneye was originally written for Timothy Dalton. So Brosnan never got a good film written for him.
  3. Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2017

    Voted Yes, Bad Brains, MC5, The Cars and The J Geils Band. I know fucking Tupac is going to get in.
  4. Led Zeppelin Appreciation thread

    Led Zeppelin live is the best for me. I can listen to BBC Sessions all day.
  5. Led Zeppelin Appreciation thread

    If there is a contemporary from that era that can remotely compare to Hendrix it would be Jeff Beck. That man got better as he aged. Songs from Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, Cause We've Ended as Lovers and modern was such as Nadia are breathtaking. Of all the Yardbirds guitarists, he was the most innovating. Clapton was the most pure blues, Page the most wild. But Beck blows everyone out of the water, his only rivals were Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. All those guys owe it to Freddie, Albert and B.B. King. Problem is that Page can't be sued because the originator of all those riffs is long dead with no kin. Robert Johnson. Little Wing is my favorite Hendrix song. It is beautiful. Clapton and Allman did a great cover as well as an instrumental take by SRV.
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Instead of voting for the "Lesser of two evils" vote for the lesser of four evils.
  7. Led Zeppelin Appreciation thread

    You can tell if its Page just by listening, he had a distinct style and tone. He played Gibson, Fender, no matter what it is still Page. His style influenced everyone from Eddie Van Halen to Johnny Ramone. I actually prefer Page to Hendrix, though I think Hendrix was beyond anyone at the time.
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I actually think Clinton discussed policy well, but Trump kept trying to drag her into the mud. Problem is that Trump can't answer a single question without insulting someone and making wild claims and when he does answer a question, such as bringing back "stop and frisk" it is an outdated policy that is considered unconstitutional.
  9. Dr. No stands apart because it had a smaller budget and it wasn't formulated. It was just another spy thriller. What it did introduce was the theme, the girl and the man who made the role iconic. But From Russia With Love was miles ahead. The Living Daylights would definitely be top five for me. The plot what a little more realistic. A top Russian general is trading arms for dope to turn a profit while his state is crumbling around him. Of course they didn't mention the fact the USSR was falling apart at the time. Spectre has turned into one of my favorites. Three of the Craig films are just top of the line. Only Quantum of Solace doesn't cut it. It was sort of like the bad Connery films when Connery it was only Connery that kept the film watchable. Also, imaging sleeping with a girlby only saying "I can't seem to find the stationary. Want to help me look?" Bastard.
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Bet Bill is really regretting that blowjob.
  11. It was a good move. On Her Majesty's Secret Service andFrom Russia With Love are my favorites. I can never get tired of Goldfinger, Thunderball, The Spy Who Loved Me, Skyfall, Casino Royale and Goldeneye. As I approach my 30's I have come to find that every Bond film has its own merits. Except for Die Another Day. That was shit. But without it we wouldn't have had Casino Royale.
  12. The Goldeneye score sounds like porn. Didn't they get another composer for the action scenes?
  13. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Not to mention he has intimidated people from coming forward. Threatening to sue them. All it takes one brave person and good people to back them up.
  14. Melissa

    Who the hell is Melissa?
  15. 2016 Death Pool Draft

    The year isn't over yet.