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  1. Oliver Reed would have been drinking them martinis for real.
  2. Prostitutes?
  3. Moore came off as soft, but man he did have some moments where he lost his shit. Especially in The Spy Who Loved Me.
  4. Being hawkish is a deterrent. Since Trump basically campaigned vaguely about Syria and put out "America First" the attack may not have been likely done with Hillary in charge. They waited until Obama was out of office first.
  5. Punishing Syria for the attack was the right call, but warning Russia first was a mistake. Russia would have warned Assad about the attack head of time so they can remove any weapons save for some outdated aircraft. Looks like this will go to the Supreme Court. Hope the Trump appointee is an honorable man. Going back to Syria, I can't help that the attack was a test on Trump, to see what he would do.
  6. "Most said he handled it well." By that they mean he didn't start a war with Russia.
  7. Their correspondents got balls. Shooting from War Zones. Back in the old days that is what they did. The major news were too pussy to go to Standing Rock
  8. Vox and Politico are good too. And Vice. Actually know a chick who works on Vice. Does camera work.
  9. I prefer to get my news from BBC and Al Jazeera
  10. Even Fox News. Maybe closer to Glenn Beck.
  11. The policy in Syria is just a continuation of what the previous administration has been doing. I don't think Assad would have gassed people with Obama in office because he knew there would have been response. Trump is unpredictable, so he took a chance. ISIS will still be bombed. They will be attacked by US backed local militias such as the Kurds. Trump appears to be better at foriegn policy because he treats it like a business meeting. Not really the best way to do things. It is flatterly. Trump is the kind of guy who will absorb the opinion of the last powerful man to flatter him. Though in the last week he's met several. Erdogan, Salman, Netenyahu, Abbas and now the Pope. Will see what surprises he will have for us.
  12. They'll just blame it on leftover Obama people.
  13. Just minor things, like his response to the attack in Manchester was that he called them "Losers". And there was that bit he wrote on the postcard to the Holocaust memorial "SO happy to be here with my friends!" He should have let Melania write it. Sure there's a Michelle quote she hasn't used yet.
  14. How did he handle Syria well? He or Ivanka saw a video, got upset and ordered the Navy to launch missiles to mixed results. Nothing's changed. There's still a war going on. The other side still denies gas was used. Probably should have investigated first, instead of going in there half cocked. Also, if you could find that clip online and post it, that would be great. People to get focused on wording. Saudi Arabia at this point doesn't care what they say as long they get that weapons deal that Obama denied them because they were expected to use them against civilians.
  15. I think he still holds the record for most cold blooded kills.