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  1. Melissa

    i didn't want create a new topic, i post here:
  2. 1. Alpine Valley 1991 - The first UYI Gig. I love the audio bootleg! 2. Inglewood 1991 - great Setlist 3. Wembley 1991 - last gig with Izzy Stradlin. 4. Paris 1993 - Brian May on Knockin On Heaven Door 5. Argentina 1993 - Last gig with Axl, Slash and Duff before the dark ̶y̶̶e̶̶a̶̶r̶̶s̶ decades no 1992 because we have already Tokyo 1992.. I dont like the 92 years.. maybe a blu ray version of Tokyo 92
  3. no he sounds very diffrent on that Brownstone Speech than the little speech before yesterdays. It's not the same. I don't think so...
  4. anybody knows who Phil is? The Spotlight guy?
  5. i don't believe the speech was recorded in the studio... Yes many vocals were rerecorded but not this speech. It sounds actuallly live with a hall effect (it does not sound like a fake hall effect, yes you can tell this)... must to be a in door show. you can here actually a guitar at 5:03. Sounds not like a "Studio". i compare the speech between Brownstone and ISE with the little speech from Yesterdays (must be from Vegas). i don't think the speech is from Vegas. ..
  6. I'm listen and watched almost every bootleg from 87 to 93 over the years. I never found this speech So my guess is, this speech is on a concert who was not recorded by the audience like Las Vegas or so and his speaking voice is like 90s . I'm pretty sure i never found the part where only Slash is singing during Dust N' Bones " Ya get out on your own... " Part . Mabye Axls voice was removed.. on the Ritz Show '91 Axl is singing with Slash.. and that strange Patience, first part is from the Skin N' Bones accoustic set (Mexico) and last part is from the Get In The Ring Tour... wierd
  7. i would like to see a blu ray about the Troubadour Show in 2016. This is History! and i want to have it -.- and of course a concert from the US Summer Tour. I want L.A. because of the hot GN'R fans in the first row
  8. It was playin live as a Intro for Sweet Child O' Mine or Paradise City in 1993.. even Axl sang a part of this song
  9. Best Show from NITL

    what DVD? is this official? that would be awesome.. please say it's true
  10. amazing... now Paradise City and i can watch a whole concert with the bestauditory and visual moments. thank you for that hard work. I did that same with Mönchengladbach in 2012.. I have the whole concert in Multi cam. It took me 5 months... It's a shame that video got blocked on YouTUbe because on guy was complain because i "stole" his video.. I hope this happen not to you. Your work is amazing
  11. concert video? So we getting a Blu Ray? is this official?
  12. What Are They Playing?

    Sub bass, programming & synthesizers at 2:12 you can hear Chris Pitman's keyboard
  13. i prefer this cover
  14. You know what is the worst? You are born healthy with healthy organs and arms & legs. Whether you've lost an organ or an arm. It will never be the same again! and you can not change anything. That is the worst part.. I wish him all the best and for the others here: The best thing that can happen with you is to be healthy.