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  1. Where is Frank Ferrer for voting the best drummer?
  2. my wish is the release of the troubadour show on blu ray and the europe tour in 2017. new music? i don't know and Izzy Stradlin as guest to peform 14 Years or Dust N' Bones
  3. Mötley Crue Vocals: Axl Rose Lead-Guitar: DJ Ashba Bass: Nikki Sixx Drums: Tommy Lee
  4. San Juan 2010 PROSHOT Campaign

    Did you know some guy has the VHS tape of the FIRSTRitz Show in 1987 (IN PRO SHOT!!!) ? Did you know Marc Canter has many footagesfrom the early days of GN'R and the footage of the LA Street Festival? Did you know some guy has professional filmed the warm up gigs before the UYI World Tour? Did you know some guy has the VHS tape of the first concert after Slash left the band:House Of Blue in 2001 (IN PRO SHOT!!!) ? and you want a 2010 Show with Ashba?
  5. a live DVD/Blu Ray with the best performance (in a typical setlist) of the North Amercia Leg would be very nice. and please a second Blu Ray Troubadour !!!
  6. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    i hope they doing some twillight shows for the europe tour. It's So Easy on daytime an Paradise City on nighttime. I like that
  7. I'm thankful for....

    Thanks for Guns N' Roses, and thanks MyGNRforum.com I would like to thanks my mum and my dialysis team for care of me
  8. a couple of questions

    i don't know. But for me, it was the Numer 1 Source for concert dates, notes, trivia and a collection of photos.
  9. a couple of questions

    GNRonTour is down.. Have you the same problem? It was a amazing site with cool trivias... sad the site is dead :-(
  10. They still can kick evrybody in the ass with todays Axl's voice and Slash's tone. Forgot the Axl disaster on Rock In Rio 2011, that wasn't Axl.... that was the evil Axl twin brother. Now make this happen and we have a amazing pro shot show
  11. Best Shows GN'R - 2016

    Troubadour. I'm serious I want that on Blu Ray. It's a legendary night and history in the making... again. So i want that in my blu ray player at my home! Las Vegas (2) & Houston. Both amazing voice
  12. He sounds very amazing on Yesterdays
  13. Next tour, Tommy Stinson on bass?

    i would like to the the next ACDC: Vocals: Axl Rose Lead Guitar: Angus Young Co-Lead Guitar: Bumblefoot Rhythm Guitar: DJ Ashba Drums: Chris Slade Synth: Chris Pitman