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  1. i know i wrote this many times but... man i can't fuckin' believe Slash is back in Guns N' Roses. Can't wait for the europe tour. I'm gonna see them
  2. I'm a Guns N' Roses Fan, saw Axl Rose 2 times and Slash 2 times, and I'm going to see Guns N' Roses in 2017 with Axl & Slash together, finally!!! thanks to GTA San Andreas. I'm serious. I'm a big GN'R Fan because of GTA San Andreas. I was 13 years old, i played GTA San Andreas in 2004 evry day. One song hit my brain so hard. That was Welcome To The Jungle... A time with no internet at home, i knew only this song. And yea .. The lead singer must have long hair! I said the same thing like the kid. Finally i bought Appetite For Destrution and Use Your Illusion. I knew the band only from pictures.. that was a cool time. Later in 2008 i had internet, so one of the first thing was searching about Guns N' Roses. I was sad to know that Slash left the band. But thanks to WWW.. Over the years i have almost every Bootleg from 86 - 93 .. and thanks to GNR i play Guitar. In 2016 i bought my first real Les Paul Gibson.
  3. yep but in 1991 GN'R was very experimental with the setlist
  4. i met Frank Ferrer and the other three guys via VIP Ticket in 2012. Its a very nice man
  5. does any got the same probleme like me? The volume is very low on Estranged & Paradise City... the rest of the gig the volume is okay.
  6. no, i mean i can't open the link on my browser.
  7. sometimes strong (Better) and sometimes weak (Estranged)
  8. woooohooo. Thank you Let's Rock! Better!!!
  9. link without mobile please
  10. when? I watched the stream since Chin Dem. Is this song so insignificant that i forget it?
  11. they played no Live And Let Die
  12. Axl Rose only with Bandana and no hat. Yes!