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  1. wrong. 480p is a digital format. The Tokyo Show (and the whole tour) was filmed analog not digital!
  2. it's great and really good. I'm very suprise that Axls Voice has many many good moments! Overall a great performance. Good Setlist with Coma and CD Songs and AfD Songs like My Michelle or Out Ta Ge Me
  3. wrestling GNR mention (WCW 1998)

  4. May / June

    they should doing a 3 hour meeting and talk about GN'Rs future
  5. more stuff like Shackler or Raid, Oh my God with a psychopathic guitar solo by Slash would be fun... I'm serious...
  6. No this Crash Diet is actually amazing.. Sounds like GN'R
  7. GNR going to Rio?

    They should play at Rock Am Ring
  8. Axl/DC Roll Call

    AXL FN ROSE IS IN MY TOWN!!! Leipzig, Germany... That's a dream... oh wait its not Guns N' Roses :-( but I'm going anyway.. I got a 81 Euro ticket from eBay.. I can't wait..... I can't believe it.. Axl Rose in Leipzig. In MY TOWN!!!
  9. November Rain Sounds good. what do you think?
  10. Leonard Cohan - Evrybody Knows People Who Died - Jim Carroll
  11. Mr. Brownstone and You Could be Mine was known but for me, My Michelle it's new . thank you
  12. What if only Chris Pitman appear on stage and play stuff like this under the name Guns N' Roses? Would fit for Coachelle Festival
  13. "Master" ? gain the volume to 100db, nothing else