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  1. Same setlist, different day

    Slash returns to Guns N' Roses, They play Coma!, Slash plays Chinese Democracys stuff, Axl on time and has a better mood than 2014. Welcome To The Jungle sounds killer and rasp is more often. This line up sounds and feels like Guns N' Roses And people still complain about the Setlist? After 2 shows in 2017 ??? After Sorry & Out Ta Get Me was played last night??? So they complain that seltlist is always the same? What are you doin? Do you even have a life? To much time? And you watched every stream? For the current Setlist is one of the best setlists in GN'R history!!! You have Estranged, November Rain, Civil War, Coma... WTTJ, SCOM, PC, ... Double Talkin Jive, Rocket Queen and Chineses' Stuff:: all hits in one night. Thread is stupid. get a life
  2. Come on guys. it was a great show. i really like it... i mean Axl & Slash on the same stage!!! hello? Setlist is great. Can't wait to see them in June.
  3. i think Kobe is better than Osaka. He improve it
  4. Axl doesn't like Mickey Sorry!!! Great voice on Sorry
  5. FOS 1 & FOS 2 are gone on eventim (best known ticket shop for germany), still normal tickets avaible Munich is sold out on eventim
  6. Axl is on fire tonight. KOHD was great Nightrain!!!
  7. It's a great performance. I really enjoy the stream
  8. Axl is really good on Knockin On Heavens Door. Richard good
  9. boar it's crazy to compare a 20 year old kid with a 50 year old adult. Stop that shit
  10. His voice sound sick but good on OTGM
  11. i filmed my VIP experience with Ashba, Ferrer, Dizzy and Bumblefoot in Mönchengladbach, Germany. I recorded the whole meet n' greet thing.. It's shaky and I have few songs from the first row.. Never on YouTube