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  1. WTTJ Rocket Queen Better Don't Cry.. better than the shit of 2001 - 2014
  2. Voice is actually better than vegas '12
  3. I think GN'R was influenced by Hanoi Rocks
  4. It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone Chinese Democracy Welcome To The Jungle ...
  5. so more dates... no new music, album or even a DVD, Blu Ray.. ha ha I'm out... good night
  6. it's a good solution for him but not for the rest of the people
  7. return of legendary DJ Ashba
  8. The "It doesn't end here..." Trailer looks like they anouncent new tour dates at wednesday... nothin' more.. It's no new single or album.
  9. Everyone is thinking about a new album. I think it's just more gigs in the US.. notin' more
  10. I'm a Fozzy Fan and the new music video by Fozzy is based on GN'Rs Garden Of Eden I think is pretty cool idea to create a music video like Garden Of Eden and it looks really good and btw the song is one of best from Fozzy \m/