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  1. does any got the same probleme like me? The volume is very low on Estranged & Paradise City... the rest of the gig the volume is okay.
  2. no, i mean i can't open the link on my browser.
  3. sometimes strong (Better) and sometimes weak (Estranged)
  4. woooohooo. Thank you Let's Rock! Better!!!
  5. when? I watched the stream since Chin Dem. Is this song so insignificant that i forget it?
  6. they played no Live And Let Die
  7. Axl Rose only with Bandana and no hat. Yes!
  8. they should record a fuckin Blu Ray. I would blast my roof off with my home video system
  9. I don't know why but i actually laughed. What's the point with Smoke On The Water? I'm a guitar play by myself. I started guitar in 2010 and learned songs from Guns N' Roses and many other classic rock songs (but not Smoke On The Water). I never learned Smoke On The Water, my first song on guitar was Knockin' On Heaven's Door because it was good for beginners. I laughed because, many people or friends want to hear me playing Smoke On The Water after i played stuff like WTTJ or SCOM. WTF? . I learned new friends last year in summer, i played good stuff on my guitar but after that, they want Smoke On The Water. Really why is Smoke On The Water so special? For me the song is boring... Same with Nothin Else Matters.. many girls want to hear that. but SOTW is extreme Sorry for Off-Topic
  10. Hannover will be unique too, they will play between exhibition halls
  11. fuck, my heart... i thought it's Izzy Stradlin for a second... man crazy