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  1. Knockin On Heavens Door on Use Your Illusion (1998) this Version has no phone call (without Josh Richman's speech) the version on the Soundtrack has a diffrent Drum mixing and additional lines in the 2nd verse. Nice Version
  2. Does anyone else want Dj ASHBA back?

    i don't the hate about DJ Ashba. He is not bad
  3. Line Up? and Old/New GnR Songs

    Axl, Slash, Duff; Fortus, Ferrer, Reed and Pitman
  4. Pyro or no pyro?

    Old GN'R used Pyro for the Metallica/GN'R Stadium in 92. Flames for Live And Let Die, seen in the Dead Horse Music Video and some Bootlegs
  5. 1985 / 1986 They should play in Standard Tuning and not Eb
  6. Because of GN'R i play guitar since 2010 and can't the Sweet Child Solo yet :-(
  7. Coachella intro tape?

    Teddy sniffing glue, he was 12 years old Fell from the roof on East Two-nine Cathy was 11 when she pulled the plug On 26 reds and a bottle of wine Bobby got leukemia, 14 years old He looked like 65 when he died He was a friend of mine People who died :-D Best Intro song or Evrybody Knows - Leonard Cohen. Legend
  8. Reunion Setlist?

    Paradise City It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone Axl Rose "This is a new song..." -New Song- on the rhythm guitar: Mr. Richard Fortus Fortus Solo Live And Let Die This I Love Rocket Queen on the drums: Mr. Frank Ferrer You Coud Be Mine Double Talkin' Jive Civil War Don't Cry on the keyboard.. Mr. Dizzy Fuckin' Reed Piano solo Street Of Dreams Catcher In The Rye on the bass... The new man Mr. Duff McKagan Attitude So Fine There Was A Time Axl Rose: "This is a new song..." -New Song- You're Crazy Piano Solo November Rain Blues Solo Godfather Theme Sweet Child O' Mine Estranged Welcome To The Jungle Encore: Used To Love Her Patience Nightrain
  9. That would be great. I hope so.. please Uncle Axl.. I have 51 Bootlegs from the Use Your Illusion Era and I watched them all.. They should release a Blu Ray version of a 91 Concert with Izzy and a concert from the Skin N' Bones Tour..
  10. Fun time- name the tour!

    Slash is in my Ass Tour