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  1. it's a great time to be a GN'R Fan.
  2. I'm still waiting for Round II
  3. 87 is in Standard Tuning?
  4. I'm young but I'm GN'R Fan since 2004 because "Welcome To The Jungle" in GTA San Andreas. I loved that song... and then i found WTTJ on a musicchannel in TV and it was amazing... So i recorded with my VHS musicvideos "WTTJ", "SCOM", "PC" and "NR" in 2005 i bought Appetite For Destruction .. later Use Your Illusion... and then Spaghetti & Live Era & Lies... i learn about the band, they names... in 2006 i watched Rock Am Ring on TV. I'm german and it was free on TV here in Germany. For the first time i heard about the break up between Axl & Slash in 2007 i bought the DVDs Live in Tokyo :-) and my hair was growin' :-D in 2008 the World Wide Web was found... so I checked all Information about Guns N' Roses and Chinse Democracy... and finally i bought Chinese Democracy in 2009 i started downloading Bootlegs thanks to WWW in 2010 i started playing Guitar... mainly with TABs in 2011 i watched Rock In Rio IV live and it was awful in 2012 i saw NEW GUNS N' ROSES live in Mönchengladbach, Germany and later Slash live in Berlin with Motley Crue in 2013 i have a 500GB Harddrive full of Bootlegs in 2014... bähh.. Kidney failure and started with Dialysis for 5 hours, 3 per Week... i have my laptop on dialysis and i watched ALL bootlegs!!! from 1986 - 1993 - Watching all bootlegs was a great experience! really I'm serious in 2015 i saw Slash in Berlin and i started guitar again BUT with notes, pentatonic scales and so on... now i can play better than ever in 2016 i saw Axl and AC/DC in Leipzig, and i bought my first Les Paul Gibson for 2000 euros yes GN'R changed my life.. can't wait for 2017
  5. Not In This Lifefime tour contract: Slashs Duty: Playing Chinese Democracy stuff Axls Duty: rehearsels, hit the stage on time it kinda feels like :-D So the 3 hour meeting was success
  6. so they filmed Perfect Crime Volume 2? i love the first edition of Perfect Ciime about the Illusion Tour... amazing
  7. I don't hear This I Love in the Seattle Clip and yea i play few instruments for years... and i can tell It's just a improvisation... and yes many songs were started created with improvitation...
  8. 2001-2014 was a waste of time. I'm serious
  9. Now I need a good picture of Axl singing, Slash guitar playing in vertical, Duff McKagan and Steven Adler on drums. pleeeeease :-(
  10. Anything Goes and Think About You were part of the setlist on the first leg from the AfD Tour
  11. First, I am very happy about the setlist. It's awesome. For me it's a killer setlist. You have Coma, you have the "trilogy" DC, NR and E and Classics like Sweet Child O Mine, Welcome To The Jungle and Paradise City and of course Chinese, Better and This I Love... Of course these songs are on every show but do you really watch every show? If you go to the concert, you have a great moment in your life with GNR Live... but for the Harcore Fans, they need moments like: There Was A Time with Slash, Izzy Stradlin as guest with 14 Years or Dust N' Bones, another Chinese "Classic" like Sorry or Shacklers, or a Slash "Classic" like Slither or Fall to Pieces..... but overall the Setlist is a dream on NITL Tour.. I hope they come to Europe
  12. TSI is a great album and the sound is absoluty amazing. Slash guitar tone on Since I Don't have is absoluty orgasmqedewds, great tune. Sad that Axl and Slash split up. There were the next big thing and i think the Use Your Illusion thing was too much imo.