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  1. The Official SOCCER Thread 2015/2016

    We where a cunt short that day had to buy a new one in as for Rambo i'm just upset he chose to join your club not mine in all honesty I just hope he scores again soon and Cliff Richard kicksthe bucket
  2. The EU just doesn't work for Britain

    Turkey joining the EU makes me want to leave as it appears to be piss easy to cross the border from Syria to Turkry before we know it Jihadi Johns gang have moved in next door
  3. The Official SOCCER Thread 2015/2016

    Just when you think " he can't possibly make himself appear to be even more of a bell end " goodole Boy
  4. GNR Social Media Update Discussion

    Proof that Axl lives on a planet far secluded from the real world
  5. The Official SOCCER Thread 2015/2016

    Might have to stick £50 on Real Madrid this weekend
  6. General Chat / Random Musings

    But Croydon is a mess
  7. General Chat / Random Musings

    Doesn't Croydon look like a Landfill everyday?
  8. The Official SOCCER Thread 2015/2016

    And that hasn't made a difference people still drink at the games it's the English and Welsh they will find a way to turn up shit faced
  9. The Official SOCCER Thread 2015/2016

    Got yourself an unknown and a few dreams there
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    Saw this too the mask is an improvement
  11. General Chat / Random Musings

    I fold so easy under preasure
  12. General Chat / Random Musings

    I did the casual turn and stare out of the window routine
  13. General Chat / Random Musings

    Tried letting out a tactical fart on the bus ... Turned out to be fucking loud as ooops
  14. The Official SOCCER Thread 2015/2016

    Sevilla came out a much better team in that second half shame Sako wasn't there he would of had Coke in his back pocket
  15. General Chat / Random Musings

    Where she/he gonna get a knob from ? Don't think they sell em on Amazon