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  1. excuse my ignorance but is this actually going to happen?
  2. Feels good just gotta keep the momentum going now
  3. I am off to bangkok on the 22nd of April
  4. Calling all Kodi users. Personally not worried by it like most things online 1 door gets closed another 5 open ... rather than spending money and resources closing down illegal streams why don't you abolish the stupid 3PM kick off rule and show these games on British TV. Would happily pay an extra few quid a month to do so.
  5. You gotta love how much money can change anyone wasn't it a few years back after the yellow jacket that the Rip promotion team said they would not invite Axl back? All of a sudden that cash cow starts to moo and Rio want him back!
  6. I have started to come to the belief that there will never be another album these guys will tour this reunion to the ground as they did with Chinese and then all go there separate ways again
  7. Great achivement but so many dodgey decisions
  8. Wonder whete Alexis Sanches will end up if both him and özil go that leaves Arsenal pretty weak
  9. And every now and then his little catchphrase of " did I mention fuck you" bless he had his 15 seconds of internet fame
  10. Anyone know what Razz is up to now days?
  11. David Haye needs to retire now embarassing himself his body broke down just like Bellew said it would
  12. I have never heard that story but sounds like the dude go a pretty harsh deal as the song would be worth a lot of cash to the right people. Also sucks that the dude got ripped off but what you going to do call the police ? In relation to it being part of a potential soundtrack Axl has wanted to write a soundtrack or at least a song for a movie for a long long time so it would make sense not sure if it is from 1996 sounds more like a 1999 out take but hey its hard to tell from a 30 second clip.
  13. Axl - Disappear into the Hollywood hills Duff - Write a new book or work on his fitness Slash - Work with the conspirators on a new record Frank - Await that phone call and go back on tour in between this binge watch box sets Melissa - Makeup hair and nails Richard - Spend time with family maybe get some new tattoos Dizzy - Sit at home making random noises on the sofa
  14. Curfew is 01:00 so Axl will roll up around midnight then?
  15. It has supposedly popped up on the set list a few times for the current tour but they have never used it