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  1. Hopefully going to get tickets for Chelski in the F.A cup
  2. Same as them android TV boxes I once showed you just in stick formation
  3. He could join in too
  4. Come on then ... Just this once use my Arsehole as a cunt
  5. Because money and fame make you very deluded
  6. Not in this lifetime ....
  7. Proper football that! Gotta love a bit of lower/non league football
  8. Not a big American football fan myself but haven't they moved a few times now ? At what point are they renamed " The Oakland Pikeys " ?
  9. Another day another Wenger " I tried to sign " claim. Bloke must have the worlds worst luck on a managerial scale. Added lolz below.
  10. Lenny the love Guru How old are you lad? Don't go rushing in there just place it nice and cool slowly slowly catch a monkey
  11. Oh your talking about hand egg
  12. And Jan kicks in for Arsenal again
  13. My bad I didn't read that
  14. 1. The Queen 2. Prince Phillip 3. Kanye West 4. Keith Richards 5. Harrison Ford 6. Stan Lee 7. Kirk Douglas 8. Jimmy Carter 9. Paul Gascoine 10. Hugh Heffner
  15. Not like you mate first the gambling now your cutting down on the footy