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  2. Rush to release Clockwork Angels on June 12

    Don't forget the fanpack; it's actually only a few more pounds/dollars more than the standard CD!
  3. One In A Million

    Instead of thinking the Lies artwork looks cool, read it.
  4. Rush to release Clockwork Angels on June 12

    I came to this forum section to talk about the new Rush album. It's INCREDIBLE. Absolutely incredible. If you love the album and/or are a big Rush fan, I URGE you a billion times to get the Clockwork Angels fanpack. Besides the cool poster and key-ring, it's very very awesome and provides insight into every song on the album with the packed magazine. The CD is nicely slotted in the back of the regular CD-sized book that's filled with content including artwork, lyrics and introductions (bridges from each song to the next) expressing Rush's conceptual intentions for the album. Fantastic. Beautiful packaging for a beautiful album. I actually like the whole album more than any of their previous albums when speaking in terms of an entire set album.
  5. One In A Million

    Precisely. Marilyn Manson was actually going to cover this song as he felt it was a great song for people to hear and think about but didn't like how Axl didn't go all out with it to get the proper message across firmly, however it didn't end up happening though.
  6. One In A Million

    Because most people misinterpret it.
  7. Axl has a pet DOLPHIN?

    "Here Snowflake.. Got a little snack for ya..." *Whistles* BAAAGUIBCHJBLCJKSDNVDNV
  8. I MET AXL and AGAIN!

    I tried looking for their tour buses all around the O2 Arena on the second London gig on June 1st, finally found a bunch of people who looked like they worked there, I was walking round a bend and one of the workers shouts at me "Hey! You're not allowed there!" So I walk round and talk to him. Two minute conversation short: I tell him I'm looking for the Guns N' Roses tour buses, he tells me "Slash left in a limo a little while ago", I tell him he actually left the band almost 20 years ago, he walks off talking in a foreign language on his phone... Hopefully I'll get to meet the band, especially Axl, someday!
  9. I MET AXL and AGAIN!

    We're fans, not interviewers.
  10. How much would it cost me

    The hell does that person's parents do for a living? o_O
  11. He never listens to me

    Same here
  12. They definitely can. Chinese Democracy is, obviously in my opinion, the best album of all time.
  13. I'd like to hear what Axl wanted everyone to hear without people coming in from their label and fucking it up, so yes.
  14. How much would it cost me

    200K per show? O_O Source?
  15. How much would it cost me

    Kidnap Sebastian Bach, get him to call Axl and use any means necessary?