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  1. He would be recording a sample to promote the new head
  2. Slash was a bit premature on the outro
  3. Its better then nothing mate it mainly for me and people who went to the show. The audio is alot better then what you get with a phone recording
  4. Am making a multicam bluray of this show with my 4k footage and tonsco audio heres a sample
  5. Am making a bluray of the Adelaide show! Herea a sample
  6. From the bluray am making
  7. Did in the first show in April too
  8. Here were you can get some Aussie and NZ ones
  9. Big thanks to tonsco for all the aussie audio recordings GUNS N’ ROSES Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, Australia [MASTER] 2017-02-18 Recorded by tonsco Recording Time: 163min 25sec Taping Position: Gold GA Section, Centre Stage, 1 body from the rail DOWNLOAD LINK:!SJUGSS4b!tdJb9i_4m-HW2MBb2epU-g TASCAM DR-07mkII LINEAR PCM RECORDER > Adobe Audition > dBpoweramp > FLAC 01. Intro 02. It's So Easy 03. Mr Brownstone 04. Chinese Democracy 05. Welcome To The Jungle 06. Double Talkin' Jive 07. Better 08. Estranged 09. Live and Let Die 10. Rocket Queen 11. You Could Be Mine 12. New Rose 13. This I Love 14. Civil War 15. Coma 16. Slash Solo 17. Sweet Child O' Mine 18. Yesterdays 19. Wish You Were Here Jam 20. Layla Jam 21. November Rain 22. I Used To Love Her 23. Knockin' On Heaven's Door 24. Nightrain 25. Sorry 26. Don't Cry 27. The Seeker 28. Paradise City Notes: Of all the shows in the world... this was definitely one of them The last show of the tour (for me) - 5 shows in and I was still buzzing though! THis was the standout show for me personally, AXL was absolutely on fire tonight from a performance perspective. Say what you want about his voice/vocals etc. this man is a showman like no other and, until you go and see this current incarnation, I would reccomend reserving your opinion until then. Great set, Axl did not want the show to end so he kept calling for extra songs to the band hence how we go Yesterdays, Love Her, Sorry. I hope you enjoy this show and the efforts I went to to capture it for you. I also have a 24bit version, if there's enough interest I will upload it. I did record the Rose Tattoo set if anyone is interested I will get that up to in time. Don't be afraid to say thanks either... it's not that hard and goes a long way.... Enjoy! ****PLEASE FEEL FREE TO RE-MASTER MY RECORDINGS BUT PLEASE MESSAGE ME WHEN YOU RE-POST AS I WOULD LOVE TO GRAB A COPY**** ****************************************** ****************************************** DO NOT ENCODE TO MP3 DO NOT SELL, TRADE FREELY ****************************************** ******************************************
  10. Are you selling any VHS mate
  11. I can upload it if you want a copy its a 8g file
  13. Nur