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  1. They just went live on Instagram. Did anyone catch it?
  3. Id be interested in a poll to see who will show up and the setlist Hint hint
  4. Yeah I know mate am talking about the mix and sound quailty
  5. Howard 101 did Soundgarden a few years back and the sound quality was perfect
  6. Lol thats what we call it in Australia when you get drunk
  7. Can Adler even play the start of YCBM its strange all his videos playing it are cut at the start
  8. Matt all the way. If I could make one change to the band it would be Matt and so would Slash and Duff no doubt.
  9. GUNS N' JONESES Axl Rose and Tom Jones stumble out of boozed-fuelled party at 6am after noise officials called to break up bash The Guns N' Roses singer led the hell-raising in the early hours at celeb hotspot Chiltern Firehouse following a gig at London Stadium A BOOZE-fuelled party with Guns N’ Roses rocker Axl Rose and veteran singer Tom Jones broke up at 6am after noise officials were called to shut it down. The celeb bar hosting the bash officially closed at 3am but wildman Axl, Tom, 77, and other stars were still downing drinks hours later. Two council noise officers arrived to try to call time at about 4.30am after complaints from neighbours. But it was another hour and a half before the revellers, who also included Kate Moss’s ex-hubby Jamie Hince, finally stumbled out of the venue. US megastar Axl, 55, led the hell-raising in the early hours of Sunday in a bar at the Chiltern Firehouse luxury hotel and restaurant in central London. He and his band had belted out classics such as 1988 hits Paradise City and Sweet Child o’ Mine at a heaving London Stadium gig on Saturday night. The booze then flowed as celebs at the party watched US boxing world champ Andre Ward’s victory in his televised clash with Russian Sergey Kovalev. A source said: “The music was pumping. “There was screaming, with boozy celebs cheering the fight from Las Vegas, which didn’t start until 4.20am UK time. “Axl was rooting for the US fighter and wasn’t happy about noise complaints. It wasn’t very rock ’n roll. “The bar manager tried to argue it was a private party. “The Westminster council officials were made to wait outside by ­security. “Management eventually turned the music off but the shouting continued.” The Chiltern Firehouse did not respond to calls for comment.
  10. Yeah its gonna make it hard these days. This fellas videos sound good mate hes just using a external mic on a iphone. Has some of the best videos