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  1. Anyone who goes all the way to London for HR Cafe is a chump! /s
  2. It's just dumb. If I'm a seller, I message the buyer and say "look, shipping is gonna be an extra $20 to do it right." it even gives the seller an extra opportunity to price gouge. Instead they will be forced with a return and/or a poor review.
  3. Not announced, and likely won't be for several months. Europe openers still unannounced.
  4. My biggest complaint besides the endless skulls is that the GnR logo always sticks out like a sore thumb. IMO, it should be 'drawn' in, rather than a copy/paste job.
  5. Run to your car or bring a tube and hope security allows you in.
  6. Golden Circle! First time to UK/Europe as well.
  7. The Struts already supported them, so I think this is a very smart guess. A very exciting one too. They fucking rock!
  8. Just updated their cover photo. I wouldn't read much into it.
  9. First time I've been so eager for a Monday!
  10. These lithos were too cool not to continue. If I can make it to a London show I may just make my own. Providing people like the design (and there's no official one), would there be any forum interest?
  11. Team USA is playing in World Cup of Hockey at 3:30. Not sure where I'm watching that, but good chance it's Chinatown.
  12. Who's been the opening act for the second leg of US Tour?
  13. Definitely down for some brews beforehand at Iron Horse. Very close to stadium.
  14. Iron Horse is solid, and you can bring in your own food. Rocket Bar isn't bad either. Plenty of options.
  15. Anyone else attending the show?