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  1. Ask staff

    Nope i accidentaly saw that thread, (put on another tab and be able to read it) and still don't get why are you delete that thread... Marc is cool and he can handle that thread i guess --- It's good to know because i'm banned for 2 FUCKING WORDS 2 year ago and generously allowed back here i owe you.... Alright then, i move on, at the end of the day it's your forum, but you become a little bit different in the past couple of months.... It's quite sad that you guys still think that TB or Axl forgive mygnr and started to actually moderate TB related threads (which is qutie funny cuz a LOT OF TB bashing is allowed here for obvious reasons) They are extremely insecure about forums Good day Mr. Admin, i get that you're not interested about my opinion, but i gave you the minimal respect as i gave EVERYBODY on this forum, a thing that you doesn't give anymore for a regular poster P.S.. feel free to ban me if you really want, but i'm not letting myself to talk here in this manner like you pulled me from your ass.
  2. it's good for the vinyl fans, i guess Wait where is the Lies album?
  3. Not enough bread if you ask me...
  4. Rank Slash's albums on guitar work alone

    1. AFD 2. UYI 2 3. UYI 1/TSI, (if you include) 4. Contraband 5. World On Fire 6. Slash/Ain't Life Grand 7. 5 o Clock (except Neither Can I) 8. Libertad 9. Apocalyptic Love (except Anastasia ofc)
  5. nah what's wrong with cooking? also loool Cara ‏@EminemSyndromee 11 min@axlrose you go on a hiatus and return only to post pictures of sausages?
  6. Ask staff

    The moderation/locked topics here lately shows extremely hilarious amount of fear of something It is allowed to talk certain famous banned members on the VIP sections, but not on the regular forum? Not even on someone's personal status? Also the Axl's appereance topic got locked by Subs no reason just for a personal insult (don't be a cock) Is this a new trend here lately? If you pay you can do/say/post whatever you want but if you're not a paying member then fuck off? Cool I joined here because this is (was?) literally the only forum where you can talk without being censored (plus got some interesting discussions here with bigger forum traffic) It's good to know what this forum becomes (P.S: for the record this is not for downzy he is cool and willing to explain his actions unlike others....)
  7. Mike Tyson

    Hi Lenny it's good to see you although i just hope that you aren't posting that type of shit that posted before your exodus
  8. What Are You Listening To 2015.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKmDq1JYoV8&list=UUkfcCDelDAvxVBTplofk6OQ The Sabbathian "Ritual Rites" 70's Sabbath riffs met Dio+Ray Gillenesque vocals
  9. Izzy Stradlin's 117*

    More GNR related TM thread's please
  10. Mike Tyson

    lol Tyson also i hope Luka Magnotta will never came out of prison
  11. The Scottish Independence Referendum Thread

    Finally some interesting topic I don't have a strong opinion on this one, the pro's and cons are interesting and i for one learn a lot from this situation from this thread
  12. "Final Ride" - Sons of Anarchy Final Season Discussion

    Manson is so creepy, even creepier than his heydays in the 90's.... also i still wanna fuck Gemma so bad