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  1. Dizzy and Fortus leave The Dead Daises....

    Izzy just don't give much of a shit anymore.
  2. Well it kinda depends, what are we talking about? Is it this (hell yeah!) Or this (that's all right) Or this (eh, ok then...) Or this (oh fuck no!)
  3. This, don't care if it's CD II, Throwback to Appetite, some weird electronic thing, or any combination of the above. I'd be interested in hearing any of it.
  4. Chinese Democracy. Ain't It Fun is the only TSI song I listen to on a regular basis. Would have been a good one to throw into the live sets too.
  5. Who´s more iconic at this time?

    Here's the hierarchy as I see it, highest to lowest from top down: 80s Axl, bandana, level at top with Slash, at any age, but only if he's wearing the hat (several rows between) 90s Axl, kilt Young Slash, hatless, if he's got the shirt off and the hair right 90s Axl, anything else (couple space) 2000 Axl with jersey, cornrows, weird look (but not iconic in a good way) Fat Axl in one of those photos that turned out looking awful, yeah you know the one (also not in a good way) Slash now, hatless, shirt off, holding guitar Axl, leather biker look 2010s look Slash now, hatless, shirt off, not holding guitar Slash now, hatless, shirt on, no guitar If this turns out to be shit, I was drunk when I did it.
  6. Who´s more iconic at this time?

    Still more remembered for being late and canceling shows back in the day. That's pretty much his legacy. No one but us remembers or continues to care about the raincoat, Bridge School, and whatever other embarassments you're keeping track of. Except the weight gain.
  7. Nice vocals actually! Don't usually expect those
  8. Always liked him, but bass spot belongs to Duff if he's coming back. Stinson can wave a towel around like Pitman if he's desperate to share the stage. I think he'll be fine taking a break though.
  9. Among the forum people, Breakdown for sure. Much stronger argument for Breakdown rather than songs like Coma, Estranged, Locomotive, Rocket Queen, Paradise City, November Rain, Sweet Child, or Welcome to the Jungle, all of which are A-grade songs that just get overplayed/overpraised. Breakdown on the other hand is a C- in my humble opinion, which gets hyped as one of GNR's highlights on par with any of the aforementioned titles. No way Jose. Don't piss on my back and tell me it's raining.
  10. Who misses '10 Axl Rose?

    Who doesn't? /thread
  11. The password is four letters and it's in the thread title.
  12. I think he's fucking fantastic, just a pity he hasn't taken the chance to be more prolific.
  13. Catcher, Street of Dreams, This I Love, Better, I.R.S. ... even Shackler's. Slash can rewrite the solos as he pleases if that's what it would take, if it don't turn out good then at least it'd be different. We've all heard them as they were written hundreds of times.
  14. The essential argument of it is true, and up until about 2012 or so this was the direction it looked like he was heading in; there was a great mystery and a mythos that I and quite a few other people here were totally fascinated with. We were dying with anticipation, obsessing over the scant details of what was in store for us next. It was great fun to be on here while that lasted, while there was still mystery, intrigue, and excitement. But pretty much everything from 2012 onward has just been a rehash of shit that's already been done. The mythos has evaporated, the momentum is gone, sure we'd be pleased and probably get excited all over again if Axl announced the next album out the blue tomorrow, but it wouldn't really be a part of what came before. The Chinese Democracy saga was a fantastic, intriguing, and of course frustrating journey, but it came to an end a couple years ago. And it ended with a whimper, not with a bang. I'm still thinking Axl's going to toss some more music our way at some point before he punches his ticket, and I'm sure that I'll love it, but we all know that Axl's Grand Plan has ended up in a rut. I haven't gotten cynical or bitter with Axl over this, and I've lost a lot of interest I used to have in this forum because too many people have and it's gotten to be a less pleasant place as a result. But I am disappointed that this is how it played out. I hoped for a lot more. I don't let this disappointment bother me. I have plenty of GNR's music and videos to enjoy, I just focus on that and don't worry too much about the future. If Axl comes out of hibernation again, I'll be thrilled, if new music ever makes it out, I'll be thrilled. Until then though, I just don't let any of it bother me.