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  1. Slash's take on CD songs

    Melissa on the LA-NA-NA-NA part such an upgrade from drunk-ass Pitman. Such an upgrade. They should do Catcher in The Rye
  2. Drunk. Sang 14 Years. Recorded it, uploaded

    Cause drunk? Seemed like a good idea at the time. No regrets!
  3. They bring back frickin' Coma and two gigs later it's "Man, they never change the setlist!"
  4. Drunk. Sang 14 Years. Recorded it, uploaded

    Hate-train!!!! Still better than Chris Pitman.
  5. Let's hope I won't regret this when I'm sober tomorrow
  6. Axl's 2016 voice

    Good clean vocals for the most part last night. Not much rasp, but very little Mickey. Not out of breath, squeaky, or embarrassing. Go back and re-watch Bridge School before you complain. This ain't 2010 by any means but it's about the best we've had since 2010.
  7. Are there any good videos out there were you can really her vocals or keys?
  8. Fede appreciation thread

    "WE DON'T DESERVE THEM! WE DON'T DESERVE THEM!" Fede, you are a fucking legend. You must be canonized. St. Fede!
  9. Fede appreciation thread

    On the backup vocals solo......MR......FUCKING.....FEDEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
  10. Fede appreciation thread

    FEDE is the new Adler. Brings the energy! Give him Pitman's old gig!
  11. Heard that was played at the Troubador. Any reports on how Slash & Duff sounded on it, or even clips from it?
  12. I like parts of it, I give it a listen every once in a while though. Count me as one of the few who love Scraped, though.
  13. Dizzy and Fortus leave The Dead Daises....

    Izzy just don't give much of a shit anymore.
  14. Well it kinda depends, what are we talking about? Is it this (hell yeah!) Or this (that's all right) Or this (eh, ok then...) Or this (oh fuck no!)