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  1. Dead Horse is in no way one of their worst songs but I'd have nominated it for most overrated along with Breakdown on that other thread. Everybody else on here is in love with those two except me.
  2. kvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetchkvetch I like what she plays. I like how she sings. I'd like if she changed her look a bit to fit in more with the rest of the band.
  3. I was there. We were laughing our asses off at the piano incident. Really added something like back in the old days when things would go off script.
  4. Outro too. Did some awesome stuff on that
  5. Slash on the Catcher outro is a god
  7. Middle of November Rain: Axl: "STOP!!!! "what the fuck was that?" "piano's broken." ..."any suggestions tonight?" . . . *resumes playing* laughing my ass off here video will be priceless
  8. I want whoever picked that opener deported
  9. Well I was prepared to be pleasantly surprised but no, Skrillex sucks just as much as I thought it would. BOOOOOOOOO
  10. Correction: in Section 108, row HH, wearing the Donald Trump shirt
  11. I'll be in the balconies wearing a Donald Trump shirt
  12. I'll be headed there tonight as well, bringing along my five younger brothers this time. They're casual fans but they'venever seen GNR or Slash live before.
  13. 2016 Tour - Roll Call Thread

    Heading to the Houston concert today. Bringing my five brothers along, they've never gotten to see GNR or any of the Gunners before.