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  1. Uncle Axls new jacket!

    Miss these
  2. Damn. I was waiting for the Mexico gig to see if i should go to Rio or not. SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO?
  3. Rock in Rio disaster 2011
  4. Axl's best vocal with the new lineups

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrBndJEGev8 best street of dreams ever, he even sang the outro
  5. "axl is like santa claus" brace yourselves jokes are coming
  6. 2012 London Olympics

    Arctic Monkeys is going to play fuck yea
  7. I know it must have been hard since Ashba fucked your girl, but you need to calm down son
  8. Do you hate Axl Rose?

    "cool story bros"
  9. Whatever happened to playing IRS live?

    anyway it was 2010 ):
  10. I imagine the marketing of the movie "Soon" "In a couple of weeks" "Next summer with a whole bunch of new songs"
  11. Favorite Axl look

    2010 mafia look
  12. Does Axl care anymore?