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  1. What a asshole , properly wank band too faith no more, should be called no more faith
  2. What about a Chinese Democracy Demos CD

    I've got the demos that were leaked , I want a new album of unheard tracks !
  3. The Best Guns N' Roses Songs

    In no order Estranged There was a time Rocket queen This I love Yesterdays
  4. I don't want anything leaked, the chinese leaks were better than the final release in some cases
  5. He's great in NIN yes , he's on the most of gnr's unreleased chinese leftovers ... He could be the one to kick Axl's ass into playing them live? Take it that I'm along for too much, ah well I'm off to see acdc tomorrow , a band that release music . Take note Guns
  6. More chance of robin than anyone else high profile, he's an easy fit for gnr
  7. Where ? I've only heard a 16 second part. Is it the whole song ?
  8. I'm sure frank drummed at Birmingham, I know brain did in Dublin as we met him in the city
  9. I was at download 06 and the Dublin 2010 show , Axl's amazing when he's pissed off
  10. I like it , seems better than the tour merch they sell
  11. I was at this show, it was so insanely hot in the arena, Axl sang 'welcome to the sauna' at one point, I also went to Dublin, sheffield, download and wembley and the whole tour was great
  12. Hope the phone doesn't vibrate while it's up there
  13. Only new music we'll get is a new cover song on the next tour