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  1. Who is more mature Axl or Kenny Powers?

    Powers' fuckin in! Axl's fuckin out!
  2. Axl Rose not attending HOF

    Its an honor to be in the RRHOF. Any of you can say what you want, but without us, Axl is working at McDonalds. I hoped, but didnt expect, them to perform. So that was no big surprise that a performance wasnt going to happen. But I expected Axl to be there and be a part of history. Axl showed that he has no gratitude for his fans and anyone thats supported him. I thought that maybe he changed a bit since he's been a bit more fan friendly, getting on stage at a decent time and everything else. But I guess not. Axl is my favorite musician of all time, and theres nobody that even comes close. But regardless of what ANYONE says, this is a slap in the face to the fans. This is a slap in the face to ANYONE thats supported him, or spent any money on anything that hes been a part of. Without his fans, hes not even considered to be in the RRHOF. He can try to put out another album, but outside the hardcore fans (like us) NOBODY CARES about GNR. Axl basically said, "Fuck all of you." So you know what? Fuck you Axl Rose.

    Im extremely disappointed their not gonna play. I didnt think they would to begin with; but I never got to see the original lineup since I was born in '82. They came through OKC when I was 10 - and of course my parents werent letting me go to that! lol I did see current line up of GNR in November; and it was one of best concerts that Ive ever been to. It was great hearing Axl sing the songs that I grew up with. But, Im still very disappointed they wont play. Ive been reading this board for a while and I think the excuse of, "If they play then it damages everything that Axl has done with the current GNR line up cause everyone will be expecting a reunion tour." Thats a bunch of crap. All they would have to do, is before the show tell the media, "This is a ONE TIME deal. It'll finally put a end to the 80's-90's original lineup." Kill the rumor before it starts. Nothing is going to damage the current line up, because outside of us diehard GNR fans, almost NOBODY gives a crap about current GNR. GNR packed the Lloyd Noble Center in Oklahoma, but when i looked around at the crowd during CD songs - nobody knew them. The crowd died down a little and people used it as a piss and beer break. even my 12 year old daughter (her first concert) told me, "I dont think people know theses songs." She does, she likes CD. ..Ive taught her well! lol We can go on and on about the new lineup and how good CD is, but few people outside of us diehard fans listen to it. its a joke that their not gonna play. I know its been discussed numerous times on this board; but its weak not to man up and play 2 songs for EVERYONE that got them to that point. They all know the AFD songs, so its not like they would all have to be in the same room and rehearse. To me, its a slap in the face to all the fans that they cant agree to play a few songs - even if they hate each other. Without us, there is no Hall of Fame for them. To think that its gonna hurt the current line up of GNR, or damage anything that Axl has done is ridiculous. Axl has done a good job of that himself with one album since, what? 1996? And the majority of the guys who played the songs on that album arent even apart of GNR anymore.
  4. Stop getting me excited. Im trying to not get my hopes up. lol
  5. Best Axl performance ever?

    That was freakin awesome. Dont know how Ive missed that all these years, but that was great.
  6. Just asking..

    Im 29, started listening to GNR when I was 12. UYL 1&2 were the first CD's I owned. I remember I got them for Christmas from my aunt. After two days my dad snatched the CD's from me (hes really old school and despises everything Guns and/or Slash) and started to highlight all the lyrics that he didnt like. I threw a fit, but two days later he gave them back to me. I guess my aunt talked some sense into him! lol
  7. I feel blessed...

    GNR has been my favorite band since I was 12. Ive waited 17 years to see them, and it FINALLY happened in November! lol Outside of going to my very first concert (Metallica) forever ago; Ive never been so excited for a show. And they delivered! ...I can die a happy man now! lol
  8. Axl Rose resin figure

    I think its terrible, but to each his own!
  9. Axl Rose resin figure

    thats just horrible.
  10. Anyone watch Showtime's Shameless?

    I love Shamless. I havent gotten to the second season yet; I still have about 4 more in season 1 to watch. I took my 12 year old to see GNR when they came through Oklahoma in November; I let her stay home from school the next day since we didnt get home till about 2am. But, when she went to school wearing her new GNR shirt she said not a single person knew who GNR was. Once she told them about Jungle and Sweet Child she said they were like, "ooohhhh..thats who did that song?" So yeah, kids these days dont really know GNR. Im 29, I graduated in 2001 and very few people listened to GNR then. When we rode in my car, my friends were like, "why we listening to old music?"... and this was 99-01.
  11. LA reveiws

    Review by Artist Direct Review by The Hollywood Reporter
  12. Fuck all these cover songs.

    How can anyone complain about Knockin and Live and Let Die? ..really? Im not a big fan of all the covers either; but since they play for about 3 hours its not a big deal.
  13. I would rather here chinese democracy songs live

    Did you go to a show on this tour? I looked around at the crowd every time a CD song was played. People sat down during these songs. People didnt sing along. People got up to get beer and food. Dont be foolish, the majority of the people going to the shows are NOT going to hear CD songs. Just look at the reactions from the crowd. I was disappointed by the crowd at the Norman show when they played CD songs because NOBODY, except a few, cared about those songs. My 12 year old and I were the only people who knew the songs, and as I said before, people around us were asking, "whats this song?"
  14. I would rather here chinese democracy songs live

    90% of the crowds dont give a crap about CD songs. Axl knows what the crowd wants to hear; and with 3 hour shows he needs to keep them around. GNR was my 12 year old daughters first concert and she actually knows the CD songs. We had people around us asking, "Whats the name of this song?" We would tell them and they would go, "oh" then off to get more beer. I had never seen GNR before, so I didnt care what they played. But you could see the energy die in the building when they played CD songs; nobody knew them. Shacklers was played in Norman.
  15. Bumblefoot has a lot of problems !

    Thats what I thought when he talked about his shoulder hurting and arm going numb a while back. Touring is part of the job, and if you cant do it....well? Surely Axl could find someone that knows the majority of the songs to finish out the tour? Thats too bad too; because I really like this current lineup.