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  1. /feels happy to have seen one of the UYI shows.. and Izzy showed up.
  2. I don't play Chinese Democracy.. that's not a good sign.. If i question why i don't play Chinese Democracy, i guess it's because it don't sound like Guns N'Roses.. Ignoring the previous line of text, and listen to the album, without attaching a band name to it, i hear a patch-work of sounds, that simply sound lumped together. There's a complete lack of togetherness about the sound.. When i play an album, i do it to get something from it.. it might be happyness, a high, deep-meaning.. with Chinese Democracy, i feel depression. The song's are depressing.
  3. Seeing all the comments posted so far.. looking on the lightside, i view the unreleased songs simply as a piece of history, a part of Axl's road to GN'R..
  4. (over a year old now..) Tommy Lee, you've got to hand it to him.. http://ultimateclassicrock.com/tommy-lee-sea-world-whale-show/
  5. Just when you assume you've seen all images from the proper GN'R era, along comes another one: Somehow, this image has passed me by after all these years.. Axl and 'that' hat i'd never seen before..
  6. UCR comments, oh my god ><

    Truth is the truth hurts - don't you agree? /Sorry.. i couldn't ressits ;P
  7. Slash sounds epic on this track..
  8. Since Buckethead, Brain, Robin all quit, i guess more songs like those arn't possible.. The same reasons, since Slash, Duff etc all quit, more songs like Doube Talkn' Jive arn't possible..
  9. isn't there a difference between plastic surgery and botox ?
  10. The Warren Beatty rant (in Paris i think) has always stuck with me. That might have something to do with the track that followed - Double Talkin' Jive
  11. To the OP. You could always try a Tuesday ;D
  12. I've never owned a Kid Rock album, or do i intend to.. but, i have to admit, i like the track he did with Slash on Slash & Friends.. In recent times I go and read: Alan Jackson and Kid Rock kick off show at SeaWorld, all the while other artists were dropping SeaWorld like a hot potato.. http://edition.cnn.com/2014/01/29/showbiz/seaworld-alan-jackson-kid-rock/ The next time Kid Rock appears on an another artists album, i won't be buying it..