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  1. Well he is ginger which is like the closest thing to an actual vampire...
  2. I like to think that Axl's first(?) house what a result of rebellious teenage dreams. I remember that for the longest time I wanted everything in my room to be black (walls, carpet, furniture, everything) but then I guess my tastes changed. Didn't Axl once say that one of the reasons he sold the old house because all the dark surroundings weren't helping his mental state? Then he bought a house that was the exact opposite of the old one.
  3. Ahh... this takes me back a few years...
  4. Hmm... I have a lot of conflicting thought about this and I'll try to put it together in a post later but for now... Why are are we assuming that the negativity regarding Axl's looks is only coming form the male portion of the fandom? I have read plenty of posts and comments form supposedly female 'fans' that go on and on about how pretty he was back in the day and then making disparaging remarks about his current looks. Even back in 2006, sure some male fans made fun of the cornrows but most of the ridicule seemed to stem from the female fans iirc. Now I would like to ask those that were around in the 80's/90's, do you think Axl's androgynous look was objectified back in the day more or less than it is now? Because what I have observed online in the past 15 years is that the objectification of the androgynous figure and association of feminine terms such as "pretty" to Axl is more of a recent development that seems to stem from the female fans. I also think that unlike other rockstars that have aged not so gracefully, Axl was out of the public eye long periods and every time he came back his looks appear to drastically change which added a shock value to it. I believe this is the artifact of not allowing the public to see a gradually aging individual. It is the difference between seeing your parents age as you live with them and seeing a before and after picture. In this regard the only other Gn'R member that can be compared to Axl's situation is Izzy but I think that the reason that Izzy doesn't get as much shit is due to a few reasons: 1) Hate to say it but the general public of music listeners aren't really aware of Izzy as he wasn't the face of the band, 2) to the GnR fans Izzy will always be the "cool" guy that was above it all, and 3) Weight wise Izzy would not be classified as "fat" and I think it could be argued that there is a strong correlation between being overweight and the negative comments your receive. These are my thoughts for now but I might post more on the subject later.
  5. ...It it wrong that I want this more than another Gn'R album? Recently, I've been feeling a little "meh" about Gn'R. There is too much drama surrounding it and I think I hold their past catalog in too high of a regard that anything new will leaving me feeling disappointed. A collaboration between Axl and Angus feels like new uncharted territory. I caught a glimpse of it last summer and it's left me wanting for more...
  6. "And when your in need of someone My heart won't deny you So many seem so lonely With no one left to cry to, baby" I love the Alt version just for this part alone. It's really sweet yet a little ominous at the same time... That being said I think the original lyrics fit better, and while the lyrics are simpler the meaning behind them seems powerful non-the-less. I like to listen to both songs back to back cuz they both present different scenarios. To me the original version sounds like an apology, a braking of a relationship, while the alternate version sound like meeting an old friend again after a lifetime and reflecting on their past decisions and sorrows... yet both could be looked at as two parts of one story. BTW, this is my favourite version to listen to atm, Axl sings it a little differently here:
  7. Yup. Besides, NuGnR and CD fans are in the minority and rarely taken seriously so I really don't see what all this worrying is all about.
  8. LOL NO! It was during Jiu Jitsu training. The guy's little toe got caught in the mats as he was being thrown.
  9. I was in the same mental space as you when I was 19, and I still feel that way sometimes. The only thing I would say is strive on with what you are doing right now and try to do it with the best of your abilities. As sense of accomplishment is one of the best feelings so don't quit anything halfway. You can worry about what you want to do with those accomplishments later. Try to push all the anxiety and worry to the back you your mind and focus on the present and try to focus on the little things that amuse you. As far as career prospects, always be on the lookout and think "could I see myself doing that for at least 2-3 years?". Also, try and find shadowing or temporary work experience opportunities to help to understand what you wanna do later. There will always be days when you wonder what the point of it all is. Don't let it bring you down.
  10. Perhaps the nipple piercing was still fresh....
  11. It seems there were a couple more attempts in the 90's... From Mick Wall's book "Last Of The Giants: The True Story of Guns N’ Roses" You should also see the video of Axl thanking Beta during RIR 2001. There were a couple more sources that suggested that Axl attempted suicide more than once but this is all I can think of off the top of my head. I would suggest looking trough the old Women's thread as more sources and quotes were posted there.
  12. I had to re-set someone's dislocated toe a few hours ago at training. Now I feel all grossed out...