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  1. GNR Women's discussion

    A lot of studies suggest that people with mental disorders that tie in with depression and anxiety are more likely to form a substance abuse problem. However, there are some cases where it's the opposite, depending on the specific chemical imbalance the patient suffers from. For example; cocaine has been reported to have a 'calming' effect on people that suffer from ADHD (but that sometimes leads to them abusing cocaine and other stimulants in order to self-medicate and alleviate their symptoms).
  2. GNR Women's discussion

    To my recollection Axl's never claimed that he was anti-drugs. In fact... "I have a different physical constitution and different mindset about drugs than anybody I've known in Hollywood, because I don't abstain from doing drugs, but I won't allow myself to have a fuckin' habit. I won't allow it. I'll have done blow for three days and my mind will go "Fuck no". I'll have the physical feeling of knowing my body needs it, and I'll just refuse to do coke that day. I'm not going to do it, because if I was going to do it, I know I won't be able to hit my goals with what I want to do with this band. I can't let myself get into coke as much as I'm into the band. The same thing with heroin. I did it for three weeks straight and had one of the greatest times in my life, because I was with a girl I wanted to be with in this beautiful apartment, and we just sat there listening to Led Zeppelin, doing drugs and fucking. It was great, 'cause at that time I had nothing to do but sit on my ass and make a few phone calls a day. I stopped on, like, Saturday, because I had serious business to attend to on Monday. I felt like shit, sweated, shook, but on Monday I was able to function. I can't hide in drugs. A lot of people can, but whenever I do any drugs - pills, booze, smack, whatever - to enjoy it, my life has to be perfect - no fuck-ups, nothing going wrong. Otherwise, when I'm high, I'll analyse the shit out of everything that's happening in my life and why things are going wrong. That's not enjoyable. And if I have shows to do, I won't touch drugs because it fucks up my throat. My advice is don't get a habit, don't use anybody else's needle and don't let drugs become a prerequisite to having a good time. Do things in moderation , and just be careful." -The world according to W. Axl Rose by Del James, RIP April 1989 Axl might be one of those people that can use drugs without becoming fully addicted. My personal theory is that this contributed to the disconnect between Axl and the rest of the band. He was harsh on them for their drug use because he could not understand why anyone would allow themselves to get to that stage with their addiction. It is interesting though because considering Ax's background (the childhood abuse, the 'bipolar disorder' diagnosis, attempted suicide(s), social circle largely made up of drug addicts), theoretically he should have been the most vulnerable to form a serious addiction...
  3. Strange/unusual things about you

    Do you mean dislocating the shoulder joint? TBH it's not fun at all. I can pop the joint out without too much discomfort but if it actually dislocates... that's a world of pain. I've recently started training in Jiu Jitsu and every time we practice arm-locks, arm bar or arm throws I have to warn my partner. Luckily nothing has happened yet, though it might be funny to see their reaction...
  4. Strange/unusual things about you

    No. I can put one ankle behind my neck but struggle to get it past my shoulder.
  5. The Evolution Debate

    So what you are suggesting is that without intervention (or as you suggest - Intelligent design), there would be no need for an organism to evolve beyond it's current state because it's able to survive in that state? The theory of evolution just about enough "time and elements", for a species to evolve it requires an advantageous mutation that aids it's survival over the previous state. Are you suggesting that rather than "survival of the fittest", intelligent design caused selective pressure that allows for evolution? With regards to the monkey and the mirror; few primates other than humans and someHominidae pass the mirror test. However, some animals have passed the mirror test.
  6. The Evolution Debate

    The Infinite Monkey Theory cannot solely be used to describe the Theory of Evolution. Random genetic mutation isa part of it but that in addition to selective survival pressure is what make it work. There is certainly more work to be done with regards to sussing out the origin of life, but considering the evidence we have now the theory of evolution look pretty good.
  7. GNR Women's discussion

    LOL! No it's not. Don't worry.
  8. GNR Women's discussion

    Come on people! Embrace the cringe!
  9. GNR Women's discussion

    ...I'm lost.
  10. GNR Women's discussion

    You know what? Stuff like this doesn't make me cringe anymore. Fuck it! As the kids say nowadays, "you do you Axl!" I'll just be here, laughing my ass off at the hilarious pics that ensue!
  11. FYI: They talk about GnR at aroung 17:30 mark. The thing that stood out to me is this... Maybe it's just me looking into things too much, but I find it a little weird for Bach to shut down and then side-step that line of questioning. I think it's funny when they say, "I expected it someday but not this quickly". Quickly? Sure, if you call 20 years 'quick'.
  12. This. It is hilarious to see that some people are willing toignore Slash and Duff's participation in favour of only holding Axl accountable. Guess it's easier for some to compartmentalise and place any and all blame on Axl, regardless of the situation... As for this particular 'stunt' by the band, I like it. I particularly like the fact that the band (for the most part) didn't actively/physically take part in it, but rather let their Mexican fans have a go.
  13. They missed the most important things... Write a new song Play said new song during the gigs That is all.
  14. GNR Women's discussion

    She said she had a dream in which she was reading an article titled "GnR singer Axl Rose is the final victim of 2016" I told her to immediately un-dream that shit.