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  1. Thanks. I think it's time to take a short break. If I stick around now I'll get stuck in and start to obsess which is no good cuz I've got RL work to do. I'll probably login again in a week or so, just until things calm down a little. I've gotten some inspiration again recently so I might be back with some slaxl/GnR fan art for ya'll. Peace.
  2. So I've just finished reading through the reddit AMA. I think one of the reasons I like GnR is the drama... but sometimes it gets to be a little too much. So now apparently: Axl is an asshole (as usual) Slash is a cash hoe Duff is a coward/hypocrite Izzy and Steven are victims / heroes for stickin it to the "big three" Reading through the forums this morning has left me a little worn out. I was cautiously optimistic about Steven's AMA and thought that maybe it would provide a little positive outlook on the situation but instead... Now I think GnR's no interviews policy is probably for the best cuz it would just burst the bubble. I won't even go into what I think of Deanna Adler. Gonna take a break for a bit...
  3. You are a "glass half-full" person, aren't you. Wish I could be as optimistic.
  4. I love the fact the he put "unfollowing" under quotation marks.
  5. I second SoD. I've loved that song ever since I heard the bootlegs/leaks and it would be interesting to hear Slash's version of the solo. Wouldn't Madagascar be a little awkward to play considering the current line-up? I always thought that the lyrics were about people leaving the band... Then again they played Sorry in the last couple of shows so... W.r.t guitar parts, TWAT and SR are my favorites on CD. However I would like to see the current line-up attempt them just for lolz. The album version has an insane amount of layering. PS: I feel the same way about CITR as I do about SCOM, the outro saves it for me. I'll listen through the 3/4 of the song just for the awesomeness the lies beyond 4:12.
  6. I didn't really appreciate CD until I listened to the instrumentals alone, especially for songs like TIL, Madagascar and Prostitute. The piano and orchestral arrangement on TIL is beautiful imo, and though I like Robin's solo I sometimes wish that there was a version without the guitars as it masks the piano. I haven't seen many videos of Slash's version of the TIL solo, only a couple from the NA leg of the tour when it seemed like he was still playing around with it a bit. I'm restraining myself cuz I want to hear at the London show and am hoping that Slash will have perfected it by then (fingers crossed that they play it!).
  7. I play music while I work in the lab, including AFD. So for songs like Rocket Queen I've made "radio-edit" versions so that I can listen to them at work without making things... awkward... Ah... the Madison incident. Both cringe-worthy and hilarious. I love CD as an album (except a couple of songs). I thinks it's a matter of different tastes. I've noticed that different people find different tings that they like about GnR which is why people have such varying opinions about them. I'm guessing what attracted you to GnR was the attitude and the hard rock sound that AFD brought. Some were attracted to the epic ballads like NR and Estranged. I think every GnR fan has their own specific reason as to what attracted them to the band. That being said I don't think of CD as a GnR album, but I do think it's an important element of the whole GnR-story. I agree that it is quite self-pitying and melodramatic (especially lyrically) but that's kinda the appeal for me, along with the instrumental arrangement. Lyrically it's not a positive album by any means but it feels like that's kinda the point.
  8. Am I the only one that finds Axl's fashion fails really endearing...?
  9. Be honest. Axl leaving the band would help with that.
  10. I think I remember it being mentioned in Slash's book that Axl talked to him about his abusive childhood while they were living together at Slash's grandma's house pre-GnR. I'm not 100% sure on this though cuz I don't have the book near me atm and it's been a long time since I read it... I don't think it goes into the nature of the abuse though (sexual/physical/mental).
  11. Why?!!! That's the one thing I'm looking forward to...
  12. Happiness Is A Warm Gun - The Beatles
  13. I do love listening to the instrumentals on CD.
  14. You wore Guns shirts to an AC/DC gig? Bold. What I meant by the crowd was that people weren't throwing shit and putting up signs just to egg him on (which has happened at previous Guns gigs). The crowd seemed cautions at first but ready to have a good time.