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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I think it's going to be closer than most polls are saying but I think Clinton will win. I don't think she will win 2020 though. The GOP is obviously going to try and put their best candidate foward to beat her. Mike Pence is already getting a lot of support for a 2020 run after the way he handled the debate, but I'm guessing his support of trump may damage his chances. Marco Rubio is still young, so I'm sure he'll run again. Same with Cruz. And Kasich is staying in the spotlight, so I'm guessing we haven't heard the last of him. I have a lot of respect for Kasich due to the fact that he didn't really get involved in the massive pissing match between Trump and the majority of republican candidates during the primaries. That's if she even runs for reelection... Her health doesn't seem to be the greatest and she's getting up there in age. She might be happy with just one term to cement her legacy. I've been saying though... If it was any republican other than trump, Hillary would lose by a landslide. And, if it was any democrat other than Hillary, with the exception of maybe Bernie, Trump would lose by a landslide. These are two of the most popular candidates ever and some how this is the choice.
  2. New album this year rumour

    As much as I'd love new music this year, it doesn't make sense. They can get through the NITLtour without it, then release a new album and do another round of touring for that.
  3. Classic GNR font and logo.

    Probably a combination of both. Axl probably couldn't use it because Slash owned it but he probably wanted to use a different logo anyway to reinvent the band, just like he tried to reinvent his look and the sound of the old songs.
  4. New album this year rumour

    Axl said in 2009the next album won't take as long as CD did. So we should hear it by 2022 at the latest... That'll be halfway through Trump/Clintons second term...
  5. Top 10 Oddest Covers Of Sweet Child O’ Mine

    Is that ashba?
  6. I agree with everything you said. It would make sense to swap it or AIFwith the seeker but I'd rather hear breakdown, dead horse, the garden, etc.
  7. Axl told us earlier in 1998 what his true intentions were... "bury it deeper where nobody would find it"
  8. What will Axl do if Slash and Duff leave GN'R again?

    Most likely he would continue with GnR. He pretty much hinted at that when he said he has new music but it's up to slash if he's involved or not. Ideally though he could take Fortus, Tommy, dizzy, Frank, Melissa, and Angus or Robinand make a new band and release the CD leftovers with them while playing CD songs and GnR/ACDC hits. It would be perceived much better by the public than another NuGnRI'm sure.
  9. If Fortus left we would likely get some random replacement, not Izzy. If Frank left we would likely get Brain back. Not Matt or Steven. Chris quit, Axl picked a replacement. We don't need 2 keyboardist a but Axl still calls the shots. Anyone who thinks Duff or Slash have any say about shit needs to get their head out of their ass.
  10. Not everyone hates the CD material, and not everyone falsely considers it a solo record.
  11. Underrated NuGN'R Peformance

    I like shacklers, and it's one song that live I preferred Axls clean voice on.
  12. Pitman suing Axl

    $114,999 of the original $120,000 pitman was owed was just from the 20 years he worked on silkworms. The rest was from the other songs where he added a synth here and an echo there.
  13. Mr. Robin finck,..on the guitar.

    If Axl ever wanted to go back to the 3 guitar lineup, then finch would be the best choice to play alongside Fortus and Slash. But, tbh, I think it's pretty solid with Fortus and Slash and another guitarist could muddy up the sound.
  14. Best Axl Stories

    I'll try and find it, I forget if it was a Bach interview or a bumble interview, but apparantly Bumble chased someone in the band with a knife (most assumed Tommy at the time) and Axl walked in and just walked out laughing and texted Bach something like "bumble just tried to stab everyone. I finally feel like I'm in a real rock band again!" and called bumblefootbumble "shank" for the remainder of the 2006 tour.
  15. Best Axl Stories

    There's so many good ones. THim walking in on bucket heads porn, the time he caught bumble holding a knife to Tommy, him attacking the security guard in 98, anything to do with yodaand vibes. They could make a comedy movie about the CD years.