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  1. I really believe if you showed 1988 axl anything beyond maybe 2001 that's how he would react.
  2. Bored. It's a great lineup, but they're predictable right now. Atleast with the 2009-2014 lineup there was talk of new music, the remix album, the chance of OMG or Going Down getting played. With this lineup there's no talk of anything. I'm sure we'll get new music eventually, but I don't see it happening as soon as it would've if we still had the previous lineup. I'm not a huge AC/DC fan, but I'm honestly more interested in seeing what Axl does with them right now. Atleast that appears to be leading to new music.
  3. It's got turned into a piano ballad "Sooo what can I dooooooooo?" "babe, with aaaas bitch such as youuuuuu" (deep nasally voice) "oh you know that it'ssssss true" "baby, all i have i ask if you but I'll be damnnned..." "with a bitch" "like" "youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"
  4. I kinda forgot I started this thread. so, 2 months later, here's a little update. I still see her at the store almost every day and have little conversations with her but haven't got around to asking her out yet. My friend's friend knows her apparently, and she's supposedly about a year younger than me, single, and really nice. Hoping to ask her out soon but the past month I've had shit luck with stuff so I'm hoping for some improvement first. Some days there's other people working with her, I'd rather wait until she's alone so I don't embarrass her in front of her coworkers.
  5. I don't care what comes first, a GnR album or an AC/DC album, as long as we get a handful of original songs with Axl on vocals sometime soon I'll be happy.
  6. One of my favorite records ever. It does seem to be gaining some respect. I've actually heard Better get played on the radio in my car twice over the last month... which other than that hasn't happened since 2009 besides the time I got a bunch of people to vote for it to be played about a year or two ago.
  7. RIR would've been so awesome if they came out and played estranged, omg, and going down.
  8. Let's put Tommy Stinson in Bass too. And maybe we can get Robin Finck on guitar too. And I think they need some keyboards.... Maybe Pitman. Seriously... We don't need ACDC to become a reunion of NuGnR. Axl, MAYBE Tomny. But other than that, no.
  9. I think it was during KOHD in rio 2011, followed by him impersonating Elmer Fudd.
  10. How do you lose that much of a lead?
  11. This. Axl has never been a great live singer. He's a great front man because he moves around and enjoys himself, but he's never been an overall great singer live. But it's not because he can't sing, because he can. It's just hard to replicate the studio sound live. In a controlled environment with multiple takes and top of the line technology, probably recording one song and then taking a long break before another, it's much easier to get good power, rasp, and range. At a live show when you're running around, sweating, remembering lyrics, and performing for over two hours it's not as easy. Sure, he could do SCOM, NR, etc in a lower voice which comes easier to him, but people in the general public are going to notice the lack of range more than the lack of rasp.
  12. I trust very few people. It seems there's more people who are two faced and talk behind other people's backs than there are people who are honest and loyal.
  13. Well here's the deal. There's a small convenience store about a mile from my house that I go to frequently. Not too long ago a new girl started working there and long story short I think she's cute and I'm thinking about asking her out. She seems kind of shy and we haven't talked much but when I come into the store I've noticed her looking at me and smiling a lot. Now here's the interesting thing.... I've never asked anyone out. I've had relationships but they sort of just fell into place. I really want to ask her out but I don't want to look like a creep either. It's a small town and if I embarass the hell out of myself I still need to go to that store. So, what do I do? Should I just not ask her out? Do I just compliment her and she what she says? Guys, how would you do it? Or girls, how would you feel if you worked in retail and got asked out by a customer?