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  1. Can you trust people?

    I trust very few people. It seems there's more people who are two faced and talk behind other people's backs than there are people who are honest and loyal.
  2. Asking out a girl

    Well here's the deal. There'sa small convenience store about a mile from my house that I go to frequently. Not too long ago a new girl started working there and long story short I think she's cute and I'm thinking about asking her out. She seems kind of shy and wehaven't talked much but when I come into the store I've noticed her looking at me and smiling a lot. Now here's the interesting thing.... I've never asked anyone out. I've had relationships but they sort of just fell into place. I really want to ask her out but I don't want to look like a creep either. It's a small town and if I embarass the hell out of myself I still need to go to that store. So, what do I do? Should I just not ask her out? Do I just compliment her and she what she says? Guys, how would you do it? Or girls, how would you feel if you worked in retail and got asked out by a customer?
  3. Deep Cuts Setlist

    In no particular order.... 1. OMG 2. IRS 3. Riad 4. Breakdown 5. Locomotive 6. Silkworms 7. The Garden 8. Dead Horse 9. Ain't Goin Down 10. Street of Dreams 11. Prostitute 12. CITR 13. One in a million 14. Sftd 15. Don't Damn Me
  4. I honestly think Stay of Execution was meant to be a band name. Maybe Axl planned on doing a complete GnR reunion under the GnR name and continuing with NuGnR under a different name, Stay of Execution, before Tommy, Dj, and Bumble left.
  5. From the old band Izzy. Live he's not as good as Fortus IMO, but when it comes to songwriting he's definitely an underrated writer. From the new band either Buckethead or Brain. Buckethead and Slash would be awesome to see, but I don't think it would work too well. Buckethead is too good to not be the main lead and Slash is too good to not be main lead. It wouldn't work without someone being hindered. Brain would be awesome. I like his drumming and it would be cool to see how he sounded with the current lineup. He's one of my favorite drummers. If axl ever decided he needed another guitarist alongside Slash though, I think Robin would be the best choice. Or bring back Izzy and have Fortus be the 3rd guitarist.
  6. I thought that at first, but considering they're giving away signed drumsticks I'm guessing Stevens in on it. Im guessing it's meant to be more of a book for people who are dealing with addicts to read about someone else's experience that it is for adlers mom to just get attention and money.
  7. It just sounds like something you would hear in some 90s movie about living in the ghetto.
  8. Omg Riad IRS SOD Prostitute Madagascar In that order.
  9. They toured CD, a album that had no commercial hits outside of MAYBE Better depending on your definition of "hit", for over 10 years. That's silly. That would've been like them touring AFD through the mid 90's and UYI through the early2000's.
  10. He said the next album wont take as long as CD. that means we have until 2022. Watch him release it 1 day before the 14 year anniversary of CD.
  11. I want to hear the TIL remix so bad. It's so ghetto sounding and bad ass sounding at the same time.
  12. Mariah Carey NYE 2016 Disaster

    That was awful. I saw it live. She could've attempted to sing and sucked and it would've been better than that. I would rather GnR do a live performance and suck (vmas, rio 2011, bridge school, golden gods, etc) than have a perfect performance only because they're lip syncing. If I wanted perfect I would play a CD.
  13. 2017 Death Pool Draft

    First time trying this. Hopefully these people don't die, I'll feel bad if they do. Glen Cambell Stephen Hawking Charley Sheen Malcolm Young Jimmy Carter Betty White Ron Thal Ozzy Osbourne Keith Richards Barbara Walters
  14. This is the best post of the year.