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  1. Just start from where they left off.
  2. TRUMP Thread

    By that logic he will step down midway through a second term so George Washington can return.
  3. I love hearing stories from 2000-2002. It sounds like a comedy movie.
  4. So because he looked like the child of Meatloaf + Hulk Hogan 6 years ago, he's suing the internet. Lol. It could've been worse. Imagine if he was fat AND still had the cornrows. He seems much more in shape now though.
  5. Ashba's replacement would've likely been Fortus if Izzy returned.
  6. Except for Tommy. Tommy seemed to be above all others and got treated pretty good while everyone else was his subordinate.
  7. Strange/unusual things about you

    Fingers. Cocoa Puffs this morning. Just like I'd eat a bowl of chips or cheese it's.
  8. British Pedo Hunters

    A 21 year old with a 15 year is a big difference. A 15 year old is in the first years of highschool while a21 year old is out at a bar drinking. Later in life that 6 year difference is nothing. Noone would find anything wrong with a 22 year old with a 28 year old, or even 18 and 24.... But right now the 15 year old is still a kid and the 21 year old is an adult.
  9. British Pedo Hunters

    I think society has to focus more on helping them control their urges. Locking them up doesn't do much except make them angry and gets them fucked up the ass by some dude named Bubba. Sure it keeps them away from kids, but then they get out and now they're just angry horny people who can't get a job. Normal people can control theirurges. Most people can see a smoking hot 25 year old in the grocery store without attacking her in the frozen food aisle. It's a lack of control, it's a mental thing I think. They lack the ability to set limits. Normal people don't fall in love with little kids. Normal people don't fall in love with their siblings or cousins. Normal people know it's wrong and their mind sets limits without them even knowing. The focus needs to be shifted to finding out why they think the way they do and how to fix it.
  10. iThread

    I've always had android phones up until a few months ago. The last 3 android phones I've had have been shit so I ended up buying an Iphone. I've had no problems with it so fa and am more than happy with it. Now my laptop is getting worn out. I've always had microsoft laptops but the last two I've had have had their fair share of issues. I'm considering a macbook now but they're pretty expensive.
  11. How do people perceive you?

    I've been told by a couple of people that when they first meet me they think I hate them. I'm quiet when you first meet me and I tend to be a little too sarcastic at times, especially around women. Once you get to know me I'm much more talkative.
  12. As I type this, I'm sitting here watching the news eating a bowl of cereal. Sounds like an average morning, right? Well here's the thing... My cereal is dry. I do not put milk in my cereal. Now, to me it's always been normal, but occasionally when it comes up in conversation that I prefer my cereal without milk, people look at my like I'm an alien. So, I figured this would be a good topic. What is something strange/unusual about you or something strange/unusualyou do?
  13. Your favourite Tommy Stinson solo record

    Village Gorilla Head