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  1. Black Label Society. They're my second favorite band. They have soft songs like Just Killing Time andYesterday, Today, Tomorrow, which could be compared to songs like TIL, Ballads like Angel of Mercy, Last Goodbye, January, and Sick of it All which could be compared to CITR, Patience, November Rain, etc, and tons of rockers like Southern Dissolution, New Religion, Stillborn, and Fire it Up. I'm pretty sure they're going to have a new album out in the next year or so. I like Art of Anarchy too... But they've only put out one album so far. They have a new one coming out at some point this year or so, but I'm not sure if Scott Stapp is going to be able to do a good job replacing Weiland.
  2. Coma, Prostitute, CITR, or Breakdown. But they need to play paradise city. It's one of their most well known songs. It could work as an opener too though.
  3. I wonder if Fortus ever had a nose job.
  4. I think there's one thing we can all agree on.... There's some pictures from 2001-2003 where Axl looks strange as fuck. Idk if he was sick during that time (which could explain the looks, the braids, the cancelled 2001 tour, the quietness between 2003-2006, his voice, the Chinese Democracy delays, etc) or what... Look at the picture of him with the pony tail in the blue jacket. He looks frail and thin... But that was around the time of Rio where he had a decent size belly. Then you have the interview at the basketball game in 2001 where he has no eyebrows.... The Mid 90's-mid 2000's is such a mysterious time in the life of Axl Rose.
  5. Welcome to the Jungle is overrated IMO. It's a good song but GnR has so many better songs.
  6. Maybe Pete was the driving force behind this reunion.
  7. I got both first night at Gillette.
  8. Fortus and Frank were both brought in by Tommy. Tommy was the most essential new GnR member. Once he left, it was over.
  9. Best GnR side projects?

    Art of Anarchy
  10. I'm guessing 6 things lead to the reunion that we have, and the fact that these all happened around the same time is probably a miracle. 1. It became clear by 2014 that Bumblefoot was leaving, which left an open spot for a guitar player. According to Ashba, Axl originally wanted him AND Slash to share lead. 2. By 2014 it became clear to Axl that Tommy Stinson was going to leave the band. According to things MSL has said over the years, Duff was on call to take over bass when ever Tommy quit, possibly as early as 2010. 3. Duff was back in the band by 2014. We didn't know it at the time, but him filling in for Tommy was likely the beginning of him rejoining. By that time Tommy had probably told Axl that would be his last tour with GnR and the band likely knew Duff was returning. Duff probably would've rejoined with or without Slash, but he was likely able to convince Axl to talk to Slash so they could settle their differences. It wouldn't have been very hard... Duff could've just been hanging with Axl and Slash could've called Duff and Duff could've put Slash on speaker andhad Axl talk to him. 4. With Duff and Slash back in the band, and with Sixx AM busy doing their own thing, Ashba decided that his place was with Sixx AM, not with GnR. 5. Pitman got mad because he wasn't being mentioned in the reunion promo, and likely got into an argument with Axl and told him to go fuck himself. 6. Axl was talking to Brain about Pitman leaving and Brain told Axl he had the perfect replacement. And that's where Melissa came in.
  11. Temple of the Dog to reunite

    Still waiting for an Audioslave reunion....
  12. Who here likes every GNR song?

    I do. The best part about GnR is the diversity. You can have a song as simple and stripped down as OIAM, patience, or you're crazy, to a song that's very technical and complex like OMG, Shacklers, to straight toward rockers like WTTJ, UCBM, and ballads like NR and estranged. Axl is my favorite artist. I've supported all lineups of GnR and I've liked every album they've put out. CD is my favorite album by any band, UYI2 is a close second.
  13. Not just once either. They played it 2 and a half times.
  14. All is doing awesome. Still hoping to hear CITR though
  15. Its one of my favorites and with all the crapI've had to deal with this past year I will cry if they play it while I'm here.