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  1. Art Of Anarchy To Release Album, Tour With New Singer

    Bad choice IMO. I loved the first AOA album. Stapp is a good singer on the low notes, but he can't hit the high ones like Welland did. Obviously they needed a big name but I'm sure they could've gotten someone better. It'll be interesting to watch this play out... I'm hoping they can get some radio airplay because they are a solid band... it's strange to me to replace one dysfunctional singer with another one though. He does seem committed to the project though, which is more than we can say about weiland. Their first album was doomed as soon as weiland distanced himself from it.
  2. Breakdown Since Catcher (prostitute is a close second)
  3. This was less than a year after 9/11. Madagascar was perfect and IMO the only good thing about this performance.
  4. No one got booted. Bumble left and Tommy left... Axlhad a bass spot and a lead guitar spot. He had 3 choices... Fill the bass spot and have DJ be sole lead, fill lead and bass with random musicians, or bring back 2 former members he now got along with... I think he made the right choice. If Frank quit, we'd probably see Matt or brain back.
  5. I was going to post almost the exact thing.
  6. It's a conspiracy song. There's a quote somewhere where Axltalks about Riad being his former brother in law who apparently is an international arms dealer who causes wars... honestly I think axlwas out of his mind when he wrote that... it's a good song though IMO. Not sure why it gets so much hate. Also has one of Pitman's biggest contributions to GnR.
  7. He was in I'm sure, but either got fired because of the way he handled things, or got pissed and quit.
  8. Keep in mind all toured CD for 14 years... I want, hope, and expect new music too but I can easily see GnR going for years without it.
  9. The guy who said there is no reason to release new music is now complaining about performing old music.... What did he want to do? Just be a cover band??
  10. 2 of the top 3 things trending on facebook involve axl/acdc. Top trend is all joining acdc, 3rd trend is angus performing with gnr.
  11. Locomotive, dead horse, breakdown and don't damn me.
  12. So if I see someone sitting at a gnr gig relaxing and sipping tea while everyone else is standing and singing along, I'll assume I've met you.
  13. Axl Joining AC/DC? New pic posted on TMZ

    All has nothing lined up for May...
  14. I thinktheres a better chance of freese or brain.
  15. Exactly. Axl wasn't going to kick anyone out to make this reunion happen... He simply just filled the open spots.