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  1. The only CD era songs that the old band worked on were possibly This I Love and Oh My God. All did parts of TIL on the piano in 1993 and I'm pretty sure Duff and Matt heard OMG but "failed to see its potential."
  2. No, because even if he's not giving it his all he's still putting on a kick ass show and has more energy than a good amount of performers nowadays.
  3. In CITR Axl usually sings "And then the voices slipped away" instead of "And then the voices went away".
  4. Maybe her and axl can do a duet.
  5. At this point by the end of the year they'll have hit some markets 3 or 4 times. How long do they think they can keep this tour going without anything new? It's getting kind of boring at this point.
  6. Yeah. Because no one laughed at the cornrows for 6 years.
  7. I know how you feel. When my mom was sick and dying my sister came over to visit and decided she wanted to take a picture with her. My mom was very sick and pretty much unresponsive but my sister decided she wanted to take a picture with her... Then wanted me to take one with her. Um... No thanks.. I want to remember my mom as healthy and happy not as sick, thin, and pale. Same thing happened after my dad passed away. My sister had the nurse at the hospital take our picture with the covered body being wheeled out. Why the fuck?
  8. With all the rock legends we've lost the past few years (Bowie, Cornell, Weiland, Frey, etc) and the amount of bands that are retiring (Aerosmith, Rush, etc) I've been thinking about what the future is for rock music. I'm curious what bands, frontmen, etc you see becoming more popular. Or do you think that rock is just going to slowly fade away? Do you think rock will make a comeback anytime soon?
  9. Hoping for new music but expecting that it's probably just more tour dates. Maybe a residency.
  10. I love how around 3:00 he just comes out and sings so effortlessly. I'm not a linkin park fan at all but Chris makes this performance awesome.
  11. I dont think he got one. I think it's just tucked back and you cant see it. Of course someone will probably say he just doesn't have his wig on.
  12. Bowie and Lemmy lived pretty full lives. Cornell was still young. Weiland was young, but with him you knew it was coming because of his addictions. Cornell was someone who worked to turn his life around and did. I'm pretty sure he had been sober for over a decade. Plus he was still pretty successful. I think the thing that makes this so sad is that he was still relatively young and there was still the potential for more success.
  13. A day and a half later. I still can't believe it. Celebrity deaths usually don't bother me but this is the first celebrity that I was a big fan of who passed away.
  14. The guys in soundgarden have got to be in shock. Their singer who they had played with an hour earlier hung himself and no one will ever know why. That's got to have a huge impact on them. Imagine a coworker your friends with acting normal, talking to you, doing their thing, and then an hour after work they kill themselves. Plus they'll probably get a lot of questions about what's next. They were in the middle of recording a new album. I'm guessing they need to take a few days to take everything in and then sit down together with Cornell's family and figure out how/If they move forward and how they'll honor their friend.