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  1. About Melissa Reese...

    I like frank. That said, my ex girlfriend could out drum him on every song if she wanted to.
  2. Maybe change the lyrics. Police and criminals, immigrants and maggots.
  3. Who made who is my favorite ACDC song. I hope we get to hear axl on it.
  4. GnR. People waited for a new GnR album with Slash since the mid 90's. There's going to be a lot of casual people who don't want to hear AC/DC without Brian, just like people didn't want to hear GnR without Slash. A new AC/DC album is going to have the CD effect.
  5. Favorite GN'R drummer

    He changed things around like buckethead did. Axl was (at the time) trying to reinvent the songs, not cover them note for note.
  6. Favorite GN'R drummer

    I think he fit with the 2002 band but he would be out of place now. IMO Brian was the best but frank was the best choice for the reunion.
  7. Returned in Red
  8. But when VR came out you also had Audioslave around the same time which helped.
  9. Well duh... that's why Axl uses the mickey mouse voice with GnR and the raspy voice with ACDC.
  10. Maybe he should've joined in 2000 and skipped the Nugnr era. We could've had Axl/DCwith the 2002 version of axl. Madagascar, Prostitute, and This I Love could've became some of AC/DCs greatest hits. Or maybe axl could've joined in 1990 and Slash could've replaced axl with another singer. Perhaps Brian Johnson would've been available.
  11. You want a 54 year old guy to get bangs? Should he get his nails done too? Seriously.... He looks fine for a 54 year old guy. He just has to lose the hats. The bandannas look fine. We judge Axl WAY too much on his looks.
  12. Ashba gets asked about GnR during Sixx AM interviews. Scott Weiland got asked about STP in solo album interviews. Sammy Hagar gets asked about Van Halen in Chickenfoot interviews. Gary Cherone gets asked about Van Halen in interviews for Extreme. You're interviewing a guy who barely does interviews. His band, one of the biggest rock bands around, is in the midst of a reunion, and you don't ask anything about it?
  13. AXL/DC Setlist wishlists

    I want to hear Axl do Who Made Who. That was always one of my favorite ACDC songs.
  14. Here's my 2 cents. Axl probably doesn't want to do interviews because he doesn't want to get asked about what happened between him and Slash. Management could tell the interviewers not to ask questions about that, but what if they do anyway? Does Axl refuse, on camera, to answer them? It's worth an interviewer breaking a contract to have the possibility of finding out what the feud was about and how it resolved itself. I find it interesting though that on Axl's ACDC interviews there wasn't any questions about GnR...
  15. Guns N DC

    I wonder.... If this happened a year or two earlier, perhaps instead of Slash returning to replace Bumble Angus would've been brought in as Bumble's replacement. But I really can't see Angus rocking out to November Rain, This I love, Patience, Estranged, etc.