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  1. Who kidnapped Steven Adler?

    I suspect Adler will do a few shows or songs but won't be fully involved.
  2. Wttj Scom PC Ucbm Yesterdays Lald Kohd Omg Nov. Rain Nightrain Don't cry RQ Civil War Better Patience I'll probably get shit for including OMG but its never really been released and if SFTD made it I don't see why OMG couldn't have.
  3. The official GNR store

    Those are the most ridiculous prices I've seen.... I could make my own gnr themed clothes for 1/4 those prices.
  4. Axl because of his ability to withstand the storm. He's been through a ton of shit and he's still standing. He speaks his mind and doesn't care what others think and he's willing to stand up for what he believes in. Ontop of that he seems extremely loyal to the people who care about him.
  5. I'd like the jerseys back. It was a good way to make each show unique.
  6. If axl didn't show they could always have pitman do vocals.
  7. So if its OK with the mods I figured I'd make a thread to encompass discussion regarding new music.. I think we're going to hear new music from GnR.... There's no reason for pitman to be onboard otherwise. Live pitman is useless except for CD songs which if they do 2 or 3 per show its not worth him being on board. Pitman's main role in the band seems to be recording so it seems like him being here is a good sign. But, what's your thoughts? You think we'll see new music? CD leftovers? Uyi leftovers? Or is this just going to be a greatest hits touring band?
  8. Pitman is confirmed. So we have axl, slash, duff, and pitman.
  9. Pitman is confirmed to be in.
  10. Reunion Setlist?

    I want to post a setlist but I have no idea what to include. My gut feeling is it'll be the hits plus better and til but.... I also didn't think we'd ever see slash back in gnr so I think anything is possible at this point.
  11. Locomotive is a lot of words with little breaks... So you have the whole breath thing. His voice could sound good though if he has the lungs for it. He only needs his deep voice which he's good at using.
  12. Reunion Setlist?

    I would love to see dead horse played.
  13. Coma would put axl in a coma. Got you mind in submission *gasp* life on the line but nobody *gasp* trigger they step aside *gasp* down by ocean watching *gasp* waving bye. I'd love to see it attempted but I think its unlikely. We have a better chance at something new imo.
  14. I wonder how long until people start complaining about slash butchering robins solos and wanting DJ back.
  15. I wonder if they will do KOHD the old way or the nugnr way. I imagine they'll leave CD, better, and TIL in the set. I can't see axl just ditching songs that he spent 1/3 of his life working on.