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  1. well maybe Izzy wanted the same as the others and they knew he wasnt to be there 100%
  2. I think Izzy or Adler will be there....
  3. Ah yes i remember him now....that gollum that follow Axl.....cant recall his name.
  4. I dont like clean vocals but in civil war clean vocals tuns the song into a ballad. No he is improving a lot and if he reach 2010 levels this reunion and the future is pure GOLD.
  5. Did Silkworms ever leak?

    Silkworms,Oh my God and Rihad are leaks from my ass! thats where Silkworms has been leaked.
  6. did they played sorry?
  7. i like the set list,and love CD songs. The problem are the covers.....KOHD is far from 90s.........and seeker..:(
  8. I love this line up and chinese era until 2011.From that year until today i was begging for reunion.This reunion is awesome,i would go to this legendary tour,Axl is on fire close to 2010 levels,slash too..... But impro!
  9. i dont like impro at all especially in the solos that HE RECORDED! Every single note from YCBM solo is a masterpiece and he should nail it. Slash is a legend because the feeling that he makes when he play,but i dont like when he improvises
  10. Tonight they change sorry for catcher and patience for dont cry.
  11. when i see this new stage i realize how small was from 2006-2010 the shows ive attended