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  1. He sings screaming not with that rasp,sounds really good so badass but in 2010 he would have kill all.Hope he sings like this at least in Gnr.
  2. Axl's 2016 voice

    Epic performance of AXL ROSE in lisbon, Only a few traces of Mickey just for seconds! His rasp was different than 2010 por high but great. I really hope he sings in GNR like this at least during next shows.And the rest of the band reharse some old stuff like pretty tied up and many others
  3. Because he is singing awful in Gnr.Thats the sad and true history
  4. Axl - Thunderstruck Full Rehearsal

    NO MICKEY FUCKING MOUSE....................I have no words! WHY??? LOL
  5. Axl - Thunderstruck Full Rehearsal

    Singing with full rasp???? i cant belive it LOL
  6. I would say,its great that Slash and Duff are back ! a bit sad that Adler and Izzy are not there but i think they main characters are there.So im happy with this line up,and hope those 2 join at some point. But im dissapointed about Axl,he looks great he has put some guts performing in that conditions,but his voice.....i thought he would be able to sing like 2010,but when you hear that afonic screams or rasp,you can know that he is not ok,i dont know what kind of trouble he has,but he has one for sure. If this reunion would happen in 2010 i cant imagine how crazy would have been I hope he reach those 2010 levels at some point.Thats my hope
  7. Sing this good? he is miles from 2010.I hope he sing better during the tour.We all know he is singing 70% mickey 30% rasp.Or did the reunion make deaf all the fans.I was mad with his voice in 85-93 and 2006-2010.But now,i dont think he is perfoming that good at all.
  8. LOL you think he is singing great???!! he is singing like 2011-2014 maybe a little bit better,but far from 2010 or 2006 with NuGNR
  9. He is not nailing anything.PERIOD. He is singing a little bit better than 2011-2014.But when i read people saying that its close to 2010 or 2006 i think this is like a CULT. He is singing like Mickey mouse 70% of the show.And that voice is not his Trademark voice.You can love it or not,im the one that dont like Civil war or You could be mine sung like that,for me sounds like an amateur guy doing a version.
  10. I was listening to Bucharest 2010 tonight...

    Now we are far from his top form in 2010 ..........but as critic as i am with Axl when singing with that awfull Mickey mouse voice,checking last night videos there is a little hope someday he will perform like 2010.There are bits of rasp where there was non,like CW....
  11. To know how Axl has sung i want to see You could be mine,Civil war and Roquet Queen....any video?
  12. Axl's 2016 voice

    I dont know what happened in 2010-2011,but he changed his voice again..
  13. Axl's 2016 voice

    The voice is not good at all.Reaching 2012 levels.Weak and not rasp on most setlist. I hope he improves when he is not in the chair
  14. Even in that part he does not sing like 2010.Its sad,it thought he would do it for the reunion.