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  1. I miss 2010 Axl a lot.This reunion would be a total comeback,but....people go to the stadium just to see how it goes after these years,but i dont see people turining to fans with performances like this,
  2. Dont know if its about the weight but he is starting to sound 2011-2014.And that is really sad.
  3. if he could only sing Civil war,Estranged,you could be mine and estranged like this.....
  4. They only have 4 studio albums and 1 album covering other bands and 1 album with a few new songs,old songs acustic and covers.... They need to write at least 4 albums LOL
  5. There are strong rumours about Gnr playing Europe in summer 2017.Im from Spain btw...
  6. I dont like the falsetto and i dont know where its coming from chest,head or asshole but i dont like it at all.Miss so much AXL 2010
  7. European Dates for 2017 and maybe a video from SA.
  8. Awful Yesterdays, and this tour for the people who follow the band by internet waiting for our turn to be there is starting to get boring.Axl is not singing good,and there are 1-3 songs that change.
  9. The only thing i can think is that he is sick,because my michelle was one of the best songs during US leg when it was played.
  10. I have been following THE WHOLE TOUR.After coachella he started to sing really well,but now he is at Coachella levels.Far from 2010,But sounding better than 2011.Thats all,at least he is singing civil war better than 2011-2014,because that song sounded awfull back then
  11. His singing in ACDC on most part of the songs were really great......but in Gnr....there are many Mickey mouse parts.Reunion its great but if he could sing like 2010 would be amazing.Maybe this reunion is 6 years late.
  12. I thought he was going to reach 2010 levels....but no,Chile and Argentina were far from brilliant singing.