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  1. For those comparing attendance back in 91 to 2016-2017.Check how many cities did they played back in 91-93.More cities and shows....less people have to travel to see the band.Less cities....people traveling to shows = SOLD OUT
  2. Yes,he sings like 2010 from time to that yesterdays and crazy video......but as the other user say....I think he knows he is going to have troubles in his throat and he has decided to sing like he is singing now. The thing is.... i was at 2006,2010 and i thought the money paid was worthy,i was at Calderon ( madrid) gig.....and yes it was worthy to pay the mighty reunion becuase of a sentimental thing for me......but after estranged he only sung well Nightrain and Patience......Many....many people around me where there and they were saying....So sad,what happened to him.Many of them havent known from GNR sinces 90s,Many of them havent listened Chinese Democracy.I remember a moment when singing KOHD he is suppose to sing loud the last round of sing along with the know what im talking about.And back in 90s or 2010.....he was full rasp.....But there, i remember the faces of the people like WTF??????
  3. in 2010 he was even better than some 90s no contest.
  4. Im tired of watching videos to see if Axl is singing like 2010.I was at madrid show and remembered when people say that when you are there you dont realize.I did.....Great show but AXL ....came on,i would love to know the truth about his voice from 2011-2017
  5. is my thoughts. The band ......the magic is there,the mighty sound is there,everything is there,the big stage....the myth.BUT Axl can not sing like he used to.Last best Axl was in 2010.The problem he can sing great the first 4 songs.....Its so easy,Mr brownstone,Chinese Democracy and welcome to the jungle...There the stadium was in ecstasy......but then we started to see how he sung with that falsetto.....and the songs started to become a parody of what they were...Estranged,Civil war,You Could be mine,Coma....even Knocking of heavens door i watched some people saying "so bad" What i saw yesterday......was a mix of my worst GNR show... i was ( 2006,2010) and the best GNR show because what i saw is what i remember them from 90s...big stadiums,sound,big stage,Duff and slash( TOP FORM). but Axl is not there.This reunion in 2010 would have been OUT OF THIS WORLD.
  6. i dont think they are in spain that is no normal.I haven seen many of them.Maybey with football players.
  7. Noo nooo,ive been following all the tour until his last apparition with billy joel.....i think there are some improves with civil war and estranged but far from 2010 in many songs .I hope summer in Europe would be ok for him ...
  8. WOW......i have just been banned for a while and my post deleted because i said he was fat at 2012-2014.What have this forum become HTGTH????? AND NOW THE POST IS THERE AGAIN LOL
  9. not sure if he is ok.He speaks a LOT.
  10. im going to madrid i will check the videos of this show.I really hope he is not that fat like 2012-2014.And expect some decent rasp.
  11. Everything is awesome. the only thing i miss is Axl 2010...his anger his energy and the way of singing.But im ok with the reunion And boys and girls.....there will be a record for sure.FOR SURE.First there will be a DVD /CD about this tour and then record.
  12. And very important....with that mickey mouse voice. I cant stand Pretty tied up in that record.What a crime
  13. I miss 2010 Axl a lot.This reunion would be a total comeback,but....people go to the stadium just to see how it goes after these years,but i dont see people turining to fans with performances like this,