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  1. Adler and Izzy will be there for sure,for a couple of songs,but will be there for sure.
  2. I wish Steven would just

    Steven and Izzy will be there for a couple of songs.Slash and Duff knows that let Steven behaind means death for him.
  3. Slash posted rehearsal photo?

    I think Axl will show at rehearsals,i think it will be completly different than 90s.More profesional.
  4. Are Axl's current vocals enough?

    I really hope he is ok to do it,when i mean ok its like 2010 or 2006. Btw,because this is not a full reunion,and its more they have found the biggest replacments for Gnr to continue?? i think they will play some Chinese democracy songs
  5. Friends,yeah i know it sound weird but,they were friends back in the origin, in the illusions there were a lot of drugs,but now they are grown man ( at least some of them) and they can have good times knowing the bounds of each others.Im sure they will be more easygoing than back in 92

    Now that finally its confirmed at least on facebook,why dont we send all we know in one thread?Lets use this or the Adms create an official reunion post....
  7. I BET for no Jimmy Kimmel interview and no reunion.I really hope im wrong
  8. hey......i would love to see the guy at that show and saying GNR are reuniting.But.........lets,see,ok.
  9. I have searched and i havent seen anything confirm that Axl Rose will go to Jimmy kimmel Show.So i think its not true
  10. i need to lose some weight,but the problem is that i dont see the moment to do it.Im not that fat,im thin with belly.......but there is no girlfriend or wife or nothing.But if i would be the gretest frontman at the gates of one of the most impressive,expected reunion tours in decades,for sure i would be at the gym and eating salads for 1 year.And he has money to have a coach. I Dont understand this guy....
  11. They are going to reunite for a small tour around the globe and then Axl will retire,there are many hints of that plans.So,enjoy for the last time
  12. Please,if they are going to reunite,i really hope they dont twite it or put some messege on facebook.A proper press conference with all the honours and the original 5 or 6 with sorum seated all together and shinning again. It has to be great,not a cold thing like twitter or facebook,