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  1. yeah, last november literally rainy, on tour through Brazil in the first show at São Paulo the rain had comes heavy , in Rio didnt happened during gig, but the weather was cloudy and bring my raincoat on bag and finally last show in Brasilia Axl took the most famous yellon raincoat....In conclusion : Rain follow Axl
  2. Yes, i understand. They must had turned off the electricy by the away the crowd waited at same place, if lightning would fall ...
  3. Did rain had so strong or the stage get wet to had to stopped? In Brazil was raining almost every shows and no stopped
  4. Its make sense! You´r right ...Thinking better about one big event with live transmition to world which didnt usual for 80´s ...maybe the nervous was the reason for Le Bon false note About Simon mothers sad, there a big difference familial support that Axl unfortunately didnt have on his childhood e made him a person full of issue. We understand. Simon even on top of his sucess keeps his mind on earth and have a normal life
  5. I think Simon play at same team of Axl, only beers, wines...The cocaine was department of bassists, guitar players LOL
  6. i read on web that they were drunk, had cocaine at this day
  7. I'm impressed how naturally Le Bon sings
  8. Let´s have fun!
  9. I became a GNR just because there werent only screams and drums without harmony. Do you know band play as horse racing? Im complety agreed. I dont like metal band who sing as crazy horse racing and t's so good can to appreciate good musicians. GNR is a hard rock band that we can heard a bass, solo guitrar, drums so Defined and harmony. to me in terms of part instrumental some DD songs would be a GNR´song with a more heavy touch because the bass and drums are similary I imagine how amazing ordinary world" would be with Slash intro solo Even DD has a "boyband" look in the early years the lyrics are smart
  10. Curiosity, does Slash still English Citizen or he had to make a choice to be american or he has double nationality USA and UK? Does relatives from Stroke had came to London to see him?
  11. After 23 yrs that Senna died at Imola. The famous circuit of F1 will be remembered one of best shows of Europe leg of NITL
  12. @AxlsFavoriteRose Beautiful voice. She´s young. Good hear news real talents
  13. These current generation are cute ( Ariana, Myles, Selena, Demi...) But they dont have powerfull voice and way to interpreter so glorius as Tina, Dona Summer, Dionne warwick has even at time when was a child and cant understood any word in english Breakway was a strong hit in Brazil. We don't had one DJ at clubs or partys that didn't play And the most rock female voice
  14. Another guittar player who i like so much