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  1. I've worried with Europe tour with sequence of attacks before as american band i think they are a strong target of terrorist out of american solo. Im afraid it I think all of people should help security men, pay attention to each other. any way suspection call police....I know its not easy The gates must opning early as soon as possible to have strict inspection In my opinion should not allowed bring any kind of foods, or drink, only buy at local
  3. deeply sad it's extremely worrisome It will be extremely necess the security staff GNR tour on Europe be reinforced Not only GNR gig
  4. one second to period between 97 to 2016
  6. Yes, i agreed. On the other hand on letterman show he drank somenthing very special. LO
  7. clearly she had want ask a pic of him but he's though "i'm an artist i cant behave as fan"
  8. The visual has chenged (normal for everyone) The voice i didnt notice big changes My prefer SLB style´s are 93 and 98 years
  9. thanks, i can speak better than writte, About "Rio": "The song was inspired when the group was in Brazil and decided to write a song about their experiences in the country." Simon still count in portuguese '1,2,3,4" (um, dois, tres, quatro) Axl Rose was here in Brazil many times and never write one line to tibrute his brazilians fans.
  10. LOL Many have transformed DD song especially "Ordinary World" in something like Jim Carrey did in this interview ps. sorry for my english grammar. I hope I be understand
  11. Yes, Northern Kings did good job. However while i was listening other covers I reflectioned how DD musicians are talented, HOW fucking HARD are compose good arrangements.pop. I became a GNR just because there werent only screams and drums without harmony. Do you know band play as horse racing? to be a metal/ alternative like some of them on the list are "easy"
  12. A pop group have been influence metal bands more than originals metal bands. I´m surprising with amount I dont remember or know if GNR have something like this Duran Duran: heavier versions of English classics. Check out list Until "Wild boys" one of more "boybandvibe" songs. my choice
  13. was there a law on 80´s which to being a rock star they would must to have a long crazy hair ?
  14. They deserve to be inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of fame. I ask myself how this didnt happen yet if Madonna, MJ and other pop artist were?
  15. What saxphone solo!!!!