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  1. I Loved many australian bands
  2. How 80's pop sounds rocks today
  3. To me is not so rare how you think. if we payed attencion there isnt bigs differences between "Ordinary world", and patience, come undone and dont cry, ? I suppose there are lots commom fans with GNR, DD made a pop/rock/ with amazing lyrics you cant imagine how "come undone" did part of chats discuss about their meaning "Who do you need, who do you love When you come undone?" they keep their indentify thougth the years more than other bands at same time they continue recording new good songs I read that next year they will comemorative tour for 40 Simon still singing as beginning
  4. Off couse, there isnt reason to be ashamed DD is one the greatest represent of 80´s that still shows us excellents live performances. Simon as a wine is getting older n better They been performing at Lollapalooza edition Brazil, Argentina and Chile. At festival with many news bands. However together with Metallica were the stars. Look the crowd!
  5. A 80´s band still making good GNR also can do, we hope!
  6. Guys, have you forgot the Dizzy Reed solo Baba O' Riley?
  7. The 2017 RIR edition gonna have all bands of my teen Guns, Aeromisth, BJ and even RHCP so nice And we gonna have Axl Rose and Jon Bon Jovi at same place at same period, just one day of difference. JBJ almost will open to GNR they could make a feat, one photo together, dont you think? I pretty sure Slash wiil be special guest of AB gig
  8. Brazilian fans reaction now "é tetra" means 4th time when soccer team won world cup" so same GNR will be the 4th time on RIR!!!
  9. when i started to be a gnr fan i was the same age as Sidney but i did not understand anything what they was singing the lyrics did not make differency I was a innocent girl who was singing Rocket Queen, My Michelle and all AFD songs just because of sound. Very cool....I wish for "Kids reaction GNR II "
  10. Perfect pont of view it was what i meant We cant compare the reality of rock star with normal persons of course, to us the routine of rock stars is like dream but even all luxury and confortable things around they have need to rest in home, stay with family, do what they want ... no place like home
  11. I thinking that more important what they will do if rest or work anything else is they rest each other it's been over 40 days together on tiring routine plane-hotel-gig. Have to stay with coworkers all the time is not good
  12. outstanding ! Love this part "If you are the desert I'll be the sea. If you ever hunger Hunger for me. Whatever you ask for That's what I'll be"
  13. Good explanation ok i know Axl traveled around this world uncountables times But in the past when they were on peak of success they had a certain difficulty to go out they still sucess but not like past time How can arrive incredible places without go out to seeing things ? I cant believe he stay at room all the time and go only to gig