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  1. Your favorite bad movies?

    I must watch Frankenhooker now. Thanks.
  2. He needs to be doing what he's doing right know, you know, singing his ass off. For how he looks or how he dress i don't care if he goes out in a Buzz Lightyear costume.
  3. Axl and Queen

    I respect the fact that he hated his teeth but never got them fixed. As for the gay part, never bothered me. I remember my teenage years, some dumb fuck sayin "do you like Queen?, (Nelson laugh) haha, the singer is gay." Then i replied, Little Richard is gay too, so what. I would love to hear Axl takes on Headlong, I want it all, Hang on in there, The march of the black queen
  4. Axl and Queen

    But Chuck was better than Harrison.
  5. 05/13/16 - Marseille, France - Stade Velodrome

    i need a working periscope link please
  6. 05/13/16 - Marseille, France - Stade Velodrome

    Axl without a hat, sounding cool ass fuck!
  7. 05/10/16 - Seville, Spain - Estadio De La Cartuja

    Im happy for all the love Axl is getting, from everywhere. From critics, from fans, from non believers of this lineup. It's just incredible. He's sounding amazing and he's making history again. This whole thing brings me back memories from 1992 at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert. I am getting those feelings again. So glad that music it's finally back. We need more reunions, more hybrids of legends, more rock. To inspire young ppl to make great music again.
  8. This much is true. Those 10 millions want Beyonce, it's their public. But it's like an US thing, That's why Beyonce or other similar artists fails to gather ppl at shows like Acdc, Rolling Stones worldwide. But even in the US, those big names get more money and more ppl comes to the shows.
  9. you must be mistaken. In football, players don't wear pads. Most of them wear shinguards.
  10. 05/10/16 - Seville, Spain - Estadio De La Cartuja

    I am a barça fan too and i strongly disagree on Ramos. He's a hell of a player, he does the dirty work. Too bad he's playing in RM.
  11. 05/10/16 - Seville, Spain - Estadio De La Cartuja

    Judging his face Axl must be a Barça fan.
  12. Soccer? It's fookin FOOTBALL. you know, that number 1 sport that actually uses the foot and a ball. I came up with a better name for the American football, Handprolatespheroid or Rugbywithprotection4pussies.
  13. This, i understand that the super bowl is really big there, but not so much outside the US.
  14. anyone else more excited for Axl/DC than the reunion?

    I do, and it's all about new music. It's Axl singing "new" tunes, i can't listen to Back in Black or Hell Bells again with Brian.