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  1. This, there's some deaf ppl here... It's the studio version, but it's mixed different for some reason. Duff, Axl and Slash are very prominent in this mix.
  2. That changes everything for me, i'll take the Rosario one. can't wait..
  3. Slash solo on catcher is closer to May's take on it, and that's why i like it. Can't listen to the song on the album with bumble fucking all over the track. The good thing about Slash doing CD songs is that he gets better every fucking time.
  4. Don't have the link, but that info came from the promoter, no official yet but very strong rumor.
  5. Looks like Uruguay is cancelled, and a third BsAs show is on the way.
  6. Get over CD for fuck sake. The only way i want to hear CD2 is the already recorded version(original) with Finck, Bucket, Stinson, etc. We had enough of rearrangements, new pointless solos replacing perfect ones like May's on Catcher, new effects, sub bass, etc. New music with Duff and Slash or the "old/vault" material as is.
  7. This, but i heard it was the ppl living near the stadium bitching about the noise. there was concerts there in 2015.
  8. Sorry needs more practice. It's like TIL the first couple of times, i believe Slash can do it a lot better. On the other hand, This I Love on this gig sounded phenomenal. Great solo, great vocals. Axl is on fire.
  9. River, AR. We don't know yet if there's a pit on the front. But usually when it does, it's mostly empty and get filled with very lucky ppl.
  10. I will get the cheapest one and i will fight my way to the front like in the old days.
  11. And the cheapest one?
  12. I think i'll wait till a "grupon" came out with 2x1 tix sale like the last 3 times they came here. But only if they add a second date. One date would be one hell of a trip to get just 1 ticket.
  13. A Saturday one in BsAs would be sweet. I'll be there on the 4th, it's been a while since i went to a concert. Do you know how much would be the tickets?
  14. To be fair we didn't got to see Pitman tits to compare. But that was a nice pair.
  15. The Official SOCCER Thread 2015/2016

    Clearly you didn't see the game.