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  1. Terrible? it was fine for me and the rest of the known universe.
  2. 05/10/16 - Seville, Spain - Estadio De La Cartuja

    where did you buy that shirt?
  3. Do i have to explain? really?
  4. Angus Young must be "accustomed" to the fucked uo NuGNR way too! I really like the way you think.
  5. To be honest here i don't recall Frank/4tus/Dizzy/Melissa advertised , all the shows were sold by the Axl + Slash + Duff combo. And that's why i think Adler was involved.
  6. Good luck with that Madison. I hope you are THE person and sue GNR ass!!, i love to see that.
  7. Depends on what a "longtime" means for you. 4tus has been in the band for 16 years now. If you buy tickets to a GNR reunion and there's 4tus on guitar you should sue the band/management for false advertising. Of course, if you find any GNR reunion tour with all 5 AFD lineup advertised somewhere.
  8. Robin/Ashba/Bumble didn't have any problems with Frank and 4tus. I really don't know why Slash was inconsistent during those shows, i was pointing at the sound setup cos i know he can do better. But blaming the other band members... Really? He was inconsistent before, he's no bumble who can play perfect guitar every night. I don't enjoy Bumble very much, i prefer the mistakes and the human error. A fuck up sometimes makes the song even better, that's why i loved Robin Finck.
  9. This, cos if you pay attention, Slash mostly fuck ups on the solos. Don't know how could be Richard's fault. But i think it's not all Slash's fault. The setup for a big show like this is very different from his solo shows. On Matt Sorum: He's just a great player and a lucky guy. Cos Any other decent drummer could do the job. He's on 40+ songs but 0 songwriting. Ohh cool, he wrote YCBM intro! Nope.
  10. I love catcher demo. I can't listen to the album version. I don't know where to being with.
  11. One of the great things about t-shirts it's that you can wear irony and sarcasm. Sometimes it's a joke, like this: And sometimes a gorgeous girl wants to wear that fucking bullet logo from a band she don't know shit about. When ppl get offended by this it's fucking hilarious.
  12. There Was A Time

    If you own Rocksmith 2014, you can download the song from customforge. I master the song thanks to that. It's the most accurate tab out there. some thoughts about the video: The timing. You should focus on stay on the song tracks, forget about hitting all the notes now. Stay on the song cos there's a lot of bending going on and if the timing is wrong it just sound awful. The effects, you got them wrong. It's better to not use too much, look at this guy: Other than that, you are close to get this right, keep practicing!
  13. Is Axl the best frontman of all time?

    Mick: too old now, still comes second right now. Dickinson: a great pilot. Tyler: He's great, but never even in his prime was the best at something. Stanley: Fun. Grhol: I like him better when he drums.
  14. Is Axl the best frontman of all time?

    Bound to a chair and still the best around. You seem to forget every time i post that this is MY opinion. The chair thing seems like a big problem for you, but i missed your answer, how is the best in your opinion, Adam Levine?