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  1. it's all shit. I want Rata Blanca.
  2. Izzy Stradlin comments on reunion ????????????????
  3. Izzy Stradlin comments on reunion

    That doesn't work that way... By making this public, it pretty much confirms that we won't be seeing Izzy on a GNR stage at least for some years now. He's number one on the hate list.
  4. Izzy Stradlin comments on reunion

    Izzy put himself in the same position as Bill Ward in BS. GNR will continue without Izzy. But i will go with team Izzy this time, cos i don't like money being the issue. They are making a shit load of cash, they would make even more money if Izzy was involved (in my opinion). An besides.. no new music...... just the same tour with different ppl. Yeah, it's cool to see Axl and Slash together again.. but Metallica is releasing music again, so is RHCP, Green Day... etc..
  5. The Witcher III

    I love every bit of this fucking game. I stopped playing this to focus on Fallout 4... what a fucking waste of time. It took a while for me to get on a rpg game again cos of F4.. I spend so much time and that game left me empty handed. But re discovered the Witcher 3, cos i wanted to take a look at the expansions after i finished the game, and oh boy.. that drunk scene in kaer morhen was the shit. It got me back on track.
  6. Human Being

    Never heard of "The Spagetti Incident?"
  7. Cos there's no nose job and you don't have a valid argument/proof of that? How about this: I think Axl has 2 penis. One is sided down, the other is always to the left. The one on the left have magical powers, can sing with rasp like a motherfucker.
  8. The rational explanation to this is? Do you ppl even know what a nose job is?
  9. i have no proof either, but he's certainly a reptilian. fuck this shit..........................................................
  10. relax.. there will be more dates for us. But first they need to sold out River.
  11. This, there's some deaf ppl here... It's the studio version, but it's mixed different for some reason. Duff, Axl and Slash are very prominent in this mix.
  12. That changes everything for me, i'll take the Rosario one. can't wait..
  13. Slash solo on catcher is closer to May's take on it, and that's why i like it. Can't listen to the song on the album with bumble fucking all over the track. The good thing about Slash doing CD songs is that he gets better every fucking time.
  14. Don't have the link, but that info came from the promoter, no official yet but very strong rumor.
  15. Looks like Uruguay is cancelled, and a third BsAs show is on the way.