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  1. Axl is on Budweiser advertising

    Cringe!!! Everything about the ad. Horrible version of the song, footballers pretending to play instruments and Axl giving it all his salute of aproval at the end.
  2. Underrated Guitarists that are actually underrated

    Rory Gallagher especially in the US. Although Slash seems to hold him in high regard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzsI4hyscB4
  3. GNR Confessions

    i really like your belief and commitment man. keep it up
  4. GNR Confessions

    Yeah stupid stuff like no new music, zero communication with fans, cash grab tours spinning the same setlist night after night.....
  5. GNR Confessions

    -since rio 2011 i dont give a shit about the current band any more musically. -The only reason I follow the current lineup is to see what way that can completely fuck themselves up next - Axl is fat
  6. The argument about fans not paying for/wanting new music

    what fucking retarded logic.
  7. hahahaha my god one of the most pathetic posts i've ever seen on here. Seriously dude get a life.
  8. Ron is having "plane crash" dreams. What does this mean?

    The discussion and news section has really gone to shit hasn't it?!
  9. Did Slash ask Richard Fortus to be in his band?

    Now thats a pairing I'd like to hear
  10. Losing interest?

    i feel the same. Pity that this band turned into such a joke. There was so much potential with the lineup they had in 2001-2 and Axl being on top form in 06-07.
  11. Do you expect CD2 to have more rockers?

    What new album??What CD II??! When has Axl or anyone form management said anything about another album?! There really is nothing to talk about in the D&N section of this forum anymore
  12. Axl sings One by U2 (SCOM Intro)

    yeah was part of their show in ireland in 92
  13. 40 best live acts in the world 2013 (#35 GN'R)

    Maybe GNR 87-93 but not now
  14. Does Going Down has potential to be a hit?

    i would say yes but i think that my judgement is a bit clouded by the sparsity of new GNR material. solid song
  15. Del James on Eddie Bravo

    this guy is such a leach. How much has he sponged off the GNR name?!? Couldn't give a toss what he's got to say