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  1. For the entire song he blows, but man does he nail intro scream.
  2. A personal trainer? Didn't think he had one of those!
  3. The main point i was trying to get at with my origianl post was that for a guy thats been in the band since 89/90 as an "official" memeber and played on every record since the illusions could simply be a contract worker in the band during this tour and also in the last 10-15 years. Would he have any extra influence on band decisions etc.
  4. So we all know the big 3 are milking it with this "reunion" with stories speculating millions per show with the rest of the band I guess on some sort of generic contracts. I'm curious as to the status of Dizzy .The guy's been a silent loyal follower to Axl for 25 years or so. Surely he must be higher up the pecking order than say Melissa or Frank?
  5. From a live standpoint any 3 guitarist configuration of GNR of the past 15 years has sounded pretty poor as a whole. All the guitars get muddled together into a wall of indistinguishable sound. With 2 guitars its looser and there are empty spaces left by the guitars, something which is important.
  6. Its particualrly dirty form Slash and Duff. With Axl you kind of expect it. Relationship there is non existant more or less given how he said they intereacted with each other when he played with them. Okay with Stevens track record I can understand the guys relucatance to give him the sole no.1 drum spot for a world tour but he definitely deserved more than he was getting.
  7. Wow really feel for Steven. He was totally burned by the other guys. You can hear he's biting his tongue in the hope they come back to him and offer him something else.
  8. So beggars and hangers on (or at least parts of it) was being played with guns as far back as then? Pretty cool. I remember hearing Slash playing the solo to Back and Forth Again as far back as 88 also.
  9. Boom. Booked for the Netherlands in July. Stoked. I really think European tickets will sell out super fast on Friday so I advise to join up to nightrain and get pre-sale.
  10. Don't think thats him. Doesn't particularly sound like him and why would he be working with SMKC? He was Duff's tech in GNR and then Bumble's tech with nu-GNR. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. The best comment I've read in one of the gig threads in a long time.
  12. So you're a Psychologist thats treated Axl . Have to laugh at these kinds of comments.
  13. Only post if you agree with OP um nope. Some great songs, a few poor songs, and some filler. The best of each would have made one great album but as is they are, remain 2 very good albums nonetheless.
  14. Indeed 18 times is an oddly specific number to put on it