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  1. Eastern Creek Raceway 93

    So beggars and hangers on (or at least parts of it)was being played with guns as far back as then? Pretty cool. I remember hearing Slash playing the solo to Back and Forth Again as far back as 88 also.
  2. Boom. Booked for the Netherlands in July. Stoked. I really think European tickets will sell out super fast on Friday so I advise to join up to nightrain and get pre-sale.
  3. McBob Introducing GN'R Again

    Don't think thats him. Doesn't particularly sound like him and why would he be working with SMKC? He was Duff's tech in GNR and then Bumble's tech with nu-GNR. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. 10/29/16 - Santiago, CL - Estadio Nacional

    The best comment I've read in one of the gig threads in a long time.
  5. Adler Playing YCBM

    lol relax
  6. Melissa

    So you're a Psychologist thats treated Axl . Have to laugh at these kinds of comments.
  7. Only post if you agree with OPum nope. Some great songs, a few poor songs, and some filler.The best of each would have made one great album but as isthey are, remain 2 very good albums nonetheless.
  8. Axl Rose Vs Freddie Mercury (Versions Vs Originals)

    Indeed 18 times is an oddly specific number to put on it

    In nu-GNR times I always thought the opening scream to Jungle at Reading + Leeds 2010 was pretty cool. the rest of the song is pants though.
  10. Melissa, Dizzy on Keyboard

    she's got a cracking body and really adds to the music with her backing vocals. Take her hands down over shitman any day
  11. Human Being

    My favourite song from TSI. Axl's got tonnes of "attitiude" in it.
  12. Very dope. Very rad. Like totally super cool
  13. Now with Slash and Duff back in the picture and Axl appearing a lot more motivated i can see these guys getting into the studio and putting out new music in the near future. Duff and especially Slash are not guys to simply rest on laurels and tour for the sake of touring. Once they have toured NITL I would imagine they will be eager for new music. Regarding nu Guns as someone else already said there was no stability in that band. Added to the fact that Axl seemed contentto do residencies and not push himself therefore we were never going to get any new music.
  14. Re-Recording Appetite?

    Whats with all these re-record/re-releasethreads. Appetite was released 29 years ago and is pretty much the perfect hard rock album no need to re-record anything which will only be of lesser quality. The back catalogue of GNR is so small and the guys are getting on that I don't see the point in rehashing old material be it Appetite or CD stuff. Just concentrate on make something new.
  15. There's no need for a CD re-release. Why hear music that is the creation of former musicians with Slash and Duff playing over it. It should all be about this current tour, finishing it up whenever that may be and working on some new material. At least that's how i'd like things to pan out.