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  1. 05/07/16 - Lisbon, Portugal - Passeio Maritimo De Alges

    So are we expecting Axl to still be confined to a chair for this show or will he mobile?
  2. Was GN'R ever a happy band?

    countless videos from the 80's 90's would suggest otherwise
  3. I remember not so long ago whenSlash was discussing the possibility or a reunion (and also mentioning it in his book) that he would only take part in a reunion of it was the original 5 appetite guys. For that reason I really hope the story ofSteven taking part in rehearsals and throwing his back out are true. Izzy is Izzy and doesn't seem too fussed either way. Although I do think there was some disagreement with money with him and the reunion. I do hope for Stevens sake that he is part of the upcoming shows. He's been banging the reunion drum since pretty much 1990 and seems to be in good shape going by those videos.
  4. Richard a bit overbearing?

    Also if Richard stopped being so animated there would be the thread forhe's not animated enough on stage.
  5. The Magic of Slash on Axl's Voice

    Axl's voice is as good as its been in many years and Slash's playing is technically better than its ever been. The band is well rehearsed and well drilled. they are getting out there and performing and performing well from what critics and fans are saying.What qualifies as a moments of excellence? its not 1988 or 1992 anymore. People change. Its a shame that its not the full AFD lineup but what we have is pretty awesome. What really annoy's me here is that no matter what happens here poeple aren't happy and bitch and moan over the pettiest stupidest things.
  6. The Magic of Slash on Axl's Voice

    Finally someone who see's live rock n roll for what it is. This place is insane lately with nit picking of every little detail regardingAxl's voice, Slash's playing/tone, Franks drumming....... They sound tight as fuck and are all bringing their A game. I say sit back and enjoy it while it lasts.
  7. What a massive prick. I'm sure he'll have no problem playing GNR covers in whatever turd project he's part of next. Adios Shitman.
  8. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard apology video

    sometimes I really despair for mankind
  9. Looking back over all the great youtube footage the past week does anyone else think that the visuals at the back of the stage are really crappy?The light show looks pretty cool and with all the guys performing on stage I don't understand why any visuals are needed at all.
  10. Where is it mentioned that they played Coma during rehearsals for this gig?
  11. sorry i'm late dropping in but is the final lineup announced yet??
  12. Exciting times. Who'd have predicted this 6 months ago.