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  1. Appetite for Destruction or Use Your Illusion

    The Illusion albums are the best in my honest opinion. I believe everyone in the band achieved their best levels, especialy Axl, whose voice is just out of this world. I really love Appetitte, but the Illusions took GnR to another level for me!!!
  2. Best GNR Performance in History

    Argentina 1993
  3. Is anybody else in chill out and wait for CD II mode?

    I'm looking foward for Axl giving us something fresh wether it's live or in a studio recording!!!! Anyway, I also expect him to return tu his 2010 voice power...however, I'll always love him, he gave me my best moments in life in regards to music, so i'll support him no matter what!!!
  4. About people complaining towards Axl's voice

    Eddie Vedder, Bruce Dickinson...however, I love Axl in all his different forms...obviously, I'd love to hear sing the way he used to, but people age, and I can accept his changes. For me, it would really be cool if he cool sound like in the Illusions in any future recording, and I think he can, if you have any doubt, just listen to the songs in Bach's Angel Down, that's the Axl I fell in love with!!!
  5. What other singers would you like see does Axl a duet?

    I forgot THE song I'd kill to see being performed by Axl and Eddie...ONCE from Pearl Jam's Ten...what a fucking song for Axl to scream the fuck out of his lungs!!!!
  6. What other singers would you like see does Axl a duet?

    A duet in Given to Fly, Save You and Man of the Hour would be awesome!!!!! What do you think? Obviously, Black and Yellow Ledbetter alog with Why Go and Release would be great as well!!! Hahahah anything from the Pearl jam catalogue would be great...i'm not sure about eddie singing gnr stuff though...i believe Axl singing PJ would work out better...
  7. What other singers would you like see does Axl a duet?

    Eddie Vedder...my two favourite singers in the world!!!!!! That would be fucking awesome...
  8. Hi, I'm from Argentina and I confirm what was said before. People believed a rumour about Axl being antiargentinian, and having burnt an argentinian flag in Paris. Besides, they said Axl would burn his boot after steping the Argentinian country. All this false rumours lead to a hostile reception for Axl from some fans who believed all this shit. But obviosly it was all made up crap. That's all. On the other hand, the story of the girl is also correct. She commited suicide as her father prohibited her to assist to the show. Damn, that's sad...and as it was said before, her father joined her decision.