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  1. Opinion: Guns n Metallica

    Springsteen Coldplay U2 Beyonce >>>> GNReunion
  2. Terminator Franchise On Hold Indefinitely

    It seemed likeTerminator Genisyshad killed theTerminatorfranchise once and for all, but a new hero is coming back: James Cameron. Cameron, who wrote and directed the first two films, regains the rights in 2019 and is reportedly working withDeadpooldirector Tim Miller on a brand new film. According toDeadline, Cameron is working with Miller, who would direct “a reboot and conclusion of one of cinema’s great science fiction tales.” Current rights holder David Ellison—whose company co-financedTerminator Genisys—is involved in the process, “bankrolling an exploratory effort that includes engaging some top-flight science fiction authors to find the movie creatively.”
  3. For whatever reason I forced myself to listen to a few tracksand it is terrible.
  4. Chinese Democracy was never an industrial record. I don't hear it. I'm ok with the term electronic rock but there are all kinds of styles, a bit of Queen, some blues riffs and solos more based on Zappa that Joe Perry etc. For the experimental thing, not so much. It's just that Axl pushed the envelope too far with the arrangements,12 strings guitarssub-bass andmellotron music. It's a true departure from the original sound, but thesongs remain simple, typical power chordprogressions.
  5. Never really heard Contraband, is it good?Which songs should I listen? I thought VR albums were full of fillers LA Weekly wrote it was surreal watching Slash playfunkier versions of Chinese and Better.
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I haven't ever heard an animal make these noises.
  7. Performers at Trump Inaguration Ball

    Dinosaur species
  8. Your concerts in 2017

    Anyone going to see Tommy?
  9. Should be interesting, there are rumors out there that Ghost frontman kicked everyone in the band because they demanded more money. They already had to replace their guitarist last year.
  10. The odds are slowly dropping now.
  11. Obviously he's gonna pick one of the two, but if you let him think for a minute he might say Better. But as you wish.
  12. Won't post the list Rovim, too fucking long.
  13. If anyone doesn't have a Reddit account, please formulate your questionhere, I'll post them on January 26th.
  14. Performers at Trump Inaguration Ball

    Yeah... lol Seriously, I think Lee Greenwood, sam moore and toby keith did a good job. The rest was indeed awful. At this point who cares.