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  1. Yellow Raincoats
  2. Action Hero Danny McBride
  3. McBride will be the last man standing, that's so cool. I'm gonna see it.
  4. Just add There Was A Time to the setlist, come on why can't they play that song. I'd have bought a ticket to Paris if the song was on the setlist.
  5. Well at least I'm learning some serious intelligent sounding English words man. I thought it was obvious but when I said "they" I was referring to any major liberal media (cnn, msnbc, abc etc.) that genuinely want to turn their back against the wall afraid of leaving their comfort zone. Of course, nothing is either black or white, it's just a general consensus, it's still real news. The way I'm looking at it from my foreign pov, if the opposition want their ratings back, they'd need either to cave in and admit Trump is doing a good job, or either kill the dragon and successfully impeach Trump. That's pretty much the middle ground to me. I agree on the so-called "forgotten man and women" that are demanding that their voices be heard, and well maybe Trump took them to his advantage that needs to be proven true, their hopes and dreams need to be fulfilled. If he so choose, he will have everything in his power to bring back the two sides of the coin and be re-elected in 2020. Just older with a real wig. Nonetheless, the opposition will never agree on Trump's policies, they will never agree on repealing obamacare, they will always have a penchant for the globalist agenda, they will never like to be associated with protectionism or the big word Russia, they want Europe’s refugees policy, just fine with illegal aliens even (with the almost to be proven true) that a lot of them actually voted in the last election. And finally they will never agree with the idea of a wall even if Netanyahu makes it successful in Israel and Ted Cruz just claimed illegal crossings have dropped 50%. A lot are fucking tired, and that's what half the country voted for Trump, that’s real change to them. AndR. Reagan was also an actor too! I think Pence is great, Prebius is awesome, I actually like Bannon, for little we know of him. Stephen Miller is definitely a creepy dude.
  6. Well we can agree that after 8 years of Obama, the conservative party had a better chance to pull this off. Wikileaks happened, and Clinton had no idea what to do as she was coughing up blood and fainting. I don't think they are as influenceable as they would think. But they tried as much as they could, they're pretty much out of touch with a lot of things at this point. We can certainly say Trump wouldn't have been able to pull this off without Internet and social media networks but at the same time Twitter and Facebook are filled with youngsters that will believe any HP's narratives. This polarization it ain't all Trump's fault. There is also no middle ground with liberal media. That or it was all planned all along from the beginning. But I don't think Clinton would have spent 2 billion to lose her campaign. We'll see soon enough just how serious he really is. I don't think Trump put in the best cabinet in the history of cabinets as Priebus said, but he has a solid team behind him. It seems like they've been hard at work improving the usa.
  7. I'm not trolling. Just a quick strong answer to your statement that media doesn't want to control what we think. Of course they do. Everyone has an agenda.
  8. What is the margin of error of 99% already? If the polls were responsible for Cliton losing, would you think it is still an attempt to control what people think? There are many blatant narratives that have been exposed against the liberal media. This is one thing to read on CNN's website that Clinton had 99% chance of winning according to their own polls when they were absolute zero real reports on the other way around. One funny example you can easily check out is the 'Prediction Professor' guy. This guy predicted all the presidents for decades and predicted Trump had a 87% ch. of winning the election. Absolutely zero reports (except for foxnews, far right medias outlets like infowars etc.) But wait out of the blue after the election they were all reporting his newest prediction (that was purely from his guts) that Trump will be impeached. Again just one very funny circumstance. Who were pushing for the Electoral/Popular vote scandals, the Wikileaks stuff, the Russians, who were pushing for the riots and backing the protesters etc. George Soros? Who is that guy again? Of course they want to control what people think, but also add fuel to the fire. The liberals media developped a narrative early on and stuck with it, they've been dead wrong and people don't believe them anymore. People are smarter than that, you can't trick them that easily. I think polls are indeed an attempt to control what people think, to legitimate one candidate against another etc. and mostly to influence independents and undecided voters. Even Trump won mostly because he constantly said during his campaign that he had good polls. News outlet polls for each debate gave Clinton unlawful win, while the public voters online tended towards Trump. Nonetheless if you were a reporter for Huffington Post or TheHill would you report the latest poll done by the same old same old saying that Trump has less than 1% chance of winning? We all know the average age of the audience of these newspapers.
  9. ***** *****
  10. January 8th 2017 and one somewhere in 2015. It was easier before the reunion, now with all the newest members and the girls thread it's almost impossible to come forward. But if I become a full-on GnR nutswinger I might get a few likes.
  12. Floyd's Ummagumma/More Powerage/If You Want Blood Ramones Leave Home/Rocket To Russia
  13. Just holy shit. Release the godamn show asap!!
  14. Last thing, Axl has/had the greatest rasp. I live for the rasp.