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  1. Axl should call Tracii Guns and ask him if he'd be interested in joining the band again.
  2. The Island Mystery Men The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
  3. I think he hasn't made a good movie since Cinderella Man. I watched Ransom. Willow felt like Star Wars a bit.
  4. Turkey rejects Saudi Arabia and allies' demands to shut down Qatar air base.
  5. Bernie and Jane Sanders, under FBI investigation for bank fraud.
  6. should have been called The Blues.
  7. The middle part is what make the song great, just look at the Rock Am Ring's performance. But this has nothing to do with this thread or Richard.
  8. Obviously they needed to fill the void with another simple and catchy riff, better fitted, but this isn't significant enough for a songwriting credit. Nevertheless Better is Robin's baby and was conceived before 4tus came.
  9. No Pitman = No Madagascar
  10. Awesome To each their own!
  11. The song is great, but Myles did a poor job with his horrendous vocals.