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  1. I can't find the original video. I guess the Blind Melon documentary is the only way.
  2. DAY42
  3. There Was A Time! Awesome.
  4. Axl is hitting plenty of bad notes during the verses. But at least, it's a very decent cover. Richard nailed that solo.
  5. This what I am thinking now yes. GnR will probably be toying with a second leg in Europe next year. Hope tickets will be cheaper.
  6. There Was A Time is a special song, loaded with special meaning to Axl. So I'd not be shocked if the band perform this song tonight in Dublin. Because of 2012 and 2010. That's all. I'm not pushing thing very far, and you clearly seem to believe that I am wrong but your arguments don't even make sense.
  7. Yes except Black Hole Sun and probably There Was A Time too. It's sad that the band didn't even rehearse new ideas the last three months.
  8. Not really. You're having a hard time I believe. If Axl is performing There Was A Time tonight, that's because he performed it in Dublin, during the last Guns N' Roses european tour in 2012. Simple.
  9. The truth of the matter is, I was referring to Dublin. Because of the fact, that Axl seems to keep the tradition of playing There Was A Time in Dublin. So if I say, they might play it tonight, then I am following GNR tours more carefully than you do.
  10. Yeah not impressed... Axl seems always fine playing new covers unfortunately.
  11. Fucking hell. I guess you're not following GNR tours carefully enough. Axl performed There Was a Time in 2012 because of what happened, the riot in 2010 in Dublin? Remember?
  12. What song did Axl play the last time Guns N' Roses performed in Dublin? and why?
  13. I'm only here for There Was A Time. Hope they won't mess up.
  14. I love hearing Axl on something new. Black Hole Sun should be amazing, I'm quite impressed. It sounds good.