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  1. FBI investigating smashed hard drives from Wasserman Schultz IT worker's home, Pakistani brothers. [link] House staffer Imran Awan arrested at Dulles and charged with bank fraud, Feds/USCP picked up Imran Awan at Dulles Aiport last night as he was "trying to leave the country." [link] Scaramucci’s first leak victim: Meet Michael Short, now fired [link] Senate Health Care Decision: Pence Breaks Senate Tie [link]
  2. 20 years in the making.
  3. Yep this guy won't ever write for Guns N' Roses. It doesn't ring any bells. Generic as hell. We're talking about Guns N' Roses here. Better call Izzy.
  4. V
  5. AC/DC sold more albums than the Stones, U2 or Queen. They have Back In Black (#2 album of all time) and Highway To Hell. Can't compete with that, so easy to listen, so powerful. It transcends everything. To me The Stones don't really have a smash album, all they have in the world of streaming services are hit singles like Satisfaction or Start Me Up. The discography is a lot more obscure imo. They are not as beloved as the Beatles. Sure it's a shame, but I don't know you but usually I don't like when something goes or stays mainstream. It's a product. It contributes to the misery of the world. Mainstream rock has always been cringeworthy. That's why NIN, Tool or Alice In Chains... will eternally rule.
  6. Why because GNR ain't top20 in the US? By the way, people still listen to Guns N' Roses? If it wasn't for the reunion, how GN'R would be still relevant? None of my friends listen to them or know who they are, they don't even listen to rock music. The Stones aren't big sellers, their hits keep them on the map because keep in mind rock doesn't sell as much as it used to be. It's almost dead. Metallica's black album sells 5K copies per week, because it's metal for the maintream + #1 metal american band + huge fanbase = impressive figures. Also most of these bands release new albums with constant hits unlike GN'R. They haven't disappeared like GN'R. You take a look at these bands and none of them are hard-rock based on riffs, they're pop-rock bands. When streamers listen to Guns N' Roses, they listen to Jungle, PC, SCOM, Don't Cry + November Rain, because it's pop music to them and because of the nostalgic music videos. Frankly do you know other new popular rock acts since the '00s? Young people aren't much interested in listening to dad-rock, because like it or not, bands like GnR sound extremely dated. Fashion-wise too. Some like maybe the energy or the melodies, but it ain't the 80s anymore.
  7. NME is making the same headline. * * * Epiphone even went futher stating: Guns N' Roses featuring longtime Epi signature artist Slash have been cutting tracks in the studio with plans to release a new record in 2018 according to guitarist Richard Fortus.
  8. * America's 2017 National Scout Jamboree. * * Trump Wins Ruling Allowing Voter Panel to Gather Information--Federal judge allows effort to probe claims of voter fraud. [link]
  9. "A top national attorney in consultation with U.S. attorneys confirmed to Big League Politics that special counsel Robert Mueller and members of his team can be formally disbarred for waging the “Russia” case against President Donald Trump. Mueller and his associates have glaring conflicts of interest in the case concerning Trump." "Mueller’s team is tainted not only by partisan political donations and activities, but by direct relationships with former clients like Hillary Clinton, who is integrally involved in most of the possible evidence in this case. These conflicts clearly violate American Bar Association guidelines." Newt Gingrich: Mueller's Law Firm Gave 99.81% of Its Donations to Hillary Clinton Kushner Releases Manifesto Describing How He Did Nothing Wrong
  10. some lists have Imagine Dragons in top 3. They're pop-rock.
  11. Fun Fact. Top 20 most streamed rock artists of 2017 on Spotify (worldwide) 20. Kings of Leon 19. The 1975 18. The Rolling Stones 17. Nirvana 16. Guns N' Roses 15. Paramore 14. Blink-182 13. Pink Floyd 12. AC/DC 11. Green Day 10. Fall Out Boy 9. Queen 8. Arctic Monkeys 7. Metallica 6. Panic! At the Disco 5. Red Hot Chili Peppers 4. Linkin Park 3. The Beatles 2. Twenty One Pilots 1. Coldplay Top 20 most streamed rock artists of 2017 on Spotify (US only) 20. Three Days Grace 19. Mumford & Sons 18. Arctic Monkeys 17. Pink Floyd 16. AC/DC 15. Led Zeppelin 14. Queen 13. Five Finger Death Punch 12. Paramore 11. The 1975 10. Green Day 9. Metallica 8. Blink-182 7. Linkin Park 6. Red Hot Chili Peppers 5. Fall Out Boy 4. The Beatles 3. Panic! At the Disco 2. Coldplay 1. Twenty One Pilots