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  1. The live perfromance was a lot stronger, Ron overproduced it imo. This album is going to be kickass, Stapp's great.
  3. Not sure what to expect from this lineup. I'd rather hear some of the vault.
  4. Axl is going to record an album with AC/DC first.
  5. Mcbride my man.
  6. I think I'd rate Axl right below Danzig.
  7. Certes très chère. My Life As A Zucchini is a french animated movie also.
  8. As a french guy I'd love to see Isabelle Huppert win this thing but I don't know, insiders said that Emma Stone wasn't that amazing and some might think that they have to prove Meryl Streep isn't overrated It's very hard to tell this year. Damien Chazelle is defintely going to win, I mean Whiplash was a masterpiece.
  9. Yes the same basic setlist. They added Double Talkin' Jive into the setlist, they brought back Sorry which hasn't been played since 2012. At first it was fun to see Slash playing these songs I'm not gonna lie, but from Axl's pov it must be extremely boring. You can say that there is not much in their back catalogue worth playing, I mean at least without Izzy. They also tried to invite Steven Adler for a couple of shows but he declined because he doesn't want to be forced to play just two songs anymore, but Angus and Angry Anderson performed at one of these shows playing covers like Nice Boys and Whole Lotta Rosie. That's what we are looking at in the future, few guests here and there.
  10. definitely not my cup of tea
  11. His inability to release new songs prevent him to be that legendary. Some wrote timeless and flawless songs throughout their whole careers. Axl's entire body of work is tainted by the fact he released only fifteen songs the past twenty-five years such as Scraped and Riad N' The Bedouins. Quick reminder: