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  1. Bumblefoot UK Tour

    I don't think its apples to oranges because Ron has been trying to distance himself from GRN, so by playing with a cover band that seems very counterproductive is all I'm saying. He's been complaining that he didn't have time to do "his" stuff and when he does have that time he plays covers? and yes I know a few songs of his own, which he got to do on tour with the REAL GNR. To address whether BBF could still be in GNR had all those things happened that you mentioned... Axl had a lot of music already recorded prior to BBF, right? Maybe Axl didn't like BBF's music he submitted? Hasn't BBF mentioned in the past that he's put parts down on some unreleased songs? So basically because Axl/ GNR didn't sit down and write full songs with BBF, he's not longer in the band? He knew what he was getting into when he joined
  2. Bumblefoot UK Tour

    of course Im not suggesting he can't preform with Guns 2 Roses. I just find it odd that BBF has made negative comments about his time in GNR and has tried to make a point that he had a career before GNR, and distance himself from GNR but he goes out and plays with a cover band... just seems counterproductive if you ask me
  3. Bumblefoot UK Tour

    So BBF is essentially out of GNR yet he's playing with a GNR cover band? Guy complains about not being about to do solo tours because of GNR yet he plays with a GNR cover band, doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
  4. Danzig shirt is too short and Axl shirts are too long. Axl would look better live if he just wore better fitting cloths
  5. Lisa Marie was at the Orlando HOB show. I read afterwards they partied until late morning. Show ended around 3:30 AM
  6. I'm at a wait and see how his voice his and shape he is in. I live in fl so west coast travel is tough with work and family. Although no matter what I'm seriously considering going to the award show in LA
  7. I agree did a great job winning over a crowd that wasn't a typical GnR crowd. I honestly thought VIP would then out after a few songs but it was full to the end. Axl sounded fine but I guess since I've seen them several times I could hear it when the rasp wasn't there. I do feel he was in the worse shape physically since 2009. It wasn't a bad show just my least-favorite
  8. i voted Mickey but am really hoping for rasp... I just don't have any confidence Axl will be in shape physically or vocally. Im taking the attending Vegas as a wait and see at this point, if he comes out in shape ready to go. ill book my tickets and room, if its like 2013 ill stay home unless they come to FL
  9. Crüe is barely winning. Go vote! http://loudwire.com/guns-n-roses-vs-motley-crue-classic-cage-match/
  10. Gov Ball NYC. Decent show but definetly the worse show I've seen of GnR. Axl was def out of shape and his voice was not great. The crowd loved it though. Even my son said Axl isn't really fat but he's fatter than Orlando 2011. Which I agreed with. Show started early though but was a shortened version of a Norman GnR show. No estranged or patience. Was kind of bummed they played the Seeker but not patience in the encore.
  11. Paps do not wait outside Axl house in Malibu. I'm not even sure they do for Britney now that she seems to be stable. Beibs on the other hand is a train wreck and he's probably followed everywhere.
  12. Question about the 2002 era

    Clear channel did make a statement advising the tour had been cancelled. Seriously why do u think it was cancelled? 2 riots in the first month of the tour due to no shows. The liability was too much to continue. I too had tix to see GnR in tampA which was right around my birthday. I was very disappointed as well.
  13. Question about the 2002 era

    For some reason I can read the original question but from the responses it looks like the question is regarding the cancelled 2002 tour. I have a close friend that worked for clear channel and was in Philly in 2002. He told me clear channel jumped at promoting the tour because they didn't want a competitor to get it. Then with the poor ticket sales in smaller markets and 2 no shows the liability became too much and they Cancelled the tour. He said in his opinion management might have been willing to keep things going but it was obvious there were issues with Axl and the ticket sales made it not worth contouring.
  14. 1987-1991 by far. No comparison considering this is the time GnR became GnR. They went from a sleezy club band to selling out stadiums.
  15. Personally I thinks it's pretty simple. I've seen Axl preform in 2006, 2010,2011, 2012, and 2013. He was in good shape physically in 2006 and 2010. His physical shape has declined every year since 2010. My hope is Axl is back in good shape in 2014. I would love to go the festival in OH. I'll wait until I see how SA turns out about before making plans though.