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  1. simpsons intro 1- baby from justin bieber( cover) 2-attitude axl on mickey vocals 3- welcome to the jungle bucketehad on vocals axl on guitar 4- so fine 5- my world 6- pitman solo 7-dj solo 8-frank solo 9-45 min axl rant about how much he loves beta encore 11- dont cry dj on vocals 12- coma( axl is mute after first 4 minutes) end of the show cause axl voice
  2. 29 - Band Jam 30 - Nightrain
  3. 23 is dont cry for me argentina from madonnas movie
  4. Axl's tour case features... a knife!

    but if knife is the name of a new son?
  5. Del James on Eddie Bravo

    del is the man who inspired november rain one of the best rock songs ever....
  6. someone explain me this ! never seen it
  7. Someone leak the general already

  8. Axl Rose is out and about

    reading new album progress
  9. Announcement in two days?

    look at this.... august start in two days,.. My link
  10. Upcoming interview with: Chris Pitman

  11. 2. Jimmy Page ?? NO! sorry but a the age of 18 jimmy was a drogadict rockstar producer best guitar in the universe slash 18 years...drogadict..very good guitar player,,
  12. Young Gunners: Why do you love GN'R?

    i was born in 1992.... meet Gnr in 1997 but my father said that the band was satanic O.O so i stop listen axl until 2007, when my gunner side explode! I have things in common with axl
  13. thanks so..yes im paranoic but.. i look for "bells dublin ireland" on google The Bells of Dublin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bells_of_Dublin - Traducir esta página The Bells of Dublin is an album of Christmas songs and traditional carols by the Irish band The Chieftains. The album features guest performances by various ALBUM COMING FOR CRHISTMAS??