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  1. weren't they jamming something different (unknown) on duff's facebook feed?
  2. Fair enough. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. I don't think she detracts from the overall experience so it's okay by me. I think she is a contributor and not a contractor, but really if you're whining about a replacement that's not about izzy or steven, really? Who cares? She's not a replacement of an original so wtf?
  3. Melissa > Pitman. End of squabble. I'm pretty sure we heard the backing tracks for sorry during sound check and I'm sure they are necessary for other songs in the show. She probably also directs all the animations on the screens for each show. Obviously she got hired for a specific reason, deal with it people. I barely notice her during the shows. Seems like people just need a reason to complain.
  4. Of course it was, pretty sure they all are. Will we ever see them? That's questionable.
  5. Was it Gunsfanoldie? Who got taken backstage in Vegas? Only story I've heard of.
  6. The Seeker

    I wouldn't mind if it was gone but if they enjoy playing it forever I'd like to hear them record a studio version to add to the catalogue
  7. They throw us hardcores a bone here and there but the set is tailored to Joe Sixpack and that ain't gonna change anytime soon. I'm more concerned this is the farewell "the end" as axlsshirts say. I have never seen these guys play those songs live so it's electric. I'll admit if this is still the status quo 3 yrs from now it'll be disappointing, but a handful of shows in?No just no. Let the world see this live- it hasn't happened since the 90s. Enjoy.
  8. Realistic maybe the same set with sorry or one of the other alts on the posted setlist. Hopefully steven is still around
  9. I'll be in Seattle. I agree if Adler was back it would be "we need izzy" if we had izzy it would be "setlist sucks" not sure the nitpickers would ever be happy. And lol at the guy pissed that bumble is gone, funny stuff. People wanting Robin back too, seriously? This is a fucking amazing time. Let's see what happens.
  10. Come on you know how these guys are. Relentless. I hope Adler is at the show I'm attending. I'll be stoked. I wish they'd let him do rocket queen. I'll take what I can get though.
  11. If he is gone after a few shows people are gonna complain to no end
  12. You bet a guys last nut on this.
  13. Your dreaming probably 2 maybe 3 tops