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  1. just wondering if anybody knows how it usually works? do you think axs will release whatever tickets are left a week before the show? 2 weeks? a few here and there? will they announce it? i'd like to go but not sure if i should just get hotel and air then worry about tix close to the date?
  2. Line Up? and Old/New GnR Songs

    Right on, so they are all rehearsing- do you think we will see a warm up club gig?
  3. Line Up? and Old/New GnR Songs

    will SFTD be played? any Slash solo hits or VR stuff?
  4. from eddie's location looks like he could throw a rock and hit axl's house
  5. only the media have labeled this a reunion anything from the band has labeled it as a regrouping
  6. 2016 Tour - Roll Call Thread

    i wish they would release some more dates so the ticket prices would go down a bit.
  7. Ask Staff Anything!

    is the forum acquiring tickets for one of these shows for a contest?
  8. Must be awkward for the band members who probably were scared to even mention slash to be working with him now. Hopefully we get some more tunes to enjoy this year. I think Axl was getting ready for another release with or without Slash. I don't think he was saving stuff anticipating the reunion.
  9. you can't really blame the artists since album sales isn't where the money is anymore. for people whining about the prices- try to get maroon5 tix and look at their prices. i think if the prices are too high then they will adjust if no one buys the tickets.
  10. My opinion is that Axl didn't want to or wasn't motivated to work with the last touring lineup (dude wouldn't even get in on a band photo). I think they were sort of a hodgepodge to keep the thing going. Perhaps now that fences are mended we will have a better chance for new music. I doubt Slash will stick around if there's nothing new going on there in a few years. We have also heard rumors that they have already been in the studio? If they whole thing doesn't implode I bet we get new music by end of 2017. As always- it depends on Axl.
  11. Isn't anybody wondering if Ashba will show up, guitar in hand?
  12. thank you dice man by take care of us. when will nic cage chime in and take some credit?
  13. 2016 Tour - Roll Call Thread

    how many people flip flopped and are selling coachella tix?
  14. from the stories ive read- axl (in private) was always okay discussing slash and telling stories like this, no?
  15. if it is streamed and he royally fucks it up - i won't be able to talk the woman into letting me get tickets for future shows.