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  1. thought i read that he still works for slash
  2. I didn't see those signs for vegas or seattle....
  3. I guess there could be yesterday's AND there was a time.
  4. Key word is OR probably get one swapped out song, that is all.
  5. Overall a great show. Place was pretty packed, upper decks had areas that were empty. Seemed like an off night for Axl vocally. Most disappointing was RQ Iwatched a video of a recent killer performance and this one was subpar. It was great to see Axl performing rather than sitting in his chair like we saw in vegas. People keep saying NR is the weak link but I found it pretty decent while better and catcher were pretty weak, and I like those songs. Anyhow just nitpicky stuff. It was a good time.
  6. Thought the email said 530 but all the shows it seems people are getting lithos from merch trucks outside as well?
  7. Is there a meet up before the show?
  8. Is that too late for exchanges?
  9. Ticketmaster games they play... I've been watching for a chance to upgrade. I doubt they sold all those spendy front tix overnight. I'm watching to see when they release them. The sales for this show don't look that great but oh well, not gonna let that ruin it for me
  10. looks like they pulled all the close floor and pit tix yesterday there were some available platinum seats and vip and what not.
  11. More Openers Announced!

    Somewhat disappointed as we saw them in Vegas, but they are a good band no doubt.
  12. We don't need flying piano theatrics but would it kill Slash to get up there for the solo? #getonthepianoslash can someone get a hash tag going so maybe we could see that?
  13. weren't they jamming something different (unknown) on duff's facebook feed?