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  1. Even though this is the biggest/best gnr forum some users take it too far. I'm all for criticism but some folks take it too far. Guess that's the Internet. Keyboard kowboys.
  2. Opener for Summer N.A. Tour?

    ahh, i must have missed that. it would be awesome if they opened for gnr and while i think it's awesome i bet a lot of gnr fans hate rap music.
  3. Opener for Summer N.A. Tour?

    wasn't that ice cube's son? they might be waiting to see which markets are slow selling and grab someone decent to boost ticket sales.
  4. Axl and Queen

    Sure let's get Axl to sing covers fronting past bands for good- lol. I'm enjoying Axl DC for the fact that we get to hear him sing some new to him tunes, but seriously- new gnr tunes are what we want. You know even if they are reworked cd2 tunes. Dude needs to concentrate on gnr and not be reliving Queens glory days. Sorry, I bet he could pull it off but my vote is no. No disrespect to queen.
  5. Opener for Summer N.A. Tour?

    Dave's getting nirvana back together with Courtney love on Vox. They are opening
  6. Opener for Summer N.A. Tour?

    alter bridge has dates scheduled same days as guns in different cities- don't think it's SKMC
  7. Looks like a repeat live from o2 2012
  8. Axl talks about being in AC/DC

    This is an opportunity for Axl to shine. He just has to show up here and do a job. With gnr he's got to run the ship. No worries with this gig. Sure fans will be pissed but I think they are the minority. I guess DC could have just refunded and cancelled butthis is better. Hopefully Brian will be back. Looking forward to some great footage from the concerts wishing there were some west coast gigs left
  9. with matching tinfoil hats
  10. He's a loud mouth. He is getting paid or he's involved some how. Matt and Gilby have more self restraint than Steven. I disagree with this. Steven would have went straight to the press if he was shut out of it immediately.
  11. I'm thinking if things go well with gnr we may not hear anything from the conspirators for awhile. If things are shitty with gnr then conspirators are back. Why would Slash work clubs when he can work stadiums?
  12. Saw that one coming figured he wanted to bring back Adler. This thread is proof we are starved for information. Any little comment and it gets over analyzed to death. Band should just out and say" we couldn't make it work with izzy" or "izzy to make special appearances" . Even then some won't be satisfied.
  13. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    @Eddie Money any word on dodger stadium?
  14. Surprise album?

    Surprise album is the opposite of cd lol. I'm more concerned if they have another hit left in the tank. Will whatever they release be mediocre?
  15. were they selling the posters for $50? you deserve some tickets or something