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  1. Would love to see that finished one day - 2010 is my favorite vocal year and I love watching videos from that tour.
  2. Gotta say, sounds like shit. Sweet Child hasn't been watchable in like 20 years, outside of a few instances. (LA 2006, St Petersberg 2010)
  3. Is it bad I want to buy that for my girlfriend?
  4. Those photos weren't from the DVD. They were just rare pictures taken that night by a photographer. As far as I know, there is no proof it exists.
  5. Man, the audience was even singing the baseline and Slash's solo on that Coma video. That's fuckin' awesome.
  6. And Axl kept going with a megaphone.
  7. Yeah, I wouldn't get hyped either. I've heard all kinds of shit when bands try to soundcheck Sometimes it's songs, sometimes they just randomly riff at shit to make sure everything sounds alright. That being said, it would be awesome.
  8. I did have the money, but I spent it all on Stella's in Nashville.
  9. I don't really say it often at all, because some people say 30 seconds of rasp is ungodly, blah blah. But that right there sounds like Axl from the 90's. Not so much the very start, but after the verses he just goes into a growl that reminds me of his 90's approach to powering through songs.
  10. Not true. I saw an acoustic Crazy from a 2006 club show on YouTube. Will CSI and update.
  11. There isn't anything special about them. He sounds the same from 2011-now on Better. It's a comparison thing. He always nails the bridge so that stuck out in 2011-2014. He's nailing songs now he didn't then, so Better looks worse in comparison.
  12. I went to a concert in early 2010 and knew none of the songs. (I recognized Jungle and Sweet Child) When Sorry hit, I was capitvated by Axl's performance. I just looked up at the stage, I was on the rail, and thought to myself "This motherfucker thinks he's king of the world." And in that moment, I believed him. That sent me off to learn about GNR, which branched me into the Stones, Zep, Skid Row, Elton, Queen, Bowie. GNR started my love for music. With a live performance of Sorry.
  13. Not even kidding, it was Sorry.
  14. The General round 2! Stinson for AC/DC