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  1. The YouTube audio is not actually from the 2000 show. No audio of that exists. A good few videos label as that for clickbait.
  2. I didn't think the mustache was that bad.
  3. Pull up Remains Alive on Youtube. Live album from about '06. That's Jericho's version of Axl's 2010. If you think he sounds like shit there, he's always gonna sound shit live to you. I think he can be good in studio but live...ehh. Sometimes. Kinda playing rockstar. Skip to about 1:20
  4. Honestly sounds like a Wanna Start A War reject. Fozzy at their best is pretty good. I don't rate Jericho much as a live performer, but I always dig the records. Chasing the Grail is my favorite, followed by Sin and Bones and Wanna Start A War. But there's gems on Happenstance, too. All That Remains should have sold way more than it did, especially with Zakk involved. Good NuGNR related story, Bumblefoot gifted Rich Ward the equipment to record Chasing the Grail with.
  5. Not a bad song but I like their more focused stuff. Though I think "Grail" is a pretty indulgently epic and I have a soft spot for it.
  6. Love the song and the video makes me chuckle, but I don't feel like it's their best. Wanderlust, Martyr No More, God Pounds His Nails, Sandpaper, One Crazed Anarchist. That's my Fozzy.
  7. Would love to see that finished one day - 2010 is my favorite vocal year and I love watching videos from that tour.
  8. Gotta say, sounds like shit. Sweet Child hasn't been watchable in like 20 years, outside of a few instances. (LA 2006, St Petersberg 2010)
  9. Is it bad I want to buy that for my girlfriend?
  10. Those photos weren't from the DVD. They were just rare pictures taken that night by a photographer. As far as I know, there is no proof it exists.
  11. Man, the audience was even singing the baseline and Slash's solo on that Coma video. That's fuckin' awesome.
  12. And Axl kept going with a megaphone.
  13. Yeah, I wouldn't get hyped either. I've heard all kinds of shit when bands try to soundcheck Sometimes it's songs, sometimes they just randomly riff at shit to make sure everything sounds alright. That being said, it would be awesome.
  14. I did have the money, but I spent it all on Stella's in Nashville.
  15. I don't really say it often at all, because some people say 30 seconds of rasp is ungodly, blah blah. But that right there sounds like Axl from the 90's. Not so much the very start, but after the verses he just goes into a growl that reminds me of his 90's approach to powering through songs.