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  1. i think that wembley show was the last good show they had where axl's pipes were still at their peak and the band still sounded great 93 he recovers a bit, but since izzy left not the same energy at all
  2. its gotta to be wembley most of the shots seem to be from that european leg this is the best HD footage out there of the classic era band and some of the shots are from the LALD video itself. If someone can find this entire show HD version?
  3. I noticed GNR finished 1st up until mid 95 in yearbooks where there would be the surveys of top music groups, GNR was at the top till 95 in my yearbooks that says a lot, they realy could've dominated the entire 90's no problem
  4. matt by far solely for estranged, coma, dtjm, NR, you could me mine etc only one that recorded and was contributor on any good gnr material
  5. its the best demo out there of GNR and in fact the best overall song minus the drum beat machine - but certainly the opening chords sound beyond better than zeppelin along with axl's true PEAK VOICE
  6. i'd ask him how does it feel to play wacked out versus sober and has it been hard to stay sober during tour with groupies etc
  7. i get what you're saying but again, if the material was good it would've been out by now - they need izzy to write something new from scratch
  8. i wouldn't go so far as to say play ball in studio until we actually see it so far i would say its just a friendly way of getting around axl making him feel ok about his material then moving on to the cash grab antics of the tour
  9. theres no way duff and slash actually like CD II - u think they would tell axl nah it's shit man
  10. i think besides the anniversary if just the 5 never share the stage for at least a few songs - the whole gnr legacy will be forever tarnished
  11. depressing era although seemed promising depressing as hell axl is so far out of reach and away from his old band
  12. i understand that but I think for this 92 version of GNR or even now on particular songs like the ones i mentioned i think they enhance the song significantly they don't need to be around for every song but for 2-3 i liked tracy and roberta and the ooohhh oohhhh ahhhh is what i fucking love in that song the most almost, it makes it a lot more groovier in my opinion not less
  13. i disagree i would say most particularly on this song they sound good and add a lot as well as on yesterdays in fact on this song and so fine i'd welcome tracy and roberta back fast others not so much yeah..
  14. this is a song that proves that there is no real point in ranking gnr songs although some may thinki it's corny and i think axl's subtle involvement is what makes it great along with slash's solo and duff is fine in it too along with estranged its the best song in tokyo video for rarities shown in HD there is no way duff should be doing those covers over this original beast in concert
  15. he says it in the interview of china exchange about using the clearer voice and how people didn't respond to it well the clean voice is necessary for probably 60-80% of axl's time performing otherwise he would shoot his voice to shit plain and simple there are moments where he has appeared possessed by energy and brought out the old rasp very sparingly such as in london 2010 with duff on nice boys and you could be mine along with out to get me during steven's appearances he also had some very good rasp on jungle the second night in mexico city last year along with think about you when he first retuned with izzy in hamerstein 2006 i believe other than that i can't really pin point major returns to the peak era axl rasp other than those moments where he becomes possessed with the power to go back in time usually at the beset of being around his old band mates the other anomoly is when he has performed some of the black and back material with acdc where the rasp is inexplicably frustrating and otherwise amazing to hear