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  1. it does to me when you compare Axl's songwriting skills on CD versus GNR - we can agree to disagree but a fairer assessment is to say that the songwriting title within GNR OG's goes to IZZY and AXL together and separate they just can't reach new song stardom again- that my friend is a pure fact
  2. not a huge lie, just in comparison to what they are together to what they are apart ditz
  3. yes, shacklers revenge has got to be the best examople of axl veering into dog shit and crashing
  4. you were dismissing izzy and it came off as disrespectufl to his talents kingdoucney
  5. Whats your biggest GNR regret?

    REGRET ??? ahhahahahhahaha how the fuck would a GNR fan have any sort of regret when AXL is the one that has screwed over thousands of fans many times IF anything Axl should have the most regrets and should make good for all his antics, this being said going to the 2002 show in Vancouver and him not showing up made me feel absolutely terrible Also not going in 93 when I was 11 is more of a case of my parents not letting me so no real regret there AGAIN NO REGRETS FOR ANYTHING IN LIFE But if you really want to reach for a regret it's buying CD from best buy and listening to it
  6. GNR MTV 1992 - Novermber Rain

    have to say axl looked very very cool still in 2001 here in vegas, should've tried to maintain that look somehow instead of going all sleazy/kid rockish
  7. Izzy stradlin

    very strange personified by the song 14 years - axl and izzy are straight up soulmates in the sense of what true friends are for - the only problem is that axl is tremendously one sided in his thinking and this creates problems of division
  8. buddy, the oringal 5 is what made the band great and izzy as it's primary songwriter douche
  9. YES do you know why? Because he cannot touch the pre NU GNR with a 1000000 foot pole
  10. maybe, but you can tell Tommy doesn't really like GNR by his comments - he simply needed the $
  11. u hit the nail on the head - the 2002 lineup was the only one minus tommy that looked like they wanted to really create something cool i have to say Brain and Bucket were the best and most intriguing nu gnr members that had the chops to potentially take Guns to a whole other level - then there was Axl what a delusional man - Madagascar live in 2002 was the only decent song to listen to from the entire album the REST is B GRADE SHITE
  12. Tommy just set himself apart from the GNR legacy completly with his douchebaggery words i'm sorry but LIES is indeed a perfect album every song is GOOD
  13. totally, all in all axl is not a supreme songwriter - he is a supreme frontman the title for songwritinggoes to none other than IZZY STRADDLIN