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  1. This article says it all about what axl is i never knew what he did in helsinki, stockholm oslo etc this is what led to izzy leaving eh
  2. The real problem is Axl will feel way too threatened if it's all 5 back on stage. That means that the gang mentality is back and he is not comfortable with that at all. It's been since around 1991 since he's had to sort of compromise on shit. Since then he's been the dictator at the helm of the band and his delusions of grandeur have been exasperated due to the company he keeps. With Duff and Slash seemingly as yes people, he does not feel threatened. Take out the aliens and put in the original 5 together. Man he would need serious psycho therapy to handle it. Little guy syndrome with excessive amounts of insecurity and sensitivity.
  3. sorum and izzy have to get involved now - axl's legacy will continue to be a tyrant if he doesn't compromise on some level to include those who made him as big as he is, he certainly didn't do it by himself i can agree that adler's delusional mindset may sway the band off the rails, but there are seemingly no significant risk issues with sorum and izzy
  4. sorum is classically trained percusionist - his contributions to november rain and estranged cannot be outdone it is pure musicianship at it's best also on DTJM he also exceeds expectations with the velocity and timing towards the outro if axl was smart he'd have adler and sorum (who could learn CD easy) moonlight the show and then izzy is in and mixes with gilby at will - the money part is %, the only way for it too make sense moneywise is to get all those classic members involved, say thanks to those aliens, then they could truly charge more money per show and provide the best quality as well
  5. cant believe this topic aint getting more noise this is sorum's chance to get in now or never i'll take it honestly, just need him on NR Estranged fuck anything else - sorum can get back in - he's professional and probably the only thing that makes it an issue is that axl sees him as a threat fuck that ... bring him in asap along with izzy
  6. agreed 100% this is probably going to be my last post here boys as adler's genius is not being recognized properly and his amends and ability to keep his mouth shut has paved the way to bring this gem back to life till then i don't know how anyone can enjoy these tracks being slaughtered by frank/richard im out
  7. it does to me when you compare Axl's songwriting skills on CD versus GNR - we can agree to disagree but a fairer assessment is to say that the songwriting title within GNR OG's goes to IZZY and AXL together and separate they just can't reach new song stardom again- that my friend is a pure fact
  8. not a huge lie, just in comparison to what they are together to what they are apart ditz
  9. yes, shacklers revenge has got to be the best examople of axl veering into dog shit and crashing
  10. you were dismissing izzy and it came off as disrespectufl to his talents king doucney
  11. REGRET ??? ahhahahahhahaha how the fuck would a GNR fan have any sort of regret when AXL is the one that has screwed over thousands of fans many times IF anything Axl should have the most regrets and should make good for all his antics, this being said going to the 2002 show in Vancouver and him not showing up made me feel absolutely terrible Also not going in 93 when I was 11 is more of a case of my parents not letting me so no real regret there AGAIN NO REGRETS FOR ANYTHING IN LIFE But if you really want to reach for a regret it's buying CD from best buy and listening to it
  12. have to say axl looked very very cool still in 2001 here in vegas, should've tried to maintain that look somehow instead of going all sleazy/kid rockish
  13. very strange personified by the song 14 years - axl and izzy are straight up soulmates in the sense of what true friends are for - the only problem is that axl is tremendously one sided in his thinking and this creates problems of division