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  1. How old are you?

    51, about a year and less than a month younger than Axl Rose
  2. Guns N' Roses 2014 Tour Dates

    lack of ANY response answered my question for me: NO!
  3. Guns N' Roses 2014 Tour Dates

    are there any plans for a US tour afterwards? still jonesing for a show up here as its been over 2 years now that I saw them in Worcester, Ma.
  4. Keep on thinking "Chinese Democracy" was a flop

    I was fortunate to be at the Worcester, Ma. show the day after Thanksgiving 2011 and as far as I know the only time the band played "Scraped" on the whole US tour screw anyone that does not like Chinese Democracy each time I listen to it I love it even more
  5. Slash plugs Reckless Road on twitter

    thanks for the info as I will be purchasing one as soon as I recover from my mechanics auto repair bill!
  6. Welcome... to CANTER BANTER!

    Thanks for my new background for my PC at work Marc!
  7. Welcome... to CANTER BANTER!

    Sorry as I should have listened to LA Guns first as it definitely was not Axl singing. I hear the intro to Killing Time "Killing Time , take one" sounds like an English chap! very surprised this did not ever get released becasue it kicks ass and everyone sounds great especially Axl! I think it is very cool that you can determine this is from Nov 1985 Indiana sounds like it was recorderd with an audience in the single digits and they started a Mama Kin riff at the beginning, and like you said , kind of ad libbed and did this on the spot. Axl really puts some soul into it too really screaming. At the end of it he says the next song we will do is Heartbreak Hotel. WTF? sounds like no one is there! lol Thanks Marc I think it is great we have you here to be the authority for us on all of these rare recordings. I will see what else I can find this weekend!
  8. Welcome... to CANTER BANTER!

    sorry Marc, its me babbling again... I also found something called Guns and Roses (Bootleg) (1981-1983) Titled: "Hollywood Roses Rehearsal" (16:42 in length) sounds like it was recorded at one of LA's nightclubs nice garage band feel, very raw, yet very tight and melodic! their voices in between songs and jams sound like a bunch of kids, duh, they were! they are discussing how to play and all the sounds and it is the most bitching thing I have ever heard. it literally brings the listener in and I feel like a fly on the wall and am honored to be there mostly its just an instrumental jam as I did not recognize the song played, not great quality as it was very early 80s this is epic! just imagine being there and Axl wanted to know when I come and and when the bass comes in, etc. I heard a chick's voice too, Christy? who is Christy? ("when you come in") "come in on the second one, the third one, the fourth one" Axl "ready John?" Axl this maybe although not the best G&R, my favorite! behind the scenes at a G&R practice? thats like the coolest thing ever! recording just ends at 16:42 like someone pulled the plug out of the wall once again I will rely on Marc's expertise and hopefully you can shed some light on this Thank you Marc for your time and efforts as it is greatly appreciated by us diehard G&R fans!
  9. Welcome... to CANTER BANTER!

    got some more unreleased stuff off the internet over the weekend: "The Roots of Guns & Roses" Hollywood Rose 8 tracks, 3 dudes on cover look like some bleach blonde dude and a very young Axl and Izzy. the following tracks sound like they were recoded in a studio as demos 1) Anything Goes 2) Rocker 3) Never Enough 4) Anything Goes (again) 5) Shadow of Your Love 6) Indiana Ain't My Kinda Town 7) Your Looks are Gone 8) Killing Time (original Demo version) 2 unreleased tracks sounds like it was recorded at a studio as demos, very raw Hollywood Rose 1) Wreckless Life (working title: Wreckless) 2 Shadow of Your Love Rose 1981 Demos (color photo blonde dude Duff? playing a red flying V, Izzy in white shirt with black guitar, Axl red/black flannel shirt with t - shirt with something written on it and blue jeans, guy with black hair light blue shirt unbuttoned cropped out of photo, Slash? these 4 below grabbed at www.viamusical.net 1981? wow is there anything available eariler??? 1) My Way Your Way 2) Shadow of Your Love 3) Wreckless Life 4) Taxi Driver LA Guns (sounds like the last of a chronological order, very tight and polished) 1) Sex Action 2) Electric Gypsy 3) One More Reason (Live) 4) Bitch is Back (Live) 5) The Ballad of Jayne (Live) 6) Rip and Tear 7) Never Enough 8) Kiss My Love Goodbye All of this stuff, Hollywood Rose and LA Guns above was labeled as the roots of G&R Marc , since you were there can you shed some light on these 4 different recordings? LA Guns sounds like a professional recorded and released album I am guessing that was the last of these 4 recordings Do you know who was with each band at the time? I try to make sure I have all the original 5's stuff anyway I can get it, obviously. Thanks for taking the time to deal with all of us diehard fans! We appreciate you Marc!
  10. Welcome... to CANTER BANTER!

    you are right as Davis shoddy reporting freakin' guessing at stuff and quoting Kerrang! is a bad read. I am gulity as charged as I was specifically looking for yours as it has a ton of photos and settled for Davis' who wrote Hammer of the Gods which Slash said in his book saying he read it and it sounds made up
  11. DJ on tonight's Jimmy Fallon

    thats hilarious! props to DJ when I saw them last year he walked on the top of where they would normally have plexiglass for a hockey game (obviously taken down for a concert) and came out right by my 1st row loge seat down about a 1/4 way to the center from the stage and when I yelled "DJ!" he stopped and played a lead about a foot away from me and then proceeded to 3/4 of the way away from the stage and played another solo for some hot chick. I forgot what song I was so stoked!
  12. Your favorite bootlegs

    On "Crash Diet" Axl sounds awesome and the vocal sound is much cleaner and not as raw as "Sessions" I think Marc is correct that it was recorded at a different studio and maybe later in the 80s I also have Oh My God and it says House of Blues 2001 (which one?) either the acoustics in that building suck or the mix is bad as Axl vocals fade in and out and are not crystal clear. I also has a bootleg version of Chinese Democracy that has a different album cover too and includes different sounds like Silkworms I did legally buy the final cut of Chinese Democracy off of Apple too
  13. GnR doing 12 shows in Vegas General Discussion Thread.

    I know DJ Ashba said they have all sorts of stuff written and just need to get in the studio to put out another album. Hopefully this means another tour after Vegas as I just saw them last November in Worcester, Ma. and Axl was early arriving on stage at 10:20 for a Friday night show! At any rate this is GREAT NEWS!!!
  14. Your favorite bootlegs

    Marc I have something titled "Sessions" that has : Jumping Jack Flash Reckless Life heartbreak hotel shadow of your love jungle move to the city mama kin instrumental jam - awesome! west coast junkie a different version of November Rain rocket queen night train my michelle your're crazy paradise city nice boys back off bitch anything goes and an unwanted illusion - crash diet all taken off the internet my question is where the heck did this come from? sounds like raw versions of everything before the records were made and totally cool!