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Dead Flower

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  1. RAMMSTEIN!!! The awesomely epic official thread

    I'm right here you asshlole. Till's song is awesome.
  2. Yeah i did. dissapointed it wasnt the case would been a better story
  3. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice *NEW TRAILER*

    Looked like Dark Knight Returns suit for Bats in that clip.
  4. Breaking Bad vs. True Detective vs. Fargo

    All three are Aces! But Breaking Bad.
  5. Game of Thrones TV/Book Discussion Thread

    Gotta say, glad there was no The Stannis arrival could have been so much more epic. Still annoyed! Brienne / Hound fight was brutal! Love how it dissolved from classic swordplay to a pure thuggish scrap. Hounds kick to the cunt was lolz. Been a great season overall. Loved the Viper/Mountain fight and the Battle at the wall was managed to top Blackwater.
  6. Game of Thrones TV/Book Discussion Thread

    The Stannis redemption wasn't quite as spectacular as i would have hoped. TV Stannis shafted again. :/
  7. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice *NEW TRAILER*

    What did everyone actually think of Man of Steel? Watched it today and thought it was pretty decent. Hated all the other Superman films. Everything about this upcoming film sounds terrible, but hopefully Synder can pull it off. I've liked the majority of his stuff.
  8. Fargo, FX Original Series [SPOILERS]

    Lester's wife was fuckin cracking me up. So dumb. Malvo scaring the kids for no reason. He's such a rascal. Def best ep yet. Billy Bob Thornton and Keith Carradine both mesmerizing in that diner scene. Also... I'm gonna stick my whole thumb up your ass later. Aces!
  9. It's fuckin sick when that riff hits in the cypress version
  10. Slash's Third Album - "World On Fire"

    Just listened to the single. Enjoyable but won't be listening to it in a years time. Oh well, I'll have fun blasting it in the car for a little bit. Hope they come to Perth again soon. Last show was amazing.
  11. Slash's Third Album - "World On Fire"

    has this leaked yet?
  12. Love her. New album is bliss.
  13. Dumb and Dumber To

    looks turrable ill just watch first one again
  14. Game of Thrones TV/Book Discussion Thread

    Epic. Too much epic shit to even mention. Next week is gonna be pure jizz.
  15. Game of Thrones TV/Book Discussion Thread

    I felt pain when the teeth went flying. Oh Viper you were too sexy for that. It's been a while since I read the books so I'm unsure about timelines...