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  1. Limo Wreck, Fresh Tendrils and Mailman my favs from superunknown. Love the trippier stuff from down on the upside.
  2. Shadow face Blowing smoke and talking wind Lost my grip Fell too far to start again A sudden snake Found my shape and tells the world Remember this Remember everything is just black Or burning sun And I hope it's a sweet ride Sleep tight for me Sleep tight for me I'm gone Warm and sweet Swinging from a windows ledge Tight and deep One last sin before I'm dead A sucking holy wind Will take me from this bed tonight And bloody wits Another hits me and I have to say goodbye And I hope it's a sweet ride Here for me tonight 'Cause I feel I'm going Feel I'm slowing down
  3. The greatest... looking California and feeling Minnesota
  4. Was a fucking awesome show. Slash and Axl on the same stage = fuckin dream come true moment. Coma and Rocket Queen were my favs. Rocket Queen always good for a dance when played live. Good shit.
  5. Did television reach its highest point with that episode? Those battle scenes were the best ive seen in any medium. Whole episode was perfect. pacing, dialogue, sound, visuals... fuck The thud when those horses crashed together next to Jon.
  6. Early Sabbath was great! Also, he got really drugfucked that one time and shot 17 cats. lol