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  1. Work has kept me busy, sorry for the delay. Its coming. Soon is the word
  2. Working on it this week. Ill post it when I get it mixed down & mastered
  3. No, honestly I do it for me, and I'm always curious to see or hear opinions from other people, but its a therapy session for me everytime I sit down to record something. I have a couple cd's I recorded, one in 2007 and one in 2012. Never pushed them other than the local radio station does a "homegrown" battle on the radio that I won a few years back. They were kind of pissed that I was just a "one man band", lol.
  4. Yeah, I record a bunch. I usually just record originals. I don't know if that link will work from my fb page, but that's a tune I recorded "Exlovely"
  5. Still working on it. Working on the locomotive part now. I'll post the full song when it's finished. I figured I would get flamed by GnR fans, lol. Coma and Locomotive are two of my faves from the GnR catalog, so I wanted to blend them together and do something original. I think it will be pretty bad ass when it's done.
  6. Doing a Coma/locomotive mix with a metal twist. Just a clip. I do it all myself. Thoughts? opinions? Enjoy
  7. Disgusting. I'm a loooooong time fan, and found this absolutely distasteful. Of all the ways they could use their platform and that was their response?That? Good grief. What a way to make a statement. They decided to make a political statement and that was it. The lowest point in their career. They all should be ashamed to walk on stage. I'm ashamed for them.
  8. Coma chant is bad ass, Slash is active and into it. River Plate, amazing crowd