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  1. 04/08/2016 - Las Vegas - T-Mobile Arena

    May want to call MGM direct if you're looking for additional nights. In the past, they have been pretty good about customizing packages...
  2. No idea, but they hit my inbox at 3:06. Bought them during the Nightrain Presale, right away. Last name beginning with "T."
  3. My wife and I will be there. Coming from Tampa, FL (New Port Richey).
  4. Long shot, but hoping someone familiar with Ticketmaster Mexico can help! I purchased two tickets for the 20th during the nightrain presale. Unfortunately, my card is flat (not embossed) and I read you need an embossed card to pickup the tickets. My bank issued me a new card that IS embossed, however it has a different number. I contacted Ticketmaster Mexico online at the link I was directed to to change the credit card associated with the tickets, which I filled out. It said I would have confirmation in 48 hours, and that time has passed. Today, when I logon to my Ticketmaster account, I see a new line on the order confirmation that reads "*7 checar tjt e iden MX $1.00" Is it safe to assume this reflects the change of card and the MX $1 was to "authorize it." I would call, however my Spanish is lacking, so I wouldn't get very far!
  5. To anyone in this situation, I received a reply from Ticketmaster Mexico via email that the 48 hour policy does not apply to International Credit Card purchases made abroad. Also received a tweet back from them stating the same. Those purchases can be picked up as late as 1 hour prior to the show.
  6. Plenty of seats left. Click the presale code in your Nightrain control panel to get to the presale.
  7. So, coming from FL and got tickets to the April 20th show. On the "International Will Call" page, it says that I will need to pickup tickets 1 hour prior to the show, which is fine. But in my email confirmation, it says 48 hours prior. I am arriving in Mexico Tuesday night, so that wouldn't be possible. Anyway around this? Not sure why there is conflicting information. Also, not until I got the email confirmation did it state that I need an "embossed" credit card to pick up the tickets. Mine is the new flat printed / chip style card. Any suggestions? Hate to just not use the tickets...