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  1. Coachella - Forum Meetup / Camping Thread

    You magnificent bastard...
  2. 2016 Tour - Roll Call Thread

    Second week of Coachella.
  3. Coachella - Forum Meetup / Camping Thread

    I'll probably still buy them, but I'll have to wait a few paychecks. Leave the room far away for whoever my brother wants to bone down with.
  4. 2015 National Football League (NFL) SUPER BOWL 50

    Yep. With Rawls and a beefed up oline you guys are way better off.
  5. Coachella - Forum Meetup / Camping Thread

    Fuck, dude. I wish I had just a little patience. I paid $500 for 2 nights 20 miles away, or else I absolutely would have. I'll hit ya up if anything changes.
  6. I'm all for persevering, but I'm rooting for death by nuclear blast in this scenario.
  7. Coachella - Forum Meetup / Camping Thread

    Out now. Everything else is ~$250+ and about 15+ miles away. I don't really give a shit how much I spend on the experience, but I'm not sure if I should go ahead and buy now or check cragslists/forums/airbnb/etc.
  8. Bum, early 2000s, where John Lennon was shot, ICBM guidance systems manufacturing, and BO. There's dots to be connected, but I'm not sure I'm up to the task.
  9. Coachella - Forum Meetup / Camping Thread

    So are there going to be official weekend 1/2 meetups? I'm down for a meetup with whoever on the 2nd weekend.
  10. I remember running into a bum in the early 2000s who told me my (relatively smaller) hometown would be nuked because they manufactured missile guidance systems. I thought he was full of shit. But he could have been right (or watched the scene from Armageddon).
  11. Coachella - Forum Meetup / Camping Thread

    I hit opening time at coachella.com immediately for the second week (after first week presale was out) and couldn't find camping/car camping. Delayed looking for lodging up until now, but I'm sure (uh, sorta) ill figure something out.
  12. Coachella - Forum Meetup / Camping Thread

    I'm picturing the "Foxey Lady" scene from Wayne's World using Axl's snake dance.
  13. What's your favorite thing from Taco Bell?

    Chicken quesadilla with fire sauce.
  14. Describe marijuana in your own eyes.

    On the west coast of the States there's not a lot they've rallied around like marijuana. I don't think SoulMonster took their entire cause into consideration, though. A lot of the drive was reducing non-violent offenders and severely reducing the black market associated with it. ... and then it gets taxed 25%.