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  1. Goodbye Ron (???)

    So is this for real
  2. The Big 4 - who is your favorite?

    Rust in Peace is one of my favourite metal albums ever but even still Metallica have those first four albums that are pretty much untouchable.
  3. If the poll is asking something positive the answer is old gnr. Negative, new gnr. It's that easy.
  4. Guns N' Roses Comeback Tour 2014 to Start Soon

    2-3 more years touring, no new album, no new live songs. Album(s) released after Axl dies. That's what we are in for. I feel like Anyone who expects anything more is kidding themselves.
  5. Live Q&A about Vegas Residency

    If everyone does it though they will get the message. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe it has any chance of leading to new music I just want to show them that the fan base is fed up. I feel this is the best way to do it besides not attending live shows (which I already do not attend when they come by my way).
  6. Live Q&A about Vegas Residency

    We should band together and just ask one question worded the same. "When can we expect new music? All the fans care about is new music." Something blunt like that. Get everyone on the forum to just copy and paste that a hundred times. If they answer it with bullshit we could then just take out the first part and write "we only care about new music". If you're a member of this forum what the fuck else is there you care about? Slash questions? He won't ever play with him again so it's pointless. DVD questions? How many live shows are out there why in the fuck would it matter if they sold you one as opposed to youtube. Questions about the residency? What's there to say other than negative things. Now I don't have the commitment to organize this but I thought I'd throw that out there and say that I would get twitter just to do this.
  7. Is Madagascar the real gem from Chinese Democracy?

    The mix of Axls vocals from this song and that acoustic velvet revolver song is probably my favourite thing gnr related since illusions. Maybe tied with the slither/if the world mix.
  8. When Exactly did Axl Rose Stop Trying?

    I really don't understand how Axl thought this was a good idea. I sort of understand why no one told him it was a bad idea, ya know, who he's surrounded by and everything. This is literally one of the dumbest ideas he has had since jerseys and braids and rerecording appetite.
  9. April 6 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Any video of shacklers?
  10. song where axl sounds the best on studio recording

    You're crazy acoustic
  11. Isn't it a little weird how there's hundreds of what I would consider brain dead idiot rappers out there and most don't use telepromptors even though they have ten times as many lyrics typically at twice the speed of delivery and they don't forget them? Now consider how many songs, how many albums and mix tapes these dudes have... NOW consider how most are younger so they haven't played these songs one fiftieth the amount Acl plays his songs. To me that shows Axl is either incredibly stupid or has some somewhat serious mental issues (which I'm not insulting him for if true it should just be addressed)
  12. Duff is down, Slash is down, for a few shows Izzy would be down, Adler and Matt are down.... Axl is a clown.
  13. Why are people crapping on Axl so much these days?

    The guy was a beast for like six years when the band started. So energetic, so captivating, so confident..... Then... The band fell apart but he continued on. Then 2002 - jerseys, braids, the voice, buckethead, robin, the industrial sound... Then a cancelled tour and no album. Then a new tour that was actually kind of cool in 2006 and everything seemed set to go.... Then nothing... Then an album out of nowhere and Axl is MIA... Then nothing... Then the greatest hits tour which keeps on rolling. Man, it's so interesting to me. He sort of asks for the crap he gets given the past twenty years and especially considering what came before it. The guys life is just so fucking weird and his crazy actions turned from crazy good (and bad) to just crazy bad around 2007 so that's why he gets so much crap from his biggest supporters.