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  1. What went wrong with NUGNR?

    Welll, considering that the majority oftheir biggest hits (sans November Rain)wrote by Izzy Stradlin, your point is moot. After Izzy left, they can't write anything like they used to, because he was the key factor in songwriting. Of coure that the songs needed everyone's input, but the key part to cohesive sound and songs was Izzy andthe downfall started when their ego's can't make any compromise (remember the " you play on my song, then i play on yours" thing?) Even Axl admitted that he begged Izzy to come back, because he knew that they can't really sustain their style without him. That's why he wanted to try new things and Slash wanted to keep their roots. Not just because of the so called "evolved GNR" vision.... The rest is history
  2. I read the thread, it was more than 25 years ago, who the fuck cares? That being said, if Angus or Briandoesn't care after all these years, then why should we care?
  3. What went wrong with NUGNR?

    pretty much this That being said, i've enjoyed the 2 NuGNR shows I thought that his profile pic is a dead body's face
  4. 05/22/16 - Prague, Czech Republic - Letnany Airport

    Wait, they were playing Touch Too Much after THE SHOW I SAW? EDIT: I just watch TTM,For the love of god, Axl, go sit back down.... First time he was really Mickey on an AC/DC song
  5. TOUCH TOO MUCH - Why is it Axl's favorite?

    More like Def Leppard with actual talent, lol
  6. Well, Rock or Bust is a mediocre song so...
  7. Nick Menza, ex Megadeth Drummer, passed away at 51

    terrible news, rip
  8. Kanye West Thread

    Well, i haven't been in this threadfor a while (for a lot of reasons) but here's the "New Slaves" ripoff again: lol bacardi
  9. Your favorite GN'R gig of all time?

    All time? Probably Felt Forum 88 My personal experience? 2010 Bucharest
  10. 06/15/16 - Düsseldorf, Germany - Esprit Arena

    Fuck, i have a big temptation to go to an another gig, because i have a few friends in Düsseldorf, but i've already spent too much
  11. 05/19/16 - Vienna, Austra - Happel Stadium

    Finally had the time to wrote my experience about this gig, because i just wake up after a 10 hour long sleep (long trips to home and hangovers, lol) First of all: I don't really have good tickets and i was pretty far away from the stage, but that was not really a problem becausei must say that the overall soundwas phenomenal and the big ass displays showed everything important.These guys are pro's on every level... From what i can tell, Axl came close to his 1991 voice.... Everybody here can hear the streams and tell that he sounds like a motherfucker on these shows so far, but when you experience it live, then it's a whole different level of awesomeness... I must say, that i haven't saw Axl since 2010, and haven't saw AC/DC since 2009 and this was probably the best rock n' roll show i've ever saw in my life. Angus is 60 and yet he plays like he was just 25, it's unbeliavable. The man is a machine and he deserve the "boss" status in AC/DC. y'know on the live streams i found that Angus's solo spot is too long,. but on a live setting, it's totally worth it. Honorable mentionabout Chris Slade, dude is 70 and he plays with great power, he still has the chops. Crowd was pretty great and i still miss the chance to meet up mygnr members maybe next time Oh and to @The ArcherAxl still doesn't pull out that part on For Those About to Rock Mmy only "complaints" that 3 songs needs to go for good:Rock or Bust (not the best show opener, imho); Got Some Rock n' Roll Thunder (song is such a bore), Rock n' Roll Train (also boring, imho). That being said, Axl did a great job on EVERY song, he even improved more on TNT and Dirty Deeds. I find it very hard to hear any Mickey, but believe me, i tried It was great to see him performing on his foot (most of the time) again!He really put his 140% on these gigs, and i'm pretty sure that whenever they'll come around here with GNR, i will be there, no matter the cost Hells Bells, back in Black, Given the Dog a Bone and Thunderstruckwas a pleasure to listen to Oh and reading back on this thread, i realise that you guys and gals doesn't have a stable stream so you must missed a lot of songs, sad Anyway, like i said, it's probably in my TOP 3 shows overall, maybe it's the number one (yes, even topped the 2010 Bucharest and Vienna GNR gigs not to mention the 2006 Budapest GNR gig or any other big artists i've ever saw) i'm just glad that i've witnessed this rock history moment in person.
  12. 05/16/16 - Werchter, Belgium - Werchter Site

    There was a show tonight and i completely thought that the Vienna gig will be the next..... I'm an idiot
  13. Civil disobedience : Matt Damon speech/ Opinions ?

  14. Civil disobedience : Matt Damon speech/ Opinions ?

    you know nothing about anarchy, imho (or don't really understand what anarchy stoods for)
  15. Good point Well, i'm more excited about AXL/DC than in GNR or AC/DC in the past few years so it's a win-win for the fans I don't think that he could throw out the GNR name after all the shit went down and this recent semi reunion At the end of the day: GNR is his life since 1985 If he can manage to fill in for more AXL/DC shows while he is still fronting GNR, i don't see the problem The only problematic thing is new music, because he finallly got a legit excuse if he fronts 2 bands