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  1. seriously? you people speculating who is in the band based on who wish Axl's ginger ass a happy bday?   This is business and nothiing to do with birthdays....   Izzy doesn't even have social media representation, yet he could still be involved any time.... it's been said here numerous times, that Axl does NOT like Matt, they still got some beef, and Axl always looked at Matt as an employee.... so he chooses his own employee That's all  
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Well, Trump  come off as a person who would legitimately send people to labour camps, because of the colour of their skin if he's got to win.... I would vote for Sanders if i would live in the States... or wouldn't vote for anybody
  3. He should be banned, imho   Can't even speak basic english,  doesn't know how to edit his posts, only demands and demands and demands and probably doesn't know how to tie his shoes....
  4. I suppose you asking about those vegas clips   Try herehttp://www.mygnrforum.com/index.php?/topic/213834-httpmp3-guns-n-roses-2014-all-in-one-mp3/

    Integrity starts now...   At least Axl's nonsensical tweet is more understanable
  6. Slash even pull out a version of PC with Fergie (a fact that he got a lot of shit from people over here...) plus he played an awful live  SCOM with Fergie    Btw i don't even heard the song so i wasn't  even aware that if he wrote it or something, i despise Def Leppard so i dunno if this is a similar situation when BBF or DJ plays GNR songs on their solo shows... oh and i will not click on this link... But he should feel honored s much as he wants, imho   Carey is a great singer, just plays shit music (same applies to Lady gaga, she's got some great voice but she plays shit songs, because the majority wants shit songs and autotune)
  7. He was probably gave a shit, because he had known that he couldn't pull out some songs with the new line up Several reports say the reunion was in the works for 2 years at least...   That doesn't explain why he sounded like shit since 2011 o most of the shows... saving his voice? it's possible, but he was not the person who doesn't give a shit on his performance.... that's why his lazy 2011 onwards period is a mistery.... but he did a handful of shows, though
  8. Line Up? and Old/New GnR Songs

    Then don't go to the shows, sell your ticket   and stfu   I bet you saw Axl with the the nuband, though so your point is moot   Btw TIL was written in the UYI days so it would be logical to play that song.... so don't uuuughhh to me and i don't even like TIL
  9. Line Up? and Old/New GnR Songs

    I  can't help but think TIL will be played
  10. Will the reunion fall apart before April?

    The money is too big, if Axl finally decided to take the stage with Slash then it will happen. Does not worth for Axl to fuck up this one
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/268501-albright-theres-a-special-place-in-hell-for-women-who-dont-help-each-other    So 'murican women should vote for Hillary, because she is a woman? seems legit, much democracy such reasoning ""So people are talking about revolution, what a revolution it would be to have a woman president," " exactly the same with a man..... absolutely no revolution... a revolution would kill the USA     Also: this bitch should burn in hell    
  12. Ask Staff Anything!

    Why this thread got locked? it's a completely legit topic what does it mean "we don't have time for this?"   If its ended with a shitstorm, then you could move into Civil War and that's it... http://www.mygnrforum.com/index.php?/topic/213897-will-the-reunion-fall-apart-before-april/
  13. Paul Rudd Appreciation Thread

    At first i thought this thread is about AC/DC's drummer then i realised that he is Phil Rudd
  14. Marc's contribution to the new BBC documentary

    here you are    
  15. Red Hot Chili Peppers

    terrible like the album with Dave