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  1. Well, Buckethead got more fans when he played with GNR, but he is more known among younger people (whom play guitar) than GNR these days... or let's just say, more people discover Buckethead than GNR in the past few years But he is a low profile guy, though Objectively speaking he was/is more talented than ANY guitar player in this band (including Slash)
  2. They are also not going down in history, though maybe Buckethead, because he has got real talent and a virtuoso player but he is a recluse We are bashing him, because his statement is ridiculously untrue Plus he is looking like a douche... I know that he was nice with some fans, but stil, the guy is a douche and a mediocre guitarist
  3. He will not go down in history, just on the toilet of the music business... From 10-15 years now on ( I assume that he could still actively sell the "i'm a cool guy with and eyeliner aand a guitar in hand and i'm a rebelllll" image in this time frame) nobody would even remember who he was
  4. Thanks for posting but after reading the description, i'll pass I must admit i laughed more than i should have laugh on this part: " I guess the housekeeper must have found a mysterious switch which he decided to flick ;-). For the next couple of minutes the volume was just insane and almost unbearable. When I looked at my wife’s face I thought she was in a real state of shock because she had never experienced a volume like that before. I actually thought she would start to cry………..needless to say I really enjoyed it (the volume, I mean…… ;-). From then on the recording sounds much better and clearer than it does in the beginning. "
  5. This:⚡dc-060916-manchester-england-etihad-stadium-audio/ Even better quality than Werchter
  6. Good list ,although i would wrote that every UYI show was recorded and there's rumours about another 1987 pro shot besides the recently surfaced Ritz 1987 (can't remember which show, but it's probably from North America, not Europe) Also there's one proshot from 2010 that is uncirculated and very few people has it so far Oh and the Vegas 2001 DVD release which got canned oh and Music Machine was really filmed professionaly? That's news to me since the quality of the video is audience quality
  7. bacardi is a she? black sabath is a she? who is she?
  8. i just wanna know if i'm stating that MJ was a pedo i will get mocked again by not keeping up that legally he wasn't a pedo and it's normal to inivte kids in your bedroom etc. i wonder where are those people who defended MJ here over the years
  9. hi i want to know that how could you write a question mark upside down
  10. I'm still waiting for people who have defended him over here at mygnr in the past few years
  11. Source: I know that the source is a tabloid, but if you look the first link, you will have to be a Jackson nutswinger/apologist to not think (or rethink) about the accusations against him....
  12. lol Nobody takes NME seriously since the 80's This list is more than an updated "best of" list than a "who is more influential" list, though
  13. Now this is a rare find!
  14. i'm really curious what happens next Definitely a great episode, the battle was intense as fuck I can only hope that Littlefinger doesn't put his dingus in Sansa, though Wun Wun was a true hero, Rickon's character turned out to be completely pointless (even Hodor makes more sense in this show than "a true Stark" who doesn't even have a line...), Daenerys is the true boss, Jon Snow is a loser compared to her, Theon and Yara must have booked a private jet for Mereen lol PS. the end is near for Melisandre, imho. Davos will skullfuck her, lol
  15. whiskey rose is probably her alt acc, though aaand that was my guess, but i don't have the balls to say it publicly