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  1. Slash vs. Buckethead Vs. BBF

    There's a reason you see Slash and Bucket in those top guitarist lists all over and Ron is hardly ever mentioned.
  2. Bumblefoot blacklists MyGnrForum and other fan forums

    I wasn't online when this all happened but it looked like Bumble was just covering his ass...and did a poor job at it too. I cringed.
  3. MYGNRFORUM Covers: Better

    all sound great! AxlisOld sounds exactly like Axl @ "I would do anything for you". Fuckin blew my mind.
  4. "Better" music video leak discussion - DISCUSSION ONLY

    Sorta glad they didn't officially release it. I liked the intro but the rest was meh. Just some cool backstage shots.
  5. The Richest Lead Singers in the World

    Just estimates. No one except them and their accountants know the real numbers.
  6. "Better" music video leak discussion - DISCUSSION ONLY

    I like this fan version better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8uoJbAEjiA&feature=player_embedded
  7. Guns N' Roses - 2002 Vma - Rehearsal - New Clip - MyGnR Exclusive

    I don't see whats so great about this..............that was not one of their better performances anyways
  8. New Bumblefoot Interview: "My life is governed by pain"

    Replace bumble with Carly Rae Jensen
  9. Rapidfire

    Definitely not early 80s GN'R material. That guitar tone sounds way too close to AFD which was '86+ and Slash was in by then. I think the other poster is right in that this may be the Zakk Wylde era stuff. Sounds a lot like Zakk. But Axls voice sounds very much like his AFD voice....I really don't know but I know its not pre-AFD. Slash coined that sound using a '59 Super Lead. I could see Zakk re-creating that sound later.
  10. This is a bit off topic but I didnt want to make a thread about it. Do Robin/Paul/Bucket get royalties for CD? Even though Bucket wasn't under contract when it was released does he get royalties for helping write the songs? Same with Paul?
  11. Has anybody in here ever lost a fight?

    What you'll see is a lot of the more respected "fighters" (MMA etc.) tend to avoid fights at all costs. Guys like Bas Rutten for ex. tend to de-escalate the situation instead of smashing the other guy in. What you have to realize is that it's 2012 and everyone is suing everyone else. Its always best to try to avoid it at all costs. It's not worth getting sued over or being sent to jail for. People have ruined their future from fighting alone. Be the bigger man and let it go.
  12. meh, Estranged is the best thing they ever did..

    It's not my favorite but I think it is the best song they collectively wrote. Everything from the lyrics to the piano to the solo was perfect. Listen to Slash's tone during the solo...effin perfect. It has its highs and lows. The intro is chilling. It is THE song I would play to anyone who never heard of GN'R before. But for me personally there are others I like better, Breakdown, Coma, Civil War, Paradise City. . .but I won't deny Estranged is imo the best GN'R song written.
  13. If another album was in process, shouldn't there be any new leaks? BITW doesn't sound like a new song but more like a mix and I'm really hoping it's not a new song!
  14. John 5 a better fit for GNR than Bumble

    Based on their skills? They can both do all of those things. How do you know if one guitarist is better at "picking" than another? Or more versatile? It sounds really subjective. Hence why I said they are both on the same level but I could not choose one over the other because I don't understand how one can sit there and say "oh this guy is way better at picking, or this guy is better at tapping so he must be on a higher level".
  15. John 5 a better fit for GNR than Bumble

    Thank you! I usually do not like your posts but you really hit the nail on the head with this one.