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  1. respect for duff and thanx.

    thats cool,man.
  2. Duff radio interview in Argentina

    wasn't duffs wife just THE BODY?something like that………...
  3. Setlist for Duff GNR shows?

    i don't think at this point duff needs to take any shit from none.
  4. Duff radio interview in Argentina

    HE needs to rehearse……….lolololol.
  5. Duff radio interview in Argentina

    i do not think duff will be weirded out by whoever in south america. duff is cool.
  6. that is true as well,damn smooth…………..what a mess.
  7. Duff radio interview in Argentina

    it's cool that duff is doing all this for his pal Axl. and i agree,the man with the booze and coke fucking dying in the hospital is now perhaps the most respected man in rock. that's right. i also have to say that the mygnr mods have been really good,giving everyone a voice here. id like to support this web site at least.
  8. Axl Rose Then & Now: Brazilian Fans Weigh In

    what about memory (you can't put your arm around a memory by johnny thunders)as an encore when duff gets to play?
  9. i think too that duff rose mckagan is capable of whatever. shoulda been him doing rose tattoo 's song tonight.