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  1. BBA Speaks Out On the New Forum Ownership

    BBa for the win.
  2. Former Banned Members -> "Returned" Group

    sent a pm. not sure if it went through.
  3. Former Banned Members -> "Returned" Group

    this is thomasmeadow. Im about to go to work and the computer im on wont let me PM right now. thanks
  4. Former Banned Members -> "Returned" Group

    I tryed logging in on my old screen name. still banned?
  5. Okay, so I'm more or less the man at the gym now a days . Pull ups, lifting , and running 3 miles a day out side. Women over here are checking me out. left and right! So the people that I work with. well, they like to drink, smoke, talk about their feelings, go to bed super early. And I'm the bad guy I guess for not doing what they do. I have been talked to by my main boss over here that i'm not part of the "team". well, I don't want to be a part of that. but me not being apart of that is hurting my career. WHAT SHOULD I DO!
  6. So I've been wanting to cry a lot this week due to depressed feelings and thoughts of killing my self I have a lot due to stress (work related). But I have roommate so I can't cry in my room. Can't cry at work. The gym is about the only time I don't feel like crying. So I go to the gym a lot to burn off stress. Maybe the shower I could cry in but I share the showers with orther workers and I don't want one to walk in on me crying. Grrrr what should I do?
  7. Who is your favorite member of NWA?

    I like Ice Cube . he had some good post nwa shit. got kinda soft though when he started making movies.
  8. Im gonna get one of these and blast "so caught up in you" from .38 special out the loud speaker !
  9. Who cares ? Stop derailing my thread
  10. Ricky Nelson

    Yea i had a Ricky Nelson kick like 6 years ago. The dude ruled. sucks he died.
  11. Grrrr found this one with low miles but i'm over seas right now
  12. soooo anyway. Any good web sites on car sales or trade.
  13. Plan on getting one in oct. or nov. of this year. any good trading or buying auto sites.
  14. 87 trans am 's are the fucking shit. I wanted one for a while. The time for a trans am is now The place is here. So any good trader websites?