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  1. 2pm tomorrow in Europe I guess then (GMT +1).
  2. I wonder if the terror attacks in Manchester will postpone the announcement... So sad what has happened there :(.
  3. They also shot the cover photo of Nirvana's Nevermind in this one !
  4. Here's a cool pic from Sante D'Orazio of Axl in the 90s, for all you receding hairline analists to decipher.
  5. I know what the "HUGE" announcement will be!!! Fan-favorite axeman Paul "Huge" Tobias was dragged from the vault, back in the band to replace the inferior Saul Hudson on lead guitar!
  6. Me too, but it wasn't Fernando ;). I remember everyone thanking that guy in a special thank you thread on here the next day.
  7. That's some phenominal Axlspeak, ronartest2004. But seriously, Axl should be glad we, the hardcore fans, still give a shit at this point about hearing a couple of demos from his inferior version of Gn'R. Throw the people who were loyal all those years a bone and release them, since they won't sell for shit anyway with Slash and Duff back in the band. Thank.
  8. The least we should get is Mister Shit Lobster to leak another 3 minute preview of different parts of each of those songs. Seriously, I get that you might want to hoard for big $$$ or can't leak full tracks legally, but another SMALL FUCKING PREVIEW of different parts of each track DOESNT HURT ANYONE!!!
  9. I don't get why Mister Sumo Lulz won't just throw us a bone and leak this already. It's not like this stuff will ever see the light of day officially anyway. How long did the Beta whine about Going Down being leaked? 2 or 3 days tops. SO: LEAK THE TRACKS NOW AND THROW THE DIEHARD FANS A BONE!!!!
  10. Only $225 here LOL https://www.knyew.com/products/rock-guns-n-roses-needle-and-skull-tee-rt88-061
  11. This is the vile Maribeth (Axl stalker) at work.
  12. I bought mine today for 14 euros at the AKO of station Holland Spoor in The Hague, the Netherlands. I knew of the existence of this collector's magazine, but happened to stumble upon it by pure coincidence. Those AKO bookstores usually have a bunch of English (music) magazines on display, but I didn't think I would ever find this one. After having doubt about buying it because of the hefty price, I figured Gn'R gave me so much fun with their music/antics over the years and helped me find myself as a human being/grow up I should as well fork out the cash (I listened their entire discography on Spotify and never bought a CD too, so there's another reason). It helps that it was the only one available too. Might make some scans if it's allowed by the mods and if there is still a demand. Cheers.
  13. Is he wearing a Slash shirt here?
  14. He looks older in 2010 then he looks now. So I guess it's an improvement.
  15. Someone pls rip this video before crazy Maribeth and here face UZI Suicidal LLC account take this video down again.