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  1. The Official Blu-Ray Thread

    haha, i know that wont be a lot, but like I said its just starting out.
  2. The Official Blu-Ray Thread

    Where's the best place to buy Burays at the lowest price? I'm about to start building a collection but dont wanna spend more than a few hundred starting out. Would my best bet be eBay? Craigslist aint got nothin in my area.
  3. Home Theaters

    nice. when i move out and get my own apt, i shall make it like this
  4. Holy shit, I'm glad Im too young to have kids that age. Jesus. But, I wouldnt stop my Son from exploring his own orientation. I'd treat the talk the same as I would as if he were speaking to a girl. That behavior and language to another child is just way out of line. I'd definitely confront him over it and explain why he cant say those things. You have to be sensitive to his feelings and understand his sexuality. The harsh language also can partially be contributed to "boys being boys". I used some pretty foul shit like that when I was that age to my friends, just not in a homosexual context XD. I don't think he would have said anything of that nature to a girl.
  5. Apocalyptic Love has leaked

    prefer both snakepits, but its still pretty good.
  6. TWAT vs Anastasia

    TWAT is the better song, but the soloing isnt anything special. People really overrate that song in my opinion. It should be the better song anyway considering it was what, 15 years in the making? When I first heard people talking about it, I expected it to be like Estranged or November Rain. It's far below those unfortunately. Not because of Axl though, the guitar parts just arent that soulful and those guys really lack a sense of melody when compared to GNR era Slash. Its not bad by any stretch of the imagination, a really great song no doubt. But on the level as Coma, Estranged, November Rain, bitch please.... Nothing either of them have done will ever compare to this I'm afraid. Just listen to the first solo in this. That's something nugunners simply cant match.
  7. "Not For Me" live

    first thing this song and performance reminded me of was slash and his acoustic performances with Eric. Great as always Slash
  8. Apocalyptic Love has leaked

    I think I love One Last Thrill. I love high octane rockers like this. awesome vibe and I'm beginning to warm up to Myles on this record.
  9. Hard & Fast intro guitar riff - a rip off??

    Im not sure if you can, but did they not later credit them in the later releases? Im not a huge Led Zep fan but I thought I read that somewhere. Would be a huge admission of guilt if so. And by 100% on D&C I mean clear, cut, 100 percent obviously stolen with no way to deny it.
  10. Hard & Fast intro guitar riff - a rip off??

    The songs that were traditional , artists before them had their own personal interpretation. Zeppelin took THEIR interpretation and claimed it as their own. And then you have songs like Dazed and Confused which are 100 percent rip offs with no credit. Anyway, the point is you find stuff like this all over music. So Slash taking a few riffs, most of which are his own, and using them on this record is a non issue. "Imitation Is The Highest Form Of Flattery"
  11. Hard & Fast intro guitar riff - a rip off??

    Goes alot further than Willie Dixon. They SHOULD be ashamed whether they are or not. check out part 2 and 3 of these videos as well. Its so ridiculously obvious its pathetic.
  12. Hard & Fast intro guitar riff - a rip off??

    Maybe not quite half, but definitely more than a bit. Enough to be ashamed of it.
  13. No more heroes

    What's your point? Both bands used a basic drum beat you can find on any drum machine. Whats the problem here?
  14. Hard & Fast intro guitar riff - a rip off??

    a few licks here and there yes, you think thats bad? Listen to Led Zeppelin. Half of their catalog is blatant plagarism from beginning to end, riffs, lryics and all. Slash using a barely similar lick from 26 years ago hardly is considered such.
  15. No more heroes

    Nope, the drumming is kinda similar, but its a rather basic and widely used beat. Youre obviously reaching for shit at this point. Get lost.