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  1. What other lyrics? The (gay slur) has been used (Dire Straits) among others. The only questionable lyric is the N bomb, although (not sure why) the kids (hip hop) get a free pass (double standard) on that one. If it were a Madonna or a Gaga or a U2 itd be given a free pass as "art".
  2. Lyrics are fine if it was a rap crap hip hop band or some alt band. Bring GnR- they didn't fly (double standard).
  3. Ain't it Fun. Look at Your Gane Girl. SOD (solo album but great tune). OIAM (never had a chance to be a mainstream "hit" due to non PC lyrics at the time).
  4. Been there...done that. Ship has sailed. They will never be the 'biggest band in the world' again. But- they can still kick ass live.
  5. Agree. Anything from "the CD era" no thank you. That's not new.
  6. LOL. Exactly. Talk about "Just shut up and sing".
  7. LOL. Yeah wasn't exactly gong for "cute" but it does sound that way reading it back.
  8. Probably because they were all bonked out on who knows what and made some side bet.
  9. Stated beautifully. I saw the UYI tour and based on 1995ish-2015ish was resigned to never seeing them again. This NITLT tour is great. It's like a Swan Song. I don't expect more after my show in July, and I'm not really sure I want more. In an odd way I've had my "closure" now (after the Vegas shows I saw and my upcoming show).
  10. 'Tallica is/was brutal. I walked in late in their set. GnR kicked ass then!
  11. Yes he's nuts. But a "normal" Richie kicks ass.
  12. Out of those choices Eattanged is my fave. Civil War as well. Vegas last year- both were finallly played properly again and kicked ass!
  13. Phil X is fine, but Jovi needs Richie back. He's the "rock star" in the band. His vocals, his bluesyness are missed.
  14. Because his whole tour this year (well leg 1 - 30 shows) has been a different local opener each night/city. They don't announce opener until a week or so prior). Is that what they are doing here- no clue. Richie and Ori- zero chance. They (Richie and JBJ) haven't talked in 4 years plus....(sound familiar)?