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  1. I probably should have titled this thread "Where do we go....where do we go now..."?
  2. That was the 1st ever concert at the new stadium, so I'm hoping (since they have had a few more since) the sound will be better. I'm in PIT. Should be kick ass.
  3. I've been loving the reunion since it was 1st announced (ironically I was in Vegas when the news 1st broke and i also went back to Vegas for both shows). What will happen come after Nov 25? More legs of the current tour (I hope)? Recording new stuff? Fade away? More Nu GnR (God please no)? Axl/DC? It will no doubt be interesting what the GnR future holds. Is this just a 'one off' tour or what? Will Duff/Slash be allowed to do interviews? Time will tell on all I guess....
  4. It looks like Mpls has sold really well so far. Will no doubt be awesome.
  5. Vegas night 2 last year "Patience". 'I sit here...in this chair'.
  6. Yeah I really want that. The only song I need as a "must have" is Estranged. Yesterday's would be great too.
  7. Wow- I hated 'Nu Guns' but this version (who is the drummer? He's great) was tight. This is great. You (well I) forget how great Axl was even during these solo years. What a waste. Too bad they didn't reunite like 10 years ago.
  8. "OK never mind".... Yes I agree 100%. This song screams Slash too IMO. It's the most "real" GnR thing on CD.
  9. No way that pic is 1994. And looking at all the pics- it's sad really. Too bad a sober Duff wasnt around to help him....too many users, hangers on and abusers took over.
  10. I just watched Axl/DC "Riff Raff" and Angus looks much better in jeans than the stupid school boy look.
  11. UYI's are perfect the way they are. That may just be nostalgia on my part with the midnight release etc....but I stand by my statement. That is was a great time.
  12. lol. No. Some promoter or venue guy.
  13. Such a smooth beautiful language! lol
  14. Easily coulda called it a day after an hour. And yeah 1992 Axl woulda bailed after about 10 minutes "thanks to the lame ass (weather)"!