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  1. Any reason why this was moved? Sorum is still in the band Rock in Rio this weekend. Looks like there may be a live stream
  2. Your concerts in 2016

    So i saw Jungle Rot, The Acacia Strain and Dying Fetus this past weekend.. What. The. Fuck. by far the dumbest fucking show i've ever been too. There weren't a lot of people because Bullet For My Valentine and Asking Alexandria were playing down the road, so most metal fans were at that show. If anyone here is familiar with the differences in fan participation between death metal and death core, you'll realize that 1 of the 3 bands that i listed is not like the other. The Acacia Strain had by far the most people turn out for them. While everyone was moshing and circle pitting for Jungle Rot, when The Acacia Strain came out, it turned into a goddamn karate dojo. There were so many hardcore dancers. Now for the die hard death metal fans, they had no idea what the fuck was going on. Some thought everyone was fighting, some tried to mosh normally. it was a cluster fuck to say the least. After about 2 or 3 songs, 2 little muscular death metal fans started flipping off the hardcore dancers and trying to push them to the ground and hurt them. While no one was stopping this, the hardcore dancers kept coming up to the death metal people and dancing right in front of them, resulting in multiple fights and injuries. In a vain attempt at trying to hurt everyone in the front, one of the 2 muscular dudes runs up and pushes everyone up against the stage (there was no barrier) and falls to the floor.. Everyone looks down at him when he doesn't get back up and his fucking knee cap is hanging off the side of his leg... no one attacked him or singled him out, just instant karma. 2 of his buddies came out of nowhere and put him around there shoulders and walked him to the back. Meanwhile a 7foot something gets on stage and tries to hardcore-style stage dive literally wiping out everyone on that side of the stage probably causing multiple injuries. 7foot something dude then goes to the bar and grabs a bar stool and starts hardcore dancing with that, then literally gets speared Edge-style by a death metal fan thinking he's some sort of terrorist trying to hurt everyone.This was getting fucked, and we still had one band left Walking outside between bands for a smoke break, most of The Acacia Strains fans were leaving and talking shit about all the death metal people. While waiting, an ambulance shows up and takes away our muscular friend. Walking back inside the venue, you could tell that most people left or were leaving. Dying Fetus started and the crowd didn't go as crazy as i thought. There was some moshing here and there. Another 7foot dude, not the one that was previously mentioned, who was drunk as all hellgot cut on the elbow and just so happened to be wearing a white shirt so blood was everywhere. 7foot dude #1 then takes 7foot dude #2 and starts swinging him around and trowing him at random people while he just fell to the ground because he was so drunk. Multiple people started doing that dumb bullshit where they like have a pushing/wrestling contest in the middle of the pit. 7foot dude #1 comes up to one of those groups and literally gave both of them a stone cold stunner. funniest shit i've ever seen. He then pins one of them, while about 5 dudes come out of nowhere to count the pin, then pins both of them while everyone cheers and counts then pin. Some dude also passed out in the pit and he did the 5 Knuckle Shuffle to him, while another kid got on his hands and knees and started praying to Dying Fetus, 7foot dude RKOed him, then rolled him over while 7-8 dudes came out of nowhere and jumped on him. Seriously some funny shit. In between songs, the crowd started chanting ECW. This big black dude pulled the nearest trashcan and tried to crowd surf it, but there was no one there to surf over, so he just threw it and all of its contents came tumbling out. That finally elicited a response from one of the bands singers telling the crowd that we are a bunch of crazy fuckers. By far one of the weirdest concerts ive ever been too
  3. Axl/DC Picture Thread

  4. 05/22/16 - Prague, Czech Republic - Letnany Airport

    Axl is out and about!! Where is R.T.?
  5. Last night Duff hopped up on stage to play with Mike McCreadys UFO tribute band "Flight To Mars." I have no idea what songs he played on, i just found some pictures online.
  6. Rage Against the Machine to reunite this summer?

    So Blabbermouth is citing a source that says this a new Super Group with Tom, Brad, and Tim with Chuck-D of public enemy and B-Real of Cypress Hill... Eh... idk how i feel about it now. I don't understand why Zack hasn't been into it since 2000. I mean yeah i know they have played shows since then andwhen they do he looks happy as hell! Anyway, they are citing the first show being June 3rd at the Hollywood Palladium, and the website is toannounce the band and a special show that night or the next at the Whiskey, kind of like what GNR did. They are also contemplating a tour of the U.S. in summer. Probably all of the major cities, so like 6-8 shows spread out over a couple of weeks.. I kind of believe this since reading that Rolling Stone article. ( i guess we will find out in 1 week, 5 days, 5 hours, 10 minutes, 23 seconds
  7. Rage Against the Machine to reunite this summer?

    oh god i hope this happens... anyone think they might play the Democratic or Republican (more likely the republican) national convention as they have done in the past? i can see that more likely happening with the way politics is going right now..