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  1. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    shit, I'm still confused as to why all of the Wyatts attacked Lesnar at the Rumble... my honest opinion is they had no use for him in the rumble due to the fact that Triple H was going to win, had to get him out somehow, used the Wyatts, fans got pissed, so they add him in the main event at Fast Lane....   
  2. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    sick of these 3 hour Raws.. everything is just filler.  Kevin Owens looked like he was legit mad at Dolph Ziggler in that match though.. Owens barley let Dolph get any sort of shot in, that fore arm shot and the kick to the head were too close for comfort, and Ziggler left the match with a bunch of scratches, some even drawing blood... Either Owens plays that pissed off character all too well, or someone got bitched at after that match.  The Golden Truth segments are pretty funny too me. Borderline PG-13 at times, definitely funnier then some of the other stuff WWE has put out in the last couple of months.  I also find the New Days stuff to be pretty funny too. The way they just ad lib the shit out of anything kinda keeps you on the edge of your seat even if you don't like them.  Other then that, all filler no killer. 
  3. Your concerts in 2016

    friend of mine got me tickets to see Third Eye Blind in March... not a good track record with this band.. missed out on seeing them twice at festivals due to rain. hopefully the venue doesnt flood somehow.
  4. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    jesus christ! who isnt injured?! at this rate fastlane is gunna have to be slimmed down to like 2 hours
  5. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    holy crap… that Neville and Kalisto match from Smackdown… damn match of the week was definitely King Cuerno vs Fenix. Lucha Underground is freaking crazy man… if you haven't gotten on that shit yet, DO IT!
  6. apparently it is for a Hip Hop group for a song they have called "Guns N Roses"
  7. Summary: Slash talks about the shows he recently did in India Adam shows Slash his collection of KISS action Figures. Slash gives Adam a wee bit of dating advice when they talk about how both of them keep memorabilia mint in the box, Adam says between the KISS dolls and E.T. statue, he probably will never date again. Slash then says "no man there is someone out there for you too" Slash and Adam then play "Name That Dinosaur". Slash drops a knowledge bomb on Adam on why the Brontosaurus isn't named that anymore. Adam asks Slash why he never became an Archeologist or something of that nature, and Slash says that he just considered it a passion that continued from high school that became a hobby of his. He says he loved spiders snakes and tarantulas as a kid, which to him was the closest thing to a living dinosaur that is that scary. Slash says that if Jurassic Park was a real world thing today, he would give everything he owns to go to it, or "make a phone call" t see if he could get in, or even plot a way to seek in and become a casualty like the actual movie. Slash signs Adams bathroom wall and then asks to take a piss Slash comes back to Adam in his pajamas, and he says that he would play along with the pajama idea, but he is on the road 24/7 so he doesn't change his clothes, he just sleeps in whatever he happens to wearing. Adam says he bought a bunch of dumb pajamas to film the series that he probably won't wear ever in his life... he then retracts the statement saying he wears them all the time, getting a laugh from Slash. Slash whips out a Rosa Corsa LP and says that he always likes to have a guitar wherever he goes. He says he loves what he does so much that it will never get boring. Slash mentions that he first got turned on to Guitar Hero when Guitar Hero 2 (2006) came out. The first interaction he had with the game was on a "Gibson Bus" and he was trying to occupy his very young kids at the time, and the bus had guitar hero 2 hooked up. Needless to say, gibson hooked him up with a copy and he says that he was in his office with the door locked for 3 days trying to get to the next levels. He says he got so hooked on it that he had to disconnect it and he has never played GH to this day because "GH 3 came out and you know i was in it and it was weird" Slash then whips out the infamous top hat and proceeds to tell stories about how he has had a bunch of them over the years and how some of them have been stolen. He shows Adam his "newest" one made by one of his friends in NYC. Slash explains that he never thought that it would become his image and its fortunate because he never really had to wash his hair, he would just "stick the top hat on it". He also mentions that the hat has been a great distraction for the crowd, saying he would just pull the hat down low because if he looks at the crowd for more then 3 seconds his legs buckle. Adam says he shops at target... Slash mentions that he talked to Meegan about Frozen (not the childrens movie, but the horror movie from 2010) which Adam was in and all the roles he played. Slash says his biggest real life fear is public speaking. He says he admires singers because it blows his mind how they can take their deepest darkest thoughts and go and tell them to a crowd and sing those feelings. HE says the guitar is a connection between the player and a piece of wood, whereas a singer stands basically naked and has to send a message to a crowd. Slashes second fear is the Dentist. Slash mentions he hasn't been to the dentist "in a few years." He says he never had one bad experience at the dentist, but they are all bad. Slash states that all the cliche horror things that happen in our daily life, weather it be bad dreams or hallucinations, things of that nature used to turn him on instead of scare him. Slash says he sleeps in his sunglasses so the sun doesn't wake him up in the morning (can't tell if this ones sarcasm or not)
  8. ah! that makes sense. Those sneaky bastards!
  9. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    anyone watch TNA lately? i completely stopped watching it when they switched to Destination America.... I'm thinking about going and watching all of last year when i can. Never understood why people stopped liking TNA around 2010.. To me TNA and ROH were the closest you could get to having an Indy show on your TV. Theres also none of that bullshit zooming in on shit every time someone does some crazy shit and fucking up the camera angle...
  10. I'm sorry if this has been posted already.... but anyone see this? these 4 names are getting announced tomorrow... GNR looks like a perfect fit...
  11. Pearl Jam

    I'm pretty sure the ten club gets tickets early depending on how long you have been apart of it. i don't know how that works though
  12. http://acousticguitar.com/welcome-to-the-jungle/
  13. Your concerts in 2016

    first half of the year (so far): 1/31 Tool/Primus 2/28 Dropkick Murphys/Tiger Army 3/19 Awolnation 4/23 Pearl Jam 4/24 Red Hot Chili Peppers 5/10 Disturbed/Rob Zombie
  14. Pearl Jam

    catching the festival show in NOLA