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  1. Check out this article i wrote for AWOLnation Builders on the new album!:
  2. lets keep the pantera trend going:
  3. Currently trying to get through the new and improved Star Wars Canon. Rewatched the movies and showed my girlfriend for the first time over the last couple of months, and now im watching the Clone Wars all the way through
  4. such a fun game. I was glued for hours
  5. ATV Quad Power Racing 2.... I played that game like no other. Burnout... Holy shit. I used to play this game all the time with my cousins. The epitome of racing games for me at the time. I think i played the first Call Of Duty, Cars (after the animated Pixar movie), Dakar 2: The Worlds Ultimate Rally, From Russia With Love, GoldenEye: Rouge Agent and some other 007 games, Lego Star Wars, NASCAR 2005: Chase For The Cup and Dirt To Daytona, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Pitfall: The Last Expedition, Shrek 2, Spider-Man 2, Star Wars Rouge Squadron 2, and Splinter Cell... I was by no means a "Nintendo" gamer... I stayed away from the Marios, Zeldas, Pokemons, Metroids, etc etc in favor of racing and action games lol. Although i did get into the world of Nintendo when the DS and Wii came out, but eventually went back to my PS3... This will probably be the case with the Switch. I think the game you are referring too with the arrows was Dance Dance Revolution! I had that for PS2 when that was all the rage. Funny story about Animal Crossing, a friend of my moms son stayed with us after Hurricane Katrina because they had lost their house and he got me heavily into Animal Crossing and Shrek 2 for the Gamecube. Turns out, 10 years later, he went to jail for 800 counts of child pornography.. Crazy shit right there
  6. The Evil Within and The Walking Dead: Season 1 with the 400 Days DLC. The latter is an amazing game and i suggest everyone who can handle cartoony graphics and can afford a cheap $20 game go out and pick it up.. If you don't watch the show, don't worry. It's not directly tied in at all, but you still get some easter eggs if you do. Every choice you make in that game directly effects whats happens. Want to be the leader of your little group? Go for it. Want to elect someone else to run it? You have all the options in the world, and at times it can be stressful, especially when you have to chose a life to save. Can't say the same for The Evil Within. Terrible graphics and gameplay
  7. I think for me it was a Gamecube.. I didn't hit the "im just gunna stay home and play video games all weekend" age until about 2003-2004. Soon after that it was a PS2 though, which im surprised no one has brought up yet!
  8. i saw Nonpoint late last year in a small club.... Holy shit that was a crazy show. Everyone in that place went off. Im a pretty small dude if i do say so myself, and these 2 big ass dudes just grabbed me and threw me up to crowdsurf because they were so drunk. good times. Picked up tickets for: Blink-182 Roger Waters and Incubus and most probably ill be picking up tickets for Whitechapel next Thursday and At The Drive In next Friday. Theres a few concerts coming around my area in the next week that i would love to see, but would not fathom driving and paying just to go see. Black Stone Cherry, Stevie Nicks, and The Experience Hendrix tour are all coming within 2 hours of me on different days. bummer.
  9. Damn, 91.. Was that Metallica and Soundgarden?