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  2. This place is massive
  3. Beat sherlock... Just picked up BF: 1 today... Already on the second Characters story... Reallllly fucking addicting. After BF, im looking to play Destiny, but i dont really know much about it except everyone either says its up their with the best, or completely shit. Is it only online? Is their a story?
  4. I've missed out on quite a bit since the first leg of the NITL tour ended, but im back! Has anyone from the band, or anyone for that mattertalked about if their is going to be openers for the upcoming legs of the NITL WORLD tour? I tried looking around the site for any sort of answer, but to no avail! The first show is only a week away and no support has been added to any sort of promotion. They sure do like to keep us in suspense. I know the rest of the world is different from the U.S. and most shows with huge bands sell out with or without support from smaller bands, but it would be interesting to see who they would have open for them outside of the U.S.. Same bands or a whole different selection of openers all together? Who would you guys have open?

    check out an article i wrote for an awolnation fansite regarding Awols support slot for the Prophets of Rage Tour:
  6. To sum it up, the prosecutor basically said that this man was an emotional mess after losing his business he was partners inwith his girlfriend, got drunk, listened to "Used To Love Her" and then killed her...
  7. Shows with no opening acts yet

    So i know that GNR may in fact havea bigger opening band than this to open most of the South American dates, but the singer/mastermind of AWOLNATION just did an interview where he mentions that AWOL may possibly have some tour dates outside the country in November. Orignally, nothing was schedualed for the band to the end of the year, and the fact that the South American dates are mostly in November just kinda adds up. Also, Isaac Carpenter, drummer for AWOLNATION, played on Loaded's 2011 album "The Taking", so they have a conection to the band. Duff has played with AWOLNATION on stage twice. To getmore cryptic, AWOLNATION have been posting photos on instagram and "hashtagging" them with things like "gunsnroses" and "duffmakagan". Isaac also played the intro to You Could Be Mind during his drum solo on the current tour they are on... I suriously hope im onto something as both of these bands are my favorite!
  8. What Are You Listening To 2016

  9. What Are You Listening To 2016