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  1. Pre-ordered the trooper edition for PS4.. im sure with my luck though they will release some better edition before then though
  2. Yup. The first part of the trailer expalins the story mode. It will happen right at the end of RoTJ neck in neck with when the second Death Star explodes. Seems quite interesting to me at least.
  3. this is the only thing I could think of
  4. full Trailer for Battlefront 2 is here: Im actually really excited for this story mode. The trailer gives me chills thinking about it. I wanna say this is gunna be the first Expanded Universe story we get in video game form since The Force Unleashed right? Actually I think this game ties right into one of the new canon novels or comics, although I could be wrong as im not caught up in the canon. The online component I could really care less about as the first Battlefront fell far below my expectations and theres no way in hell I was paying $50 ($30 now for those that care) for that season pass for 4 extra maps over a 16 month period. I just wish we could get one good story based Star Wars game that doesn't get cancelled. This looks fairly promising so far. Pre-order the standard edition now to receive exclusive Kylo and Rey themed "The Last Jedi" looks, ability modifiers for both Kylo, Rey, and the Millennium Falcon and more. Pre order the "Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition" to immediately have all of your trooper classes upgraded, access to the game on November 14th, 3 days early, 4 ability upgrades for each class, instant weapon unlocks and modifications for each trooper class, and the other items listed in the standard edition. (If you are apart of Best Buys gamers club, pre order this bitch right now as it is $16 off face value!!!!)
  5. Okay, so i'm kinda sorta new to the vinyl game. I was born in 97 well after records fell out of their prime.. I know this has probably been asked quite a few times in here, but I really want to start a nice set up that isn't some piece of shit $50 Crosley with built in speakers that could potentially harm my records. I feel like every time I talk to someone about it they think I'm some hipster kid who got into vinyl because of one two many trips to Urban Outfitters, when in actuality I just want to listen to my favorite albums on vinyl! I've amassed quite a few records in the past couple of years, but feel like I'm losing out when I play them through a shitty turntable. Hell, im not even sure I'm doing the right thing when it comes to this I currently own this (minus the incredibly shitty speakers): a Jensen JTA-475. I cant help but think there is a better way to listen to records though. Usually when Im playing records on this thing I'm usually listening through a portable speaker or my Marshall Stanmore speaker, but I feel like I have to turn the volume alllllll the way up just to even hear anything. And when i do the sound is very muddy and just does not sound good at all. So I pose this question: What can $300-$500 get me in terms of a nice set-up for playing records? I want to be able to play a record and not feel like theres something better than this, even though I know in the price range im looking at, there is definitely better equipment if your pockets are deep enough. I'm sorry for derailing the conversation in this thread, but im sick of my small collection gathering dust. Someone help me out please!
  6. Most of my favorites have been mentioned already, but holy fuck! How has no one mentioned Mike motherfucking McCready? Don't get me wrong, I know most of you here hate Pearl Jam because all they seem to do is write songs penned for the soundtrack to the most depressing movie ever (I think someone on this forum mentioned that a couple months or even years ago) I feel like most people fail to actually truly listen to any of their music though. I mean like TRULY listen to it instead of hearing Alive or Black on the car radio once in awhile. A young Mike McCready is by far one of the most under rated guitarists of our time. there is just something about his guitar tone that really stands out from Pearl Jams peers. It may be his subtle use of the wah, or his really muddy guitar tone, I really can't explain it as im not a guitarist myself. Here, maybe this can explain: This video isnt in synch, so don't pay attention to it. just listen: Also... this whole fucking song:
  7. Temple Of The Dog. What an adventure this album takes you on when you're stoned stupid. For those Pearl Jam fans out there, I started singing Footsteps during Times Of Trouble.. I wish they would tour more often
  8. Trollhunter
  9. damn. would have been perfect on your travels. I love the classic feel of this game and the music is so damn good and I don't find it annoying as in most other games of this caliber.
  10. Carlos Love, Wedding, Marriage
  11. Star Trek: The Animated Series
  12. 13 Assassains