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  1. What Are You Listening To 2017

    i know there arent many Pearl Jam fans on this board, but i cannot stop listening to Riot Act front to back. Maybe its the fact that im trying to get out of just listening to the early band, but this album is really fucking good and i suggest you folks give it a chance if you have the time today:
  2. i approve of this. Can't find a better man
  3. Your concerts in 2017

    Just bought a 2 day pass to this: 2 days of music and comedy for $61. Will be my 7th Awolnation show as well, and their only one of 2017planned so far.
  4. 01/21/17 - Osaka - Kyocera Dome

    Can we not post pictures from phones anymore?
  5. 01/21/17 - Osaka - Kyocera Dome

    check out this goldmine:
  6. 01/21/17 - Osaka - Kyocera Dome

    I think this is from when he was in Japan with SMKC
  7. 01/21/17 - Osaka - Kyocera Dome