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  1. well. it looks like ill be missing this one. My friend fell through on his promise, and now im stuck with no tickets. Talk about last minute. I was going to try and make a disney trip out of it, but then my dog needed to have emergency surgery, so that was the final nail in the coffin. Oh well. Ill see you guys in NOLA and Dallas though!!!
  2. im hearing 40,000 tickets sold today. Damn
  3. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    for any of you hesitant to get on the Lucha Underground train:
  4. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    new drinking game: everytime Roman Reigns punches someone, take a shot
  5. Your concerts in 2016

    might be checking out Shinedown and Halestorm this weekend. Ive seen shinedown before when they skyrocketed to fame with their Sound Of Madness album. Never seen Halestorm though even though they seem to come around me a couple times a year
  6. oh he was. he could barley walk. he was all talk, no doubt about it. he kinda got in my face, but i couldnt tell if thats because he was swaying because he couldnt even stand up. I agree with you on the weed thing. Alcohol just turns people into monsters sometimes. Its annoying to have to deal with them
  7. when you take into account thatno one should be arrested, yeah, its kind of a high number. I would assume most of it could be chalked up to drunk and disorderly or pretty much anything to do with liquid confidence. Never understood why people go to shows to get shit faced. Some dude at the Nashville show was drunk off his ass asking for money to get home and i told him i spent it all inside on the merch and high vendor prices hoping to get a laugh out of him, instead he told me he was about to beat me over the head...