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  1. I see two possibilities here. 1. GnR legend(or Axl's if it's the CD lineup) grows larger than what it is today since most acts like Madonna, RHCP, U2, etc. made comeback albums and their iconic status was cemented from then on. 2. They would go the road of Audioslave a good band which compared to most of the music then(early 00s) was fucking amazing. The band was a supergroup and it was hyped as hell but nowadays it's not that big of a deal. Audioslave has its following but nothing earth shattering. Both result in rock's status being the same though.
  2. I felt the film re used many of the storylines of the first 3 films, but with different characters. With that said, that is the reason the film works and leaves the sequel in a great spot. I believe this film was suppose to feel like Star Wars to the point people would remember the original trilogy, it was done on purpose. Still those saying it's the same movie really need to rewatch the original and TFA as the films are very different. The characters are different and their back stories seem more developed than those of anybody in New Hope. Also the directing is beautiful and as well as the cinemetagrophy. The writing does its job, as with most good films it makes the audience(at least the one I saw it with)feel something. Filmmaking is an emotional medium, it's about making the audience feel something and this film brought that adventure feeling back to Star Wars. As for the loose threads in the film, I am assuming that it was done on purpose for the sequel as most 2nd parts tend to be filled with more meat than its predecessor. Anyways I liked the film and I easily put it next to the original trilogy.
  3. In this forum, I would argue anything post Slash/Duff departure.
  4. Certainly amongst the greatest ever, imo the best ever rock band. The argument will always be that they have very few albums compared to other rock bands but if cervantes can be considered the greatest writer in literature (amongst the greatest at least) with only one book, I see no reason why GnR can't be considered great with 4 great albums.
  5. Isn't there an interview where Slash states he recorded Izzys parts on the illusion records? I swear I heard him say something like that.
  6. This is a terrible list. You can tell the dude just wanted to do a top 10, smh.
  7. These list are terrible, I mean Hendrix and Grohl top Cornell and Staley on a vocalist list!!!!! Wtf smh. Any guitar list with guys with no good music like Satriani topping Kim Thayil or Cantrell is just ridiculous.
  8. PS4 advice

    In terms of games Until Dawn is awesome in particular if your into horror films (slashers to be exact) and Bloodborne is a old school hack and slash game with a ton of depth. It's very similar to the Souls games. Rocket League is another exclusive(at least I think it is?) it's fantastic, very fun game. Is certainly a game to pass the time.
  9. He's good, but he doesn't have the body of work of the greats. The greats being people like Dylan, Jackson Brown, Luicenda Williams, etc. still songs like Estranged, Yesterdys and November Rain are as good as any song these greats have written but they have tons of them. Still GnR makes better music than most of those singer songwriters.
  10. 2016 RNRHOF thread

    I just want Soundgarden and Alice in Chains to be acknowledged as the great bands they are...