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  1. I have come to the conclusión that volcano is officially retarded. Have your head checked buddy. Or get a job or laid. This Axl and Ashba crush you have is not healthy. Tell your mom to clean the basement and while she's at it go see a shrink.
  2. Congratulations guys. you managed to hijack my thread. The forums members that have an unhealthy man crush on Axl are as unbearable as the ones who have an unhealthy man crush on Slash.
  3. What constitutes the "GN'R sound" for you?

  4. It saddens me that every single thread in this forum turns into a flame war. To quote some guy that just passed away "Can't we all just get along?". This place would be way better without all the constant fighting. Let's all talk about our favorite band without jumping at each other's throats all the time.
  5. Well, don't piss on Axl, and don't piss on anyone that is/was involved with the band. Can't we have a normal discussion like normal people without it turning into a flame war? what are we 12 years old????
  6. Lyrics questions

    Thanks for your replies guys ... I am glad I'm not the only one who does not get that Knocking on heaven's door part Now, I have another question. What does Axl say in Breakdown: "When there ain't enough of me to go around I'd rather be left alone" or "When there ain't enough for me to go around I'd rather be left alone"? I always thought he meant when there is nothing going on in his life, he'd rather be left alone, hence when there ain't enough for me. But, and correct me if I'm wrong, if he sings when there ain't enough of me to go around, I'd rather be left alone. does he mean he'd rather be left alone if he can't please everyone around him?
  7. Who's pissing on Axl and CD? Jesus Christ... Are you in love with Axl? WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A GUITARIST'S IMAGE AND SOUND BEING DIFFICULT TO REPLACE !!!
  8. Please, don't turn this into I HATE SLASH thread. Is that too difficult?
  9. If you look at the history of most famous bands out there, chances are you will find one or two major lineup changes somewhere along the line. I will give you two examples, Dave Mustaine replacing Marty Friedman in Megadeth after making their best albums (Rust in Peace and Countdown to Extinction) and Adrian Smith leaving Iron Maiden in the early 1990's, after making their best albums ever in the 1980's. Depending on who you ask, those bands were somewhat succesful at finding a replacement, though it did take their fanbase a long time to accept the changes. And in the case of Iron Maiden, Adrian Smith rejoined Maiden in the late 90s and he's still there. I don't want this thread to turn into an anti DJ Ashba thread, or into a we all hate Slash thread. That is not my intention. I just want to know what you guys think about the following question. Was having an iconic guitarist like Slash, a guitarist whose image is well known around the world, even by those who are not into rock/metal scene a double-edge sword for GnR? You know, Marty Friedman was a great musician, but image wise he was not that impressive. I mean, he did not stand out. Slash on the other hand, with that iconic hat, the hair, his guitar, the pose... I think it all created an iconic image that got imprinted on everyone's mind, at least the general public's. And it's not just that, it was his sound. You may hate the old lineup, which I will never understand because they created the songs and albums that made GnR who they are, but anyway... His solos in classics like SCOM or Estranged or November Rain and his riffs on songs like Mr. Brownstone have Slash written all over them. They're examples of the sound we (most of us at least) grew up loving. Did all that make it even arder for Axl to find a replacement that would be readily accepted by everyone or most of GnR's fanbase? What if GnR had had a guitarist whose image and sound were not so recognizable? Would that have made it easier to find a replacement? You know, just a good musician, but someone without such a strong image and such a personal style in his guitar playing. I remember talking to some die hard Iron Maiden fans back in 1994, when I was starting to get into Maiden and had already been a GnR fan for quite a few years. We were talking about who our favorite guitarists were and of course I said Slash and they said his sound was, quote "dirty" "not clean sounding" like Dave Murray's. I remember saying "yeah, maybe. But his sound fits GnR just fine". I am sorry if I'm rambling, but just wanted to know what you guys think.
  10. If Slash hadn't left...

    Gnr would have still self destructed by now, even if Slash hadn't left in the mid 90's. It was gonna happen sooner or later. But if he hadn't left, if they had somehow found a way to work out their differences, then we'd probably have a post-UYI album with awesome material. Maybe the songs on it would be even better than the UYI hits. Who knows? It's a shame, really. Because we all know the amazing amount of talent the old lineup had. I think Slash should not have been so critical of Axl's ballads and synths and keyboards. I love the UYI albums, with all the sound effects and added stuff. As many of you have said, This I love or Sorry or Better or Street of Dreams with the old lineup would've sounded 100000 times better. Those songs are great, but with a Slash solo or with the touch of the old band, they would've been on a whole different level. And Axl should not have tried to get full control of the band. I am sure Duff and Slash were willing to work with him till the very last second. But this is all history now. It's sad a reunion will never happen.
  11. Question To Female Fans

    If I were a woman I would not learn anyone I wasn't in love with touch me. I mean, you gotta respect yourself. I don't care if we're talking about Axl Rose or about God himself. If you respect yourself, you're not gonna do it.
  12. Lyrics questions

    Since I learned English as a foreign language and I don't understand it instinctively, I sometimes have to sit down and carefully look at songs' lyrics to find out what they're about. And I like singing along, especially when I listen to GnR, so I've always tried to study the lyrics. Now, I don't always understand them completely. So that's why I start this thread. Since most of you guys are Americans, I'm sure you can understand the lyrics way better than I can. My first question is about GnR's version of Knocking on Heaven's Door. I do understand most of what Axl is signing, but his part of the song makes no sense to me, no sense whatsoever. Anybody cares to shed some light on what it means? Thank you. "YOU JUST BETTER START SNIFFIN' YOUR OWN RANK SUBJUGATION JACK 'CAUSE IT'S JUST YOU AGAINST YOUR TATTERED LIBIDO, THE BANK AND THE MORTICIAN, FOREVER MAN AND IT WOULDN'T BE LUCK IF YOU COULD GET OUT OF LIFE ALIVE"
  13. Why should Axl release new material anyway?

    Well, duh. Because he's an artist and artists like sharing their art?