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Jungle Joe

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  1. delicate matter

    should one remove the string of the tampon before penetration?
  2. What made you come to a GNR forum?

    what a stupid fucking question
  3. What the fuck is skype crew???

    When can we fuck Lucrecia?
  4. What the fuck is skype crew???

    Do we line up to fuck?
  5. How often do you brush your teeth?

    dont see the point. next time you eat it knocks off the grime on your teeth.
  6. What the fuck is skype crew???

    I want to fuck Lucrecia. How do I join?
  7. Best of luck Chloe.

    I saw the word mormon and couldn't take this seriously. Fucking mormons
  8. Best poster and the worst poster

    Every forum has the best poster and worst poster. Name yours.
  9. What the fuck is skype crew???

    That quote had me wondering. Your answer says it all. I am horny and drunk 90% of the time. Can I join??????????????????????
  10. What the fuck is skype crew???

    Is their a age limit?
  11. What the fuck is skype crew???

    I want to join it.
  12. What the fuck is skype crew???

    Thanks. Why is it mentioned in every thread?
  13. What the fuck is skype crew???

    I see this mentioned all the fucking time. What does it mean?
  14. Annoying Fans who are the worst?

    Deluded Bumblefoot fans are the worst. Axl and Slash are worth fighting over. Who do you hate the most and why?
  15. Bumblefoot's audio clip - is he quitting?

    You are annoying.