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  1. How's Lars playing live? Doesn't rush songs anymore? Watched a few metontour videos. Looks and sounds like it but don't know if they picked the best songs
  2. I guess Coldplay is better than GnR then
  3. No, front of the stage and some sectors in the stands aren't
  4. I actually talked to him in 2015 at a festival for 2-3 minutes, he looked like he was about to fall down. I have no idea how he played a 70 minute set that night. He was really nice, he even made a joke about me that I didn't understand cause he started to laugh/cough while saying it. I still laughed
  5. This album needs waaaaay more guitars to be like Animals
  6. Album is out there if you know what I mean. I'm listening to it cause I'm a dick and I can't wait 2 more days
  7. That something is attitude. When he screams he fucking screams like he means it Sending good thoughts from Serbia. Grew up in Yugoslavia in the 90s and where I live it was never THAT fucked up but I can totally relate to you
  8. From 2 nights ago. Been listening covers of touring bands, this one touched me the most. I guess cause others did heavy stuff. Loved Megadeth's too, cause Dave knew he can't sing it but he tried his best and it was just 2 or 3 hours after the news broke out.
  9. I wasn't actually a really big fan of his work. I would listen to everything he releases once or twice mainly. Listen to some songs, maybe even full album here and there but that was it. I did go to Zagreb to see him on a solo tour recently and I'm really glad I did. But for some reason I'm really sad for this, I was much, much bigger fan of Bowie and Lemmy and their deaths never really got to me like this one. I can't really explain it at all. I never cried cause some celebrity died until yesterday. I don't know why. Maybe cause of his persona, really laid back and quiet but emotional on stage. I have no idea I actually remember when I first time watched him perform. I caught this on satellite tv when I was 13 and was like, this guy sounds and looks like that Black Hole Sun dude and was really impressed by him and decided to search for his albums.
  10. The Rolling Stones and Sir Paul (yeah not a band but Beatles and everything) should be number one. But that's cheating cause they are much more than a band. If we talk only about normal bands it's Coldplay by far
  11. Also football > handegg (totally not a bait)
  12. We can talk a lot about this but there is only one guy that would do this and it's Rick Rubin. It's gonna be overproduced, one big hit and 7 songs trying to sound like that one and 4 interesting ones #mmw
  13. The best thing of the 2010s and still not a single mention here.
  14. I loved the first album but the new song is missing something. I don't know what exactly but it sounds pretty dull to me Saw them at a festival 2 years ago. They were pretty great, played pretty much the whole album
  15. Judging music state by charts isn't that good Trash was and will always be there. I mean Snow and Ice Ice Baby were number 1 rap songs at one point