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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Whenever I read some post by @SteveAJonesit looks to me like aparody of "MUURUICA!!!!11!" memes but then I see that he is actually serious and I kinda feel sad. The best part was not understanding what scientific theory is
  2. Sweet Child O' Mine - Captain Fantastic

    Yeah, I'm currently internet campaigning for Viggo's Oscar nomination
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Don't know how much you guys know about Yugoslavia but Slobodan Milošević did the same speech in 1989 (not literally the same but talking about a lot ofthings in the same way) at Gazimestanand that really scares me. You can google it, there's really nice wikipedia entry on that. Slobodan Milošević is the guy (among others but he was the main guy)who was responsible for4 wars in Yugoslavia during the 90s and ruining economy ofwhat are now 4 countries
  4. Members of Rose Tattoo joins GNR onstage for a song (2/1) - 25 Band plays a UYI song that was not played in 2016 (3/1) - 25 Axl and Slash sit down for a joint interview (10/1) - 25 Sebastian Bach joins GNR onstage for a song (4/1) - 25
  5. Metallica 'Hardwired... to Self-Destruct'

    Much better thanOne from Grammies a few years ago
  6. Performers at Trump Inaguration Ball

    It's one time thing if I understood correctly and tickets for this are 25$ and venue capacity is 600. They are going to make so much money out of this
  7. Well I first read this thread and then watched the interview and I don't get it She just used several modern words, would be that much different if she said "cool" instead of "rad" and "lit"?
  8. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story **SPOILERS**

    TFA is probably the first Star Wars film where I literally got nervous by watching it. It's not that it's just not original story which is a sin alone, it's an assault to common sensefrom the Starkiller base to cleanerwho know the deepest secret(or what should be one as we saw in Rogue One) and maps to living human beings. Really bad copy of A New Hope
  9. Actually had to check her numbers, almost every show had some parts curtained off outside UK. Espirit Arena has 65k capacity and she had 34k,Letzigrund around 45k and she had 25k, San Siro around 70k and she had 50k... Coldplay played in some of those places and sold out full capacity. Their smallest European show had 43k people which is
  10. Metallica 'Hardwired... to Self-Destruct'

    Mix is a bit weird but I likeit very much
  11. Are they still using a lot of reverb on his voice? Both in 2010 and 2012 it was really annoying
  12. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story **SPOILERS**

    Christopher Lee was good too
  13. The 80s Needed Guns 'N' Roses

    That's your opinion. Some people like Radiohead more than anything and that's fine too. Some like Muse more than anything before and that's also fine. Some think that Ghost or whatever band is the best thing ever, also okay. You can't dismiss it like that just because you like those older bands better There won't be new Lemmy and new Ozzybecause the time is changed. First of all, now you can't act (often and in public) like they did 30-40 years agoand be considered cool. If some band released something as good as GnR did back in the day and acted like them they would probably be banned from playing any venue in the worldRockstar thing died before rockstars actually started to die.Second, now even pop stars aren't as big as they were before. Only Adele achieved that status and that's cause she connected really well to the older audience too. That was my point One cant't dismiss something just cause he doesn'tlike it