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  1. Anyone else thinking that Duff looks and acts a lot like blonde Dave Grohl there?
  2. About "improvising on spot". I have a lot of bootlegs and they would jam a lot and they would make up amazing riffs and rhythms on spot and never play it again. Really amazing trio I would say One of my all time favorite Nirvana's song was written way before the band even started
  3. Yeah, he dragged it a lot hoping that someone will stop it. He knew that Emma Stone's name shouldn't be there
  4. So many people is getting fired right now. I'm so sorry for them
  5. Watching here with my fiancee and this is how we looked for good 5 minutes after La La Land didn't get the best picture in the end
  6. Well if they sell 2k copies a week that's 500 weeks or 9 and a half years or so to sell one million
  7. That was painfully bad. There are so many better ways to make fun of those movies. Pretty much 90% of it isn't true
  8. I still can't get the hate for Billy Talent. They are just average, so so so so many worse bands than them
  9. I don't have my top shows ranked except the number one and that one is... David Gilmour in ancient amphitheater in Pula, Croatia in 2015. The show lasted for 2h30m in a beautiful setting and with a great light show that wasn't distracting from the music (my only slight complaint for The Wall tour) and his new album wasn't out yet so I've heard several songs for the first time there plus awesome renditions of some of the best Pink Floyd material. Magical experience, thought that The Wall show was amazing but this one took me to another place. Gilmour's tone and feel is untouchable in my opinion. The rest of really memorable shows I saw in no order: Muse (+Kasabian subbing them) at Rock Werchter, Belgium in 2015. They played arguably the best setlist on the tour there including, my 2 favorite Muse songs - Citizen Erased and Micro Cuts. They sounded MASSIVE and I really mean that. The best and the loudest sounding open air show I've heard in my life (and I saw Motorhead twice). You could feel it your bones. Noticed that they gradually turned the volume up during the whole day and then Muse started with that awesome Psycho riff and it really felt like someone is shaking me. Also have to say that the whole festival is amazing and I can't recommend it enough. It's all about the music, the number of drunken (or high) idiots is minimum. Sound is perfect, organisation is stellar, camping is good and weather is usually nice. Queens of the Stone Age at Rock at Exit, Novi Sad, Serbia in 2014. Again great setting. The was the show where everything clicked. The connection between the crowd and the band was amazing. One of those things you can't explain unless you experience it. Gonna try with the video clip Had a mini tour with 2 Slovenians and saw them in Ljubljana then Zagreb then Novi Sad and we all agreed that first 2 shows felt like warm ups for this one. They played 15-20 minutes over their time slot and added 3 songs to the setlist so I know they felt the same thing. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Beogradska Arena, Belgrade, Serbia, 2008. If you ever saw Nick Cave in any setting or band you know that he always gives 100% but this show looked like he gave 120% of himself. Saw him 4 more times and no show can touch the greatness of this one, again one of those shows were everything fell into its place. Metallica Partizan's Stadium, Belgrade, Serbia, 2004. My first big concert and don't know if I can objectively say if it was good but for sure it was memorable. First big stadium rock show in Serbia in 15 years or so, you can imagine how pumped the whole crowd was. Iggy Pop, Exit festival, Serbia, 2004. Iggy Pop is the man, reminds me a lot of Nick Cave, just punk version of it. Always gives 100%, always makes a great show and plays great. Someone explained better how awesome his shows are earlier in the thread. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rock im Park, Germany in 2016. Saw them 4 times since 2007. One bad show (2007), 2 good ones (2012 and 2016) and one amazing one. The setlist looked like I wrote it The band was great as usual, they jammed a lot between like every other song. Some people dislike that but I love those jams so much. Kiedis was in the mood so that elevates that show above every other. Setlist was stellar, looked like I was the one who wrote it with gems like Higher Ground, Sir Psycho Sexy, Nobody Weird Like Me and Me and My Friends with 7+ minute version of The Adventures of Raindance Maggie with like 3 minutes long outro. Slash in Beogradska Arena, Belgrade, Serbia, 2011. I love his band, especially Myles so I enjoyed it a lot. On that tour they still played Snakepit, Velvet Revolver songs (they only did Slither after) which was amazing and also songs like Civil War, My Michelle and Mr. Brownstone were still regulatory played with the best songs from the Slash's solo album. All around great night. Guns N' Roses in Beogradska Arena, Belgrade, Serbia, 2010. Well, first time seeing Guns, Axl sounded great and was smiling the whole night, visuals looked good in the arena, even DJ Ashba played good. The show was tight all around, had flow and seemed natural unlike the 2012 show I attended. Great first Guns experience. Prince, Sziget festival, Budapest, 2011. Well, it's Prince. Read Nick Cave and Iggy Pop I would like to add a lot of small shows I saw but they were never THAT memorable for me. I don't know. For me it always feels better and more amazing when bands and artists make the arena/stadium/big festival shows unique, personal and amazing.
  10. I just love reading reactions to Melissa's tweets here. Reminds of this
  11. Geronimo and Tupac. The best duo in this thread.
  12. Mellisa's twitter > Axl's one. Why they can't just be normal like Duff? Why?
  13. I love Myles's voice so much in this, especially this version they did at Conan's show from which I can't find video
  14. I've met Kirk while he was wondering around Belgrade in 2004 the day before the show I think. Those were the days I was 14 walking down the street and saw some guy from the back and thought how he has hair like Slash or something and he turned around and it was Kirk. Got 2 autographs, one on the forehead and one on the paper. Too bad I didn't have the phone with camera back then. Talked to him for like 2-3 minutes and I only remember how he said that the sound is amazing in the stadium and that it's awesome that my first really big concert will be Metallica's.