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  1. We can talk a lot about this but there is only one guy that would do this and it's Rick Rubin. It's gonna be overproduced, one big hit and 7 songs trying to sound like that one and 4 interesting ones #mmw
  2. The best thing of the 2010s and still not a single mention here.
  3. I loved the first album but the new song is missing something. I don't know what exactly but it sounds pretty dull to me Saw them at a festival 2 years ago. They were pretty great, played pretty much the whole album
  4. Judging music state by charts isn't that good Trash was and will always be there. I mean Snow and Ice Ice Baby were number 1 rap songs at one point
  5. Stuff U2 did in this song isn't unheard of in a rap song. Basically Bono did a short chorus twice to contrast aggressive verses over really interesting drum and bass. Actually it's quite common when I think about it
  6. Yeah, an actual feature Hip hop is in the best state since the 90s if you ask me. Long gone are the days of "wars" between genres and bands and whatever. You should listen to it
  7. I feel like it's his worst album so far and by no means I think it's bad. It's just good, 7/10 while his previous albums are all amazing. Especially MAAD City, I don't think I can get enough of that album even several years later. Favorite song by far is DNA Surprised by U2 feature, didn't think it would be that good
  8. People thought the same about computers and about machines too and still there was no change in the % of people working. If anything, the picture got better. I'm going to say that we are safe from robots too
  9. I bought 2 standing tickets for Budapest, 207€ total. That's 1/7 of the whole house monthly income. I still want to cry every time I think about that
  10. Poppiness kinda kills this album. A lot of similar melodies and choruses. It could have been much better, this kinda sounds like heavier and more interesting Creed but still not quite great
  11. They never played in Serbia or Croatia in an arena. It's just too expensive for us Our chance is an outdoor tour I guess I'll try to get tickets for Budapest show if they are not that expensive. I can't find info about it anywhere
  12. Hardwired. Death Magnetic had some good songs and some amazing riffs but it wasn't really good overall at all. Also production doesn't help either. Hardwired is legitimately good where all songs are between 5/10 to 11/10
  13. Oh yeah, that first demo was awful. 10 totally different parts mashed up together
  14. Keep getting closer to Spit out the bone live premiere