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    He seems to be very happy!

    Hoho lol. What a charcter!
  3. Silkworms and Oh My God

    Oh my god is top notch. Killer tune
  4. Should Ron quit GNR and focus on his solo stuff?

    He should leave the band thats for sure
  5. 2010

    wrong link i said...only thing bad ass here is zakk
  6. 2010

    Yes..wrong link. Still badass.
  7. 2010

    Rock on boyz and girls! I think we forget how fkn amazing Axl was in 2010 and bash him for his bad years like 00-02(even tho i think they are some of the best, dont care about the voice.He had the energy this period and even some more). He could easly been on top of the world again in 2010 if he was promoting a new kick ass album... So post anything kickass 2010 in this tread to show our appriciation
  8. Iam sure someone like GunsGuy or IndianaRose got contacts. Someone willing to go in charge here and arrange a group or something where we can dsicuess and manage a donation fon to buy this? Someone trustworthy...
  9. Awsome pics gunsguy, and a good tought of you uploading for free if you got your hands on it. But as Riddick mentions here 1200dollars is nothing. I would also be abel to pay for that show on my very own.. Tought it was way more expensive then that, like 5figs.
  10. Its not as intersting as the mtv rehearsal. And its not for the music sake..
  11. Of all the guys in the world Mafia is deffently one of them. But he is a nice guy and iam sure he would share it with the forum ages ago. But if anyone can get their hands on this it is Mafia. But i cant help it, the tought has crossed my mind. Am I the biggest gnr fan ever? The lack of motivation here really dissapoint me. I hope some of the mods can step up and take responsebilty now. We are teazed with a 30second clip from the sickest period in gnr history and no one gives a shit. Iam pissed off!
  12. Iam suprised none of the mods has made a respond ejet. UK_SUBS you seems to be a humble down to earth guy..What do you think, and do you have any experience with something as BIG as this?
  13. Bingo Coma! 40min unseen videofootage of the most mystic and best new line up of gnr..It is for sure worth some dollars. Iam willing to pay up 100-250dollars