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  1. NuGNR auctioning off old clothes dryer!!

    we cannot identify which (if any) tour these items are from, nor can we accommodate any requests to get items autographed or authenticated (please do not ask). this makes me wonder if just how much the band knows the items are really up for sale .
  2. guns and roses

    i know that slash and axl have went different ways . and slash is very good alone the same as axl but in the last 90s they were better than good the closest thing i have ever heard to perfection . also i searched many photos of them . as i am very new here but if looks like brotherly love to me . but i know it would be great to see them together again
  3. i was wondering if that is really axl also?
  4. Axl Rose is out and about

    i dont know about what hes reading or drinking but axl looks very good in this picture.
  5. chat

    why do i always get kicked from chat i try to type in chat and it says u have been kicked ? am i doing something wrong ?
  6. the ritz chat

    can you tell me where that chat is ? plz
  7. tour

    i sent you a pm to get the price of the tickets ? cuz i would love to see gnr
  8. the ritz chat

    i think it would be nice to chat with other gnr fans .
  9. tour

    ok ? why are you trying to send me to AZ. ? i just got here and i get the feeling you are ready to get rid of me .
  10. Post your favorites from 2009-2012

    :devilshades: My link
  11. tour

    from what i saw of the tour in Europe they were still pretty good. does anybody ever go in this chat room ?
  12. tour

    why do u say this ?
  13. tour

    is gnr touring at this time i would love to see them?
  14. hummm i say axl is perfect ..just like he is.